Another one of my passions is to breed butterflies.

When I was working with textiles, my raw material was silk. Then, one day the Government of Sri Lanka closed the silk farm. So, I had no raw material and had to make my own silk. I had some Bombyx Mori eggs. Bombyx Mori eat mulberry leaves and make cocoons in white, pink and yellow. The Caterpillars are very friendly and you can pet them.

Another beautiful caterpillar is from Antheraea. The Caterpillar is green and the moth is golden yellow. They eat in Sri Lanka Indian Almond and they also eat oak. In Germany you ca feed them leaves from the apple tree.They have different species, the Anthareae pernyi from China, the Mylitta from India, the Yamamai from Japan. The cocoon is large, like an egg and beige in colour.

I also had Philosamia Cynthia Ricinus and they ate Ricinus leaves, the moths were maroon in colour and the cocoons were golden and white. During the years I kept butterflies I had twelve different species.

The most beautiful were the Moon moths. Actias Luna or American Moon Moth. They are actually not butterflies, only in Spanish they are called nocturnal Butterflies. They are moths from the family Saturniidae. They spin silk cocoons, where they pupate and transform from a Caterpilar to a Moth.

Breeding Butterflies is a beautiful Hobby but you must have access to the leaves, because they need a lot to eat.

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