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Tapestry with Lace      

Lace techniques are known from the Peruvians, who had a taste for open warp fabrics. They practised lace-making for different purposes and in a wide variety. Nowadays, the most familiar lace technique is called gauze. It is a regular weave that has open spaces of limited size.

There are many other methods to omit the weft or wrap in certain sections of woven material—for example, to discontinue the weft by knotting it around the warp.

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With special appreciation and love for her native South America, Nazha has brought the lace work to Indigo. The company developed new methods of open-work fabrics; by using a combination of pure silk, silk with pineapple or banana is created.

However, this Tapestry with Lace was finally designed by her daughter Verena (i.e. the design that Verena produced was the more beautiful one).

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