Chapter 1: The Mouse Preface
Chapter 2: The Mouse Magic
Chapter 3: Occult Tourism
Chapter 4: Nature from Another Perspective
Chapter 5: Fetish
Chapter 6: Aryuveda
Chapter7: Astrology


You will always be who you are in the deepest sense of that idea. The aim is not to change yourself, or to define yourself, or to tell you what should be done. The aim is only to make you conscious who you are at a particular point in time.

If we were to think about Astrology backwards, I mean this; instead of going somewhere and having our horoscope read to us, to read about Astrology as if reading a treatise on anything , and then we could ourselves find us in this different descriptions, as if were reading a manual on earthlings where hair colour, length of teeth etc. was being described. Do you see yourself in Saturn, or in Pluto? Or maybe the Moon? Do you feel as fire, or are you earth, or both?. Maybe if you could do your horoscope backwards, and find your descriptions matching to you, you will be ready to accept this frame of reference.

The idea of determinism is a shallow one. You never think of this when you see yourself, the way you look, what you like to do. You never chose that, but you have accepted it as the real you. This here, is the same, is a description of you, and people you know. If you cannot accept that planets, laid at birth do interfere with your life but can accept that traits that belong to your personality can interfere, then what´s the difference.? If you accept the theory of chaos, you are game for anything(less crazy).

Everything in life is just made up of cause and effect. Cause/effect, cause/effect. Even when you are the cause of something, like they teach you in Scientology, to be the cause and not the effect, you cannot help the whole array of „effects“ effects that will follow. You will be the cause of it, but still you will have to deal with all the effects that will confront you from your being the cause.

To be free from these effects is only possible if you were able to be totally without passion about everything, including results; and no jealousy, and to handle without anyone noticing it and only in self defence. Something I have only seen Ranjith do. Everyone follows their feelings, without really understanding why, but even if you can stop yourself from following these, your goals are there and this includes vanities like: power, success, admiration, humiliation, even then, you have to handle with love and compassion, because if you don´t , and if the others are the least little bit inconvenienced, they will retaliate(cause/effect).. And if you handle with love, then even then you must remain detached because if you don´t remain detached then you will also waken the cause/effect game. Handling without attachment, with love, without time, because still you have to view time as a dimension, that if you have the sight you are looking at the world without time.

Behaving in this manner is not easy. And you are not making any choices, the choices have been already made, you are only trying to understand the choices you made, and only when you understand them, only then you can move past them. So for the people that think that going to Astrology is about finding out some things that you are supposed to do, and that these things do not exist because if they existed we would not have free will, and determinism, and no more dreams, to those people I can say, you are on the wrong level. Go much deeper to understand-These are oracles, they are there to help us, see the choices we made, to understand the choices we make.

The four elements: fire, earth, water and earth are familiar because most people have been taught that the ancients believed that all substances are composed of them. This way of thinking about the elements has survived in modern astrology.

Fire. Fire is the most positive or yang of the elements. It is the energy of spirit and operates within the Universe by energising or transforming. It is not characteristic of fire to work along lines already set, or to respond to energy patterns that are imposed from without. Fire is the principle by which all entities that are self moving acquire that ability. It is active and dominant and not willing to allow circumstances to take the initiative.

Fire is like a speedboat which forces itself through the waves. Fire people tend to us their way rather than wait for times when the external energy can provide them with the needed impetus.

Fire rises, so it gives his people this dramatic intense quality. Fire cannot go into a stagnant situation and he tends to make fun of himself if depressed, and also of others. Fire does not easily play passive roles. It might be difficult for fire people to listen, perceive quietly or reflect. Fire is likely to dislike weaknesses in others.

There is too much energy pouring out of them to leave room for another´s energy to come in.

Air. The difference between fire and air can be seen in the difference of actual fire and wind. Fire rises, whereas wind goes horizontally. Fire strives to go higher, away from an ordinary reality towards an ideal or abstraction whereas air moves horizontally, relating everything it encounters in the physical world to everything else.

Air people are willing to reform and change the world as fire people are, but they do it less as a personal expression. Fire is usually connected with the vital personal drive, or the will, and the abstractions are one´s personal abstractions. But air, which has a social external conception of truth is more inclined to abstractions that have nothing to do with the individual. In this way air is similar to earth, both are primarily concerned with a reality external to the self. Fire and water are more concerned with personal inwards kinds of truth.

Air lacks fire´s quality to go off by itself. All three air signs have to do with relating to others :Gemini to the intermediate world through mind and speech, Libra through achieving perfect balance in a one to one relationship and Aquarius through group consciousness and interaction. Aquarius is the sign of revolution. Aquarian revolutionaries desire freedom to impose their ideals on society as a whole, wereas fire people simply want freedom to be themselves .Although air is very social it is unable to handle intimacy well, and this is because it operates extensively, rather than intensively, trying to cover as much ground as possible, trying to gain a comprehension of the whole. Libra is the only air sign in which the drive for personal relationships is strong, but even here there is a detached non intimate quality, often obscured by the cleverness of the sign at being winning in social encounters. The clear objective vision is the great strength of air, the inability to comprehend extreme emotionalism is the weakness. All fields of study involving the development of new techniques. Methods and practices are air. Air is also related to abstract technical fields of study that have some bearing in the world. It is also excellent in creative original thinking, less bound up in the status quo than earth but more concerned with effectiveness in the real world than fire.

Earth. Earth perceives better than fire. Earth people are usually close to their gut reactions to life. They are at their best when they can use their own experiences and perceptions, when they do not have to rely on what others have told them. They have an uncanny ability to go right to the heart of the matter and perceive what to do.

We cannot do whatever we wish or go wherever we want because we are constrained by our own materiality and the materiality of the world around us. No matter how bound up in ideas, or abstractions we are, we must always deal with earth and the concerns of earth. Earth is the ultimate arena in which the acts we perform become manifest. And in the way we usually deal with the world , nothing is real unless it impinges in some way on the physical Universe.

Water. Whereas fire rises, air moves horizontally, and earth stands still, water moves down until it surrounds the root of all things When water types retreat into fantasy, it is only creativity without the earth to actualise it and insight without the air to communicate it.

The moon and Neptune are almost purely watery. In different ways the moon and Neptune connect one to the fundamental matrix of being. Both are bound up with the unconscious and the emotions, the main difference being that the moon is not so otherworldly as Neptune.

Water gets information from emotionally toned perceptions that might not come via the senses. Whereas fire tends to think in pictures, water perceives by means of feelings and is less concerned with consensus reality that with personal experience. Water is even more psychic than fire, but it is difficult for water to translate it into words.

The Sun

The Sun represents the energy that allows everything else to exist. It is the basic energy of being .The Sun represents light, consciousness and day. It is the ultimate planetary symbol of yang as the polar counterpart to yin. The Sun and the moon are the horoscopes most important manifestations of this primary duality.

The Horoscope that they make in Sri Lanka is not exactly like the horoscope that we have in the West. The explanation that goes around makes sense. They say that the western horoscope is based on the sun, whereas the Sri Lankan one has the moon as it s basis.

The Sun is the archetype of will, power and desire. It has the meaning of wanting to. It represents the energy that exerts itself upon and influences whatever might exist. The energy of the sun does not simply accept, but always seeks to change and if possible to improve.

Above all it seeks room for the greater expression of itself. As such it counters pressure from the environment .The Sun is the archetype of the hero, who sets out in the world and tries to make order out of chaos through imposing his will. At sunset the hero, is challenged by the powers of darkness.

Solar people work to express who they are and to make an impact in terms of their own personality. Consequently they are at the forefront of any activity where they can be recognised.

Solar people rule and they are not specially modest. They might overestimate their own worth and do not feel necessary to do anything to justify their high self opinion.

The Sun acts providing energy and another symbol will provide the shape. The Sun is the basic psychic energy as well as physical energy. It represents masculinity, and Yang..

The Moon

The moon represents two basic archetypes. First the archetype of the medium or container, in which an energy may become manifest. It is also the archetype of the matrix , source or origin of all things

Containment can be viewed as purely passive and passivity has a low esteem in the culture. But we must go beyond these values. The moon is the planetary archetype of the yin, and an equal to yang, manifesting the circumstances and conditions under which the yang energy can manifest.

Every entity, especially a living entity, goes through a period prior to mature manifestation in which it is developing and growing., not yet ready to appear and exert itself in the world. During this period the entity exists in some kind of container that both protects it and gives it form and structure, be it an egg, a womb, the soil, a seed. This is the principle of the container as the nurturing matrix.

The physical Universe is the ultimate medium in which most of our life takes place. Consequently the state of the moon in the horoscope indicates our attitude towards being incarnate in the physical Universe. Certain difficulties indicates that one feels alone, alienated from or strange in the physical Universe.

While the yang energy is a conscious energy the limitations and forms imposed upon it by the matrix or medium in which it operates are not usually conscious. The Moon as nurturing principle affects us most strongly at a time of life where we are not very conscious .For both reasons the action of the moon tends to be unconscious. Either is part of the structure of the self that has not been examined, or it relates to pre natal experiences. Therefore the aspects of the lunar that cannot be comprehended must be understood via feelings and emotions.

The Moon is one of the indicators of psychic ability which is a mode of perception that makes all things seem connected. Our culture has lost touch with the power of yin. This is also called sexism but can also be seen as the west confronts a yin culture like the people of Sri Lanka. We strive to go out into the world, to grab it by the throat and we do not understand the way of waiting and of learning to fit in to become a part of the whole. The moon represents the energy of submission, a creative submission to that which we will gain nothing by mastering.

The Planets: Occultists have always considered the physical Universe itself to be nothing more than a set of signs or a map corresponding to the divine nature. All knowledge and wisdom come through the Logos , whose planetary symbol is Mercury. But Mercury is much more. Mercury is connected to all forms of transportation and movement. Venus is love. Mars is the Yang energy that enables one to get things done. Jupiter symbolises the energy that that expands the sphere of action and experience in which the individual lives and moves Saturn energy affects collectives and represents the aspect of reality which arises from a consensus among human beings. Saturn is the Lord of Karma. The truly serious problem of Saturn lies in the idea of reality itself, namely, the equation of reality with truth Reality seems immutable, orderly and eternal. Yet, life is so short that we cannot see whether or not at some fundamental level the rules of the game are slowly changing. What we with our limited perspective think o as reality is not necessarily truth. Reality is only structure. And so is Saturn. Uranus is a force of nature and the antidote for Saturn. Its action is drastic and in can break through any patterns that have become too rigid.. Uranus can bring about encounters with totally alien worlds, with alternative states of consciousness. Its energies operate sudden and with extreme eccentricity. I got a lot of Uranus. Uranus is a force of nature that operates outside of the culture. .It has structure annihilating powers. Neptune also can be defined as what Saturn is not. If Saturn is reality, Neptune is unreality. If Saturn is an aspect of the ego, Neptune is denial of the ego. If Saturn is our notion of time and space, Neptune is outside time and space. Neptune symbolises the truth and divinity perceived by mystics. Neptune represents Nirvana Pluto is the archetype of death and resurrection.

Pluto operates with extreme power. Psychotic episodes, mental illness is the power of Pluto..

These are very short descriptions of the planetary energies. I am not writing a book on Astrology and I would not be the best person to do that. To be conscious of the planetary energies in your life, is only one step into deciphering the enigma of our existence.

The Signs: Of all the symbol systems in Astrology the signs of the zodiac have the most clear cut internal struggle.

Houses symbolise on the interpersonal and environmental level our orientations and relationships to these entities. For example: The first house is about one´s personality. The way one appears to others, physical appearance. Physical body, health, vitality. Traditionally associated with life expectancy.

It corresponds to all interfaces that have to do with the transmission of energy from within the self to without. On the psychological level the interface is the personality , that is the complex of psychological patterns that regulate the flow of energy from within oneself to the outer world. The physical body is the medium through which we transmit our intentions, will and desires into the world. Disease is not just discomfort, but also the inability to affect the world around us as vigorously as one would like. In sickness one is to various degrees dependent on others. The body is also a receiver of energies from the world, and disease can be the result of not adapting to the outside world successfully.

On the psychological level the first house symbolises the part of the self one chooses to mediate between oneself and the world. We create a face and come to regard it as what we are. Thus the first house represents a self image as well as an image to others.

The second house is about money and movable property. Attitudes and values toward wealth and prosperity.

The interpretation of this house leaves us in the dark as to the inner meaning of the individual. It makes a good story for fortune tellers.

What is the function of values?

Valuing is a process of identification. When we value something we extend our ego over it and regard it as part of ourselves. Our house, our car, our children. Identifying something external to yourself, at least on an unconscious, psychological level is a process of attachment. Attachment is the cause of human suffering.

We incarnate to encounter certain experiences. In choosing to incarnate and in agreeing to play b the rules of whichever universe we choose, we must attach ourselves to that universe. The less we are attached the less we suffer, but also the less that we involve ourselves. The trick might be to involve ourselves but to know, deep inside, that it is a decision we make. That we become the master of our involvement, and not them our master.

On the level of the psyche, the second house signifies the part of the ego that is willing to flow beyond the boundaries of the body and extend itself to external entities .On the level of interaction with the outside world, the second house signifies attitudes towards possessions and other things to which one is attached. It shows how we act and how we experience them. It symbolises ones´ relationship to attachments and the actual expression of one´s valuing as it manifests on one´s behaviour.

There are some entities that we become attached to that do not belong in the second house. Loved ones is an example. While we may truly love them, we might not take away their identity and independence. In love two people identify with eachother, but this process is mutual, unlike the love of parents for their children.

People with Uranus here tend to want to be free of physical plane attachments . Mars may act reckless with resources. It looks as if they didn´t care about them but one is actually demonstrating control over resources through acting careless with them.

The Third house is about the lower mind, that is the mind operating in the day to day level. Routine interactions with others. Communication and moving about. Brother, sisters, neighbours and other relations except parents.

Lower mind is an important capability. It is like an automatic pilot. Normal interaction with the world does not require any special attention, it is done in a routine manner .Muscular skills like walking or riding a bicycle. Communication is a major part of the third houses´ semiconscious functioning When communication involves an expansion or leap of consciousness it belongs to the ninth house more than the third.

Short journeys are a projection of the third house functions unto the physical plane .You simply get about in your everyday world, and it does not take you out of the world with which you are familiar. If a journey takes you out into a new and unfamiliar world that requires more conscious reflection and consideration in order to deal with it, it is not a third house experience n matter how short the physical distance.

The fourth house is about home. One´s most personal and intimate life. One´s family, both childhood and adult. One´s mother or father. One´s forebears One´s native land. .One´s past and relationship to tradition. Real Estate, lands. The end of life

The idea of belonging is one of the most important ways of distinguishing between the second and fourth houses. Second house matters belong to oneself, wereas one belongs to fourth house matters.

Our home, our real estate both physical and emotional is our piece of earth, where we settle down and put our roots. It is the place of intimate personal life to which we retire after confronting the other outer, social world. Our family should be those people who provide emotional support for us, as we do for them.

The fourth house represents what is buried in the psychological sense. The collective unconscious is common to all humanity simply by the fact that of all our being biologically similar. It is not a function of individual experience but comes through either heredity or experiences that are absolutely inevitably common to us all regardless of cultural and individual variations.

The collective unconscious serves to connects us all to one another as we know in the occult systems that at some level of the unconscious mind we are all in fact a single entity and there are no boundaries separating individuals and possibly even species .Our connection with the oneness of life is obscured only by our reliance in the conscious mind. On a certain level we are all connected with everything, always at home everywhere. The collective unconscious is the umbilical chord connecting us to all life.

There are twelve houses and this is the most common way of looking at the houses, but there are other ways too. Basically the houses derive the meanings from two sources. One is the aspect relation the houses have to eachother The other is the relation of the houses to the horizon and meridian cycles.

A poem from Pablo Neruda for those of you that do not believe in Reincarnation

Cuanto vive el hombre, por fin

Vive mil anos o uno solo?

Vive una semana o varios siglos?

Por cuanto tiempo muere el hombre?

Que quiere decir para siempre?

(A modest translation from one enchanted reader (me), for those of you that are not so fortunate to speak Spanish).

How much does a man live, finally

Does he live a thousand years or just one year?

Does he live for a week or many Centuries?

For how much time does a man die?

What does that mean forever?

If you take all into consideration, the idea of many incarnations is just as strange, as one life. And „ just as possible“, is all I want.

In the meantime, Anu and Batti are still up to no good. The Bull, needs 12 bottles of milk a day, 6 in the morning and six at night and if the milk does not arrive on time, he mooos very loud. The first bottle of milk has to be offered under the skirts of Batti, and he has broken several bottles because sometimes to save time they hold two bottles , one on each hand and that makes him nervous so he pulls one bottle and bites the teat and shakes it until it falls on the floor and breaks.As they usually bring the milk with a 3 wheeler (a special taxi with 3 wheels) now everytime a 3 wheeler passes their house he also moos, very loud.

There was also the adventure of the cat, they had a stray cat and allowed her, before sterilising her, to have kittens once. Two kittens were there but after a while one of them disappeared. I was in the shop myself, hearing the latest bull stories, when the cat tried to take off with the other kitten. I made many jokes about this situation, but what they actually did do, was much worse than I could imagine.

First they did their best to find the kitten, waiting for the night where things are quiet and miaowing their way around the block, hoping the kitten would answer. But that was not successful so in the night, after feeding animals all day and working in their shop etc. they hid and followed the cat trying to escape with the last kitten. She went to the Hatton National Bank 4 blocks and 3 major street crossings away. The street crossings were supervised by Anu, who stopped all the traffic so the cat, with the kitten in the mouth would pass without danger, with people cursing at him and a policeman watching him- and thankfully the policemen had no way to organise this into his experiences and didn´t say a thing.

Arriving at Hatton National Bank the cat jumped into the first floor and went through the window. It was a stroke of luck that Anu and Batti had enough sense not to break into the bank at night. The next day, early morning the bribed somebody, and told him they want to look around in the Bank and if they find the cat there is more money to come. The whole bank looked for the cat, and they found it.

I have been speaking all along about the policy of surrender. How if you surrender to your life things sort of happen to you automatically and everything has its right place in the cosmos. Everytime such things happen to me, even everytime I am able to take the tarot cards and speak about someone´s life , I am surprised, a part of me is always materialistic(I guess you can call it being brainwashed).Mimi and Fio came to spend their vacation with us, and brought a new computer and a incredible printer. Mimi has worked many hours setting my texts and printing my paintings for the books. Verena also has been working with him and even before, how many times she coming tired from school, has printed my texts. Fio is programming everything. Ranjith helps with everything. Thanks to Ea, the tower of strength that has been encouraging me all along with life and the book, and reading it, and also Pilar that has read it and made her suggestions, terribly afraid of offending me, and now the bewitching Frances, who has helped me a lot by reading the manuscript. so, the best she can while leaving it as it is, and now the book is ready to come out. I see all the possibilities to bring it to print and what happens if you find an Agent and a Printer in Europe. That is you have to accommodate your book to what they see as the market needs. I have been writing the book for more than a year and I have been trying to see and paint the Sylphs and Undines, for three years now. Although I am very much earth, I feel far from the Gnomes, as if I would feel their antipathy. And I am like a Salamander myself, it permeates me throughout. I have anyway painted as I see things and I have printed the paintings for my book. In Sri Lanka you can print very cheap but they offer no marketing facilities, so with my super computer I can do it myself. This is a crazy book , from a very deep source and it has to stay that way. As an artist I have been making my own paper for a long time and I am familiar with book binding techniques. I am going to do it myself .I am already thinking about my next book and I guess one would call it fiction, but it also comes from somewhere very deep. In Tibet they have these kind of meditation where you call a spirit, and everyday the spirit becomes more real. I once read a book about but it is a long time ago and I have forgotten it. Some years back when Sam and Natasha were living with me but a year before they had been to Tibet just walking through the mountains by themselves. I asked Sam, whether she had heard of such a meditation and she told me, yes, and even about someone who lost control over the spirit, but that is another story. So goodbye for now, thanks for going on this journey with me, and all my love. to you. This is a book, a manifestation of my experiences and now I am leaving you but they will stay with you. So all I have left to say now is that everything is moving along as it should, I guess, in this Sri Lankan paradise.

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