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Out of silk comes a positively stunning range of products that come to life on a four-hectare eyrie, high on a hill near Teldeniya in Sri Lanka, overlooking the turquoise waters of the Victoria Catchment area, a jungly, rough-diamond of a place populated by all manner of creatures that have found this friendly retreat. Even an eagle has taken up residence, and there are polecats, hares, sulking wild boar, quive-rosed deer, madder, and birds in gorgeous profusion. Everything, the wild and the wonderful, is a source of inspiration.
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Here is imagination given full rein. The village, the monsoon clouds, the rich earth, the flame flowers, and the soft buttermilk for acacia bring their own aesthetics. There is artistry in eye and hand.

This earth must be nurtured, worshipped actually, as the fount of art.

What is so unique is the artistic background that has led the creative team of Indigo to experiment with fibres such as banana and pineapple, spinning yarns from every kind of material and making various dyes from the vibrant colours extracted from leaves, barks, roots, grasses, heartwoods, and tea. From the wild pineapple are taken a few leaves at a time, doing no harm to the plant or the earth in which it grows. The pineapple is the ideal plant to check soil erosion. As for the banana fibre, the whole stem is used after the fruition is over, for then the plant becomes waste.