After 20 years of living in Sri Lanka and doing textile art, Nazha decided just to paint. She paints with pigments she collects herself, minerals, acrylic, gels, oils, egg tempera, pastel, water colours and whatever else occurs to her. She makes papers or prepares herself the canvas out of fabric she buys or weaves.She paints landscapes, people, and what she loves most is to paint Bodhisattvas or even the Lord Buddha.

“Asia has changed me completely. Actually I don´t even know why I went to Asia. I was always trying to go to my beloved Cuba, and ended up in Asia. Of course now I know that it was my Karma.”

Nazha was born in Cuba. Her real name is Magda del Pilar and Nazha is what she calls herself.She loves Cuba so much that her heart actually aches for her home land, a disease that she shares with most Cubans. The people are different, crazy, funny, friendly warm (almost hot), the language, Spanish, spoken with the typical Cuban intonation is so beautiful; the music is world famous. And everything about Cuba is wonderful, if you ask her. Economic problems? ”ah, the whole world has them ” Fidel? “ our national treasure”, in fact she called one of her sons Fidel”.

Now she has decided to quit Sri Lanka and go to live in Cuba. Her new adventure starts with a 4 month bicycle trip around Cuba, where she wants to know every part of Cuba intimately.She lived in Habana when she was a child, the first 14 years of her life and 2 of them after the triumph of the Revolution.”But I am not one of those gusanos that left Cuba because of the Revolution. I was part of the Operation Peter Pan, where the US took out of Cuba 17,000 children, using money and propaganda in order to destabilise the Island and prepare the Invasion(the failed Bay of Pigs)”

“Now I will finally be able to take part in the life of my Country and there I will paint the sights,the landscape, the Revolution and also help with tourism, by finding beautiful places for the tourists to live and enjoy Cuba.

Nazha has been painting many years. Actually before any of her tapestries were made,she had first to paint a picture. But she says now that she wants to work alone, that having to hire so many women made her more into a capitalist than an artist. Textile work is so slow, tapestries take sometimes a year to complete, to make a living out of that is difficult and the production has to be organised. Still the jobs she and her family created in Sri Lanka are still there, the people now are independent, working at home, and her family buys this work from them and sells it in Europe.

“People asked me if I was leaving Sri Lanka permanently. I said yes, but now I realise that Sri Lanka has made a new person out of me. I am half asian now. There is always talk of Enlightenment among the people that seek spiritual fulfillment in India. I hate all that talk, but I have to say something about it. It is true. I never meditated because I am fire and I think this is all too boring to sit still and be quiet.But I still caught it from the air. I know what it is to see the Light, to be one with the Universe, not alone but a part of it, I know what surrender means. I trust my existence and surrender to my Karma, I know this meaning and my life is full of miracles. I owe this to Asia,to Sri Lanka and this old culture and Buddhism. But I don´t need to go to Sri Lanka for it. It is a part of me and I am part of it.In spirit we can never be parted. In the flesh, well, Cuba is a lot more fun.”

But Nazha says that she did not only stay in the Light. She was also exposed to magic and black magic and for 5 years she lived in this world. On the side she studied academic explanations with all the texts she could find about this subject, while she lived through it, and could structure her knowledge, and she wrote a book herself, called “The Mouse That Ate The Pearls

“I descended into the Underworld. And in this world of Kali everything is different. Power is of outmost importance and devotion and rituals to the Goddess are the main source of this power. Dead people that have not gone to the Light, possessions, consultations with them(séances), offerings in Temples. Power struggles between rivaling mystics and the resulting paranoia. In Sri Lanka unfortunately every petty fight is solved by means of magic, that can be bought from a magician(black magic practitioner). I went so deep in, that I could no longer come out. My family had to come, take me to Germany and pull me out. Now I am out and will never go near something like that again. But I know the sights” “I am still clairvoyant, and use the tarot and the I-Ching.But life is very complex and there are many conflicting currents in oneself and also through our interactions with people. Nothing is clear cut and clairvoyance is nothing like what they show on television”

When a person starts to take an active interests in matters active or occult, certain formations begin to take place in his physical brain and psychological make up. The Universe is not a haphazard chaotic conglomeration of life cycles. It follows an ordered pattern,which accords to natural laws and is re-echoed in science,psychology and everyday existence.

The word occult simply means hidden, and it is not synonymous with those dark practices that run against the tide of cosmic law. The true occultist or magician is a person that aims to manipulate cosmic forces or subtler energies by using mind or will power

In Sri Lanka supernatural energies vibrate around all the people. It is full of sights of the manifestation of the numinous, through which sites the signs of a secret can be observed. These places are conspicuous and can be used as we can use a telephone.

In Cuba the same thing is there. It is called Santeria and here instead of Hindu Goddesses we have the Catholic Saints. Race or culture is a part of our subconscious mind, but in another part of the subconscious mind dwell the archetypes and those are identical for all people of all times There are those of us who are vigilant and again those of us where the surroundings will lull our vigilance(like in materialism).There are those of us who being from another hemisphere, deny the stupendous revelations about the microcosm and the macrocosm. And there are those of us who are overly sensitive. Many people from the west feel very superior with their money and power. But this power is a democratic if not a demagogic phenomenon. Only initiation is aristocratic.

Being an initiate means to have an intuitive comprehension of what reason cannot explain. It is yet a deep process. A slow transformation of the spirit and of the body and it can lead to superior abilities, even to immortality-but it is a secret and does not show itself externally. It is modest, lucid and detached.

This is the psychological process behind Nazha´s paintings. All of this , is in them, and they are part of it.

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