Chapter 1: The Mouse Preface
Chapter 2: The Mouse Magic
Chapter 3: Occult Tourism
Chapter 4: Nature from Another Perspective
Chapter 5: Fetish
Chapter 6: Aryuveda
Chapter7: Astrology

The Mouse Preface 

The first time that I set foot in Kandy- the second largest City and Spiritual Capital of Sri Lanka-I was bedazzled by its beauty. The Sinhalese name for their former capital is not Kandy but, Maha Nuwara. Great City, even though it is not the largest city. The Sri-Lankans are very proud of it. Little did I know that I was going to end up living one third of my life not too far from there. Full of crazy hills, up and down, roads much too narrow to pass by for two cars, not to speak about all the cars just standing around because the owners are having a small chat.

Right in the Centre , there is a small Shop run by a beautiful woman and her husband, who is the artist and silversmith making the Jewellery. Anu and Batti are indeed a sight!

Anu and Batti Enterprises, should be the name outside, not De Silva Jewellers. At the first glance, one could think that this is the place where all young foreigners meet, and that they are the centre - of all of this. At the first glance you could think that they are a modern childless couple, that he is an artist and she is the PR But only at first, you could think that. In reality, they lead a double life...

Sometimes I have to go to Kandy for some reasons, and I have to wait to go home, so I visit the shop. Often I see things I wasn´t expecting.

Like once, I went there and Batti was sitting, pretty as usual, with her hair done and a very nice clasp in her hair. „Look, Nazha“, she said I looked and suddenly I found myself holding on to the table for dear life. Her clasp had started moving and twisting, along with part of her hair. I know about reality: that it is by consensus, that we all agree that things are permanently as they are, and they are so permanently. Things cannot move or disappear, so I didn´t like it one bit as I saw what was happening to me.“ Ah, I have to wash my hair everyday“ she said. There were not hair and clasp and that kind of things, but her hair had a squirrel living in it..

„Ah,Nazha,she is soo cold, that she needs a warm place“ she looked at me, with her big brown eyes full of worry.

Regardless of my suffering......................... Even that day it wasn´t over. While I collected my wits, and was trying to have a „normal“ chat with her, a mouse came towards us and crossed the floor and then took a turn and went back. She, however, went on talking as if nothing had happened. I said, after a while, carefully:

„Excuse me, Batti, did you happen to see a mouse on the floor, just taking a turn?“

„Yes, Nazha, that is our pet. He is quite terrible. The other day he ate the pearls.“

„How did that happen?“

„Well, she said, a man came and brought us some pearls for Anu to look at so we went for a drink to the Old Empire When we came back, the pearls were gone. We looked everywhere, until we realised that it must have been Marti who ate the pearls.“ That day I knew, if I would ever write a book, it would be called „The Mouse that ate the pearls.“

Not that they would be rich or anything. Considering the fact that they are feeding half the City and due to their total lack of interest for money, you know that often they would be broke. Anu, a very handsome man that makes the most beautiful jewellery in Kandy, cares about his jewellery, but that seems second in importance to his real passion: the animals. However, even during such a short of cash episode, you could see them driving with a taxi to the animal Hospital- I am sure if ambulances would be made available they would use one-because a crow had broken a wing. Once they had crows in the back of the Shop. They had a small partition and a little curtain. In that tiny section, there were 8 crows, every time you put your head in, they screamed! I think they ate like about every ten minutes. Then I saw her having a bag full of little tubes.

Batti said: „ah, you know Nazha, this is very difficult to feed them. The one with the broken wing, likes fish The one with the missing feathers likes fish, but it has to have rice in it, the less noisy one, he doesn´t like fish, he likes only milk and rice, the other one needs a little sugar in the milk, that one over there likes rice in the milk.“ All the little tubes were full of different things. She fed them like every half an hour And yes, they also shit every 10 minutes. I said: „How did you get all these crows“ (stupid question, the town is full of them) „ah, Nazha, they are in trouble and people bring them. Without some help, they could not survive.“

Once I heard they were having a terrible fight. But suddenly a King Fisher with a broken wing appeared, and they had to rush to the market to buy fresh fish. Inside her brassiere have often seen a baby squirrel. They nurse it with a Q Tip which they dip in milk.

Often they show you their success and you are invited to see the quality of the baby squirrels teeth, which show how well they have responded to the food.

Once I got a call:

„Nazha, do you know what bats eat?“

„No, I don´t know“

„Do you think maybe fruit juice?“

„Yes, maybe fruit juice“

„you know, we found a bat, a very, very small one

how small?“

„Like the size of your thumb nail“

„how did you find it?“ (useless question, the City is covered with them)

„well, Anu and I were going in the car, and then there was one laying on the road.“

„but how did you see it?“


Later commenting to my daughter Verena about this crazy people, driving in a high Nissan pickup van and seeing the bat the size of a thumb nail on the road (cool attitude and Verenas´s answer) „if you were going in their car,mama, and there was a silk cocoon laying on the road, would you see it?“ said she.

They have a small house, well it wouldn’t really be small but they have divided it into many small rooms. Inside each room there is a stray dog and outside each room also one. They pick them up from the road and feed them and attend to them. In the front of their Shop, on the road(there is sort of a porch)there lies a pillow with embroidery, for one of the cats. When I saw it, it brought tears to my eyes. I even looked to see whether the cat´s name was embroidered in it Inside, where you expect to see jewellery, you find stray dogs sleeping on velvet cushions. In their house there is a room for squirrels and there is a big rat that chases Batti when she goes around with food to feed the dogs .The rat also makes holes on the walls ,to get around better. How fast she must run, they tell, like, isn´t that cute?

Once Ranjith found a white cobra, who is supposed to be so magical and wanted to take her to the Hospital and because of Perahera (once a year a festival of religious tradition, taking place in Kandy) he couldn´t drive in Kandy, so he gave her to Anu. Unfortunately she was not to be saved, but she did put one egg. Then Anu, after she dies, takes out the other eggs and tries with all the different methods, to hatch them. Many people were involved in giving advice. I had a book on snakes.

People talk about them, and everyone has something to add. One big question is, which one of them is the originator of this pet crazy living style. There are people that say, she, and others than insist that is Anu. When he was young, Anu used to keep 2 pet cobras, so once he wanted to go with a friend on a trip and his mother said, „don’t leave the cobras here with me“. At the beginning they had no teeth, but the teeth, they grew back, and that is what snakes need to inject poison with.. So, during this camping episode as Anu wanted to feed the cobras, as he did everyday, one of them bit him. Nothing to be done ,in a short time his arm was the size of his leg and no doctor, so they went to sleep. He felt his friend, often, during the night, putting his hand on his heart to see if he was still alive. In the morning, Anu had to take a pee, and so he went. What a shock he got when he saw, all the blood coming out. They discussed what was to be done ,sitting on a nice meadow aside some large stones. Soon they realised the stones were elephants and they had to run fast. Then they saw somebody, who told of a jungle doctor and he gave Anu some pills and after that he was o.k.

One of the very fine sights, is the half adopted dogs. They proudly wear collars and I am sure they would be fully adopted if they just had the room. These come towards the shop around the time they are coming in, and the closer they get to the shop, the faster they run. It brings my eyes to tears all the paraphernalia that goes with their trade. Little embroidered pillows on one corner, water dish on the other, and all types of food stored and bought everyday. When the shop is closed, you can still find all sort of pedestals outside covered with pillows. Sort of like altars.

The last I heard of them, they were trying to put a third floor to accommodate more strays. And they found a baby cow in the jungle. Somehow I found out, Okanda is not a cow, he is a bull., now living with them. This is like a family secret because a cow would be better to place into a new home in the countryside once Okanda gets too big for the house. I told them that they could give Okanda to me, but they insist that Ranjith will kill them if they do.

By the way, they are only a few meters away from The Dalada Maligawa- The Temple of the Tooth, which is a must. Other than seeing all the stray dogs and birds with broken wings and other findings, this is the best place for silver Jewellery, hand-crafted by Anu himself. And any other special wishes you might have. Regarding anything. He can rent a taxi, or find a tourist guide, and even take people out of jail.

WHAT ARE TRAVEL GUIDES FOR? What is the point? They are there to inform and guide the traveller.

When a person starts to take an active interest in matters psychic or occult, certain formations begin to take place in his physical brain and psychological make up. I know this for sure, because it has happened to me, and I have never meditated or been religious or belonged to any sect, in fact, it is just the opposite because these people sort of turn me off.. Therefore I have absolute proof that these changes have taken place. This creates a certain interest, a kind of curiosity for a type of spiritual activity that is taking place all the time. I also have learned that the Universe is not a haphazard chaotic conglomeration of life cycles. It follows and ordered pattern, which accords to natural laws and is re-echoed in science, psychology and everyday existence. In which case I am now doing what I have to do., that is to write about it from my point of view.

I use the word „occult“ for this travel guide. The word occult simply means hidden, and it is not synonymous with those dark practices that run against the tide of cosmic law. It is my intention to bring light into the things that are happening in this Country and to show what its people are actually doing. There is white magic and there is also black magic. It is taking place all the time, but it is easy not to see it if we look the other way, or if we are afraid of this being true or if we think it is impossible to deal with it. Actually, we have to deal with it all the time whether we like it or not. There is no choice in the matter.

The true occultist or magician is a person who aims to manipulate cosmic forces or subtler energies by using mind or will power, which skill is slowly, sometimes painfully, acquired. Again, this does not mean that we are trying to change things in our favourite way and are trying to go against the cosmic tide, and are without respect for others.. This means only that once we have an awareness of the entirety of the world, that we deal with it as it is, instead of trying our best to ignore it, to distract ourselves and to create a false view of reality. It is amazing how many things are there clearly and yet hidden from view. An occultist might, or might not be psychic, but he can rely on the services of a medium. For example if you ask a person to read the tarot cards for you, you are asking the services of a medium, because you think that you alone have no access to this knowledge. But yet, you are aware of this knowledge and that it actually does exist. .The occultist represents the positive or directive aspect of the metaphysical polarity, while the psychic or medium represents the negative or receptive side. The medium just receives the message, and tells it to the person that asked for this information.. He will not act upon it. The person receiving the information , if he is an occultist or a magician will be the one that will act upon it. The yin and yang.

But sometimes, the person might not want to act on anything. This person is then called a mystic. A mystic is a person, often of religious learning, who takes his faith beyond the accepted dogmas of organised faiths and reaches out into the cosmos. In his searching he may neither direct cosmic energies nor receive their influences, but simply observe them.

During this observatory period, the mystic enriches his soul with knowledge and understanding, without necessarily utilising this knowledge in the practice of psychism or occultism.

Many mystics are also psychic, healers or social workers, and they manage to exude an aura of charisma that hints at them having one foot in another dimension.

Once the person gets involved in other realities, he will change thoroughly. Any form of psychic development effects an expansion of consciousness, so that the rational thinking processes are required to take in a consideration of the dimensions or frequencies of existence beyond the ordinary day to day material world.

. From the earliest of times, men and women lived on the earth in a kind of holy Universe. Whether we speak about the Australian Aboriginal, or the Eskimos, or the American Indians, or African tribes, or people in India, all these people were aware of a Universe that is alive, and one that they were a part of. This holy energy, whatever name was given to it, permeates the water, the earth, the air and also them themselves. They belonged to this holy Universe, the cosmos. Later this was given the name „superstition“, and with that very smart move, it all ended. Now, the people of the earth, specially in the materialistic west, without knowing why, because they do not have any special respect for poverty, are starting to look towards those very people they can not respect, and they are looking for something in them, relating to this Holy Universe. Paradoxically young people from the west are coming to learn about Enlightenment and meditation. But it is not a paradox, but the way things happen. It is the synthesis of east and west. The east-meets west paradox, is there out in the streets. The outline of this can be seen in the Temples, meditation Centres. The problem is how to get the real connection.

It is the idea behind this travel guide, to bring the mystics a bit closer to this connection. And to tell these amazing things that are happening in Sri Lanka that break all logic and reality patterns. But also. in some cases, like for example the people that practice black magic, that is not easily possible, because these people are too dangerous But I am disclosing everything, look carefully and all the information is there. If there is someone expecting lists of black magic practitioners and sites, as if these were lists from Hotels, I am sorry to say, „I wish“. I cannot do that. Because it is dangerous and I am responsible for anything that happens to anyone because I gave the directions, and anyway this has been strictly forbidden to me to disclose this information in that form. Yet, the information is there in its occult way, that means according to your level, you will see this information disclosed. If you are not ready for something, you will not see it being disclosed because you will not understand exactly what I am saying. Or just understand something else.

Even the people who practice white magic can be unreliable. Easy to get corrupted or just to do something not quite right, in the extraordinary case that they would be approached by a westerner. These people, at your own risk, can always be found in the prominent temples, prominent not with tourism but with the locals. Kali temples, Kataragama and others. The people that take care of the Devales are amazing magicians. Approach with care, or wait until you have a reliable friend that can introduce you to someone. Taking a vacation for sightseeing is not unusual. The same goes for spiritual sightseeing. Our path is our own creation.

OM A NAMAS SIVAYA A OM (Mantra for Wisdom)

You will hear me speak respectfully of the supernatural energies that vibrate around us this country. It is full of sights of the manifestation of the numinous, through which sites the signs of a secret can be observed. These places are conspicuous and can be used as we can use a telephone.

Race, or culture, is a part of our subconscious mind, but in another part of the subconscious mind dwell the archetypes, and these .are the same for all people. Many people from the west feel very superior with their wealth and power. But this power is a democratic if not a demagogic phenomenon. Only initiation is aristocratic.

Being an initiate means to have an intuitive comprehension of what reason cannot explain. It is a very deep process. A slow transformation of the spirit and of the body, and it can lead to the exercise of superior abilities, even to immortality. But remember that it is a secret and it does not show itself externally. It is modest, lucid, and detached.

First Edition September 6, 2003
Published in Kande Walauwe
Copyright 2003 by Nazha
protected by Witchcraft

All drawings by Nazha

this book is based on my personal experience from my own journey.

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