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The mulberry silkworm and Indigo the enterprise—not prosaically an enterprise, certainly, but a colourful version of silken art, brought to life by Nazha Seehawer-Hewawasama, a woman of bubbling life. Weaving is the fruition of all her dreams. "You may think it is my karma," she says. "I was always obsessed with spinning and weaving, the making of tapestries." It was the glorious setting of Sri Lanka that made her dreams come true. "And the women come to weave with me," she adds. "They had to learn the new techniques, but that did not take long. You see, weaving is in their blood, too."
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Nazha is a Cuban woman, born in Habana of a Hungarian father and Cuban mother. Her life has known the frenzied fire of many countries, having lived in the U.S. and in Europe. She has traveled the world over, absorbing with an almost insatiable hunger the techniques of east and west. There is no technique she has not mastered, no matter how modern or how ancient. "Naturally, there is this inventive flair," she says. "My father was a crazy inventor and that has rubbed on off me. Also, Sri Lankans are most inventive, and that's what I like."