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Wild Silk      

There are two types of silk, cultivated silk (Bombyx Mori) and wild silk. Wild silk has a slight different type of cocoon. They are darker (beige), smaller and often difficult to reel (reeled silk is used for producing normal fabrics only). Whereas Bombyx Mori is totally dependent on man, they cannot even move up a branch or fly, wild silk can live wild in nature. Nazha has a unique programme which she calls "Back to nature".
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A long time ago wild silk was also domesticated and the caterpillars got used to eating less and less different types of plants, which created the situation that they could not live from nature (were many different plants are naturally there) but had to be bred by man who planted the necessary plants. 65% of the work of sericulture for wild silk was dedicated to agriculture and its problems. Nazhas breeding programme is to have everything back the way it was, with the caterpillars free and eating a variety of plants. And by the way she never kills any caterpillars to have their silk, they come out, leave, and then she uses the cocoon. That is why you can often see a person covered by butterflies at her home.
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