Chapter 1: The Mouse Preface
Chapter 2: The Mouse Magic
Chapter 3: Occult Tourism
Chapter 4: Nature from Another Perspective
Chapter 5: Fetish
Chapter 6: Aryuveda
Chapter7: Astrology


There are many haunted houses in Sri Lanka. I lived for a short time, one year, in one of them.

It is called Nilgala Walauwe (what means something like Blue Stone Mansion) and I rented it when I first came to Sri Lanka. When I arrived in Kandy I saw in the papers an add from an Englishmen called Madden and he had fixed up this Nilgala with the intention to live in it 5 years but was leaving the Island and wanted to sublet it to me. After the 5 years the Mansion would go back to the original owner, the Tenakoons.

I had never lived in a haunted house before and I also didn’t believe in that, who would. I didn’t know the reason, but as long as I was in the house I could never sleep. But I just quietly suffered, thinking whether I should maybe start drinking, just so that I could sleep!

After half a year, I found what was to be my new home. It was an old house and 10 acres land around it, with a very wide view of rice fields, and was to become later the Victoria Lake and the Victoria Dam, both which can be seen from my porch as well as mountains. I met a very nice and handsome architect, who was Danish but employed in Sri Lanka by the Mahaweli Authorities, Ulrich Plesman. He rented Nilgala Walauwe from me for the next year, so I was rid of that problem. After him came a movie team, they were going to make a movie about Robert Knox .A bunch of nuts, yelling at each other over breakfast and throwing kisses minutes later.

Once we were all in Nilgala Walauwe, with some of Ulrich´s friends and there I spoke for the first time about this problems. It was a harmless conversation. Someone asked me „how do you like your new place compared to this?“ Without thinking I answered, In Nilgala I always felt like an unwanted Guest“.

Then that all came out and everyone started telling their Ghosts encounters. All of them foreigners and not the best Ghost believers. In my new home, there was also a Ghost problem, but I didn’t know of it. It took me a while until I met Winafred and she told me about it. Winafred was by then already around 80 years old, she radiated beauty and goodness. Even thought I could not see it at that time, I saw it. But let me tell it with her own words, because she wrote a book about it.

Regression Therapy . A handbook for Professionals. Volume II: Special Instances of Altered State Work. by Winafred Blake Lucas Ph.D. Releasement in Sri Lanka.

„Recently I stayed a month with a friend in a large hillside property in the mountains east of Kandy, in Sri Lanka. The goal of the visit was to make a video about a cottage industry: spinning and weaving silk into exquisite wall hangings and carpets. My hostess, Magda (that is my slave name),in addition to her weaving enterprise also bred dogs, and at the time of my visit had about 50 in her kennel.

Magda had a Cuban Mother and a Hungarian-Jewish father and was married to a native of Sri Lanka, Ranjith, who in addition to being handsome and an extremely kind person, was also a business man with legal training. Two Nordic- looking teenage boys from a former marriage of Magda’s guarded with devotion a pixyish and delightful five year old girl from the current marriage. (That is Verena now 17 years old).

In most third-world houses conveniences that Americans take for granted are missing, even when the owners are in the upper stratum of the economic ladder, as my friends are. Electricity had been brought to Magda’s and Ranjith´s house only months before and there was still no telephone. Water was hauled up daily in large trucks. There was a complicated melding of native and more modern approaches to living.

When I arrived I found a pall over the house. From the beginning of the kennel five years before there had been accidents and deaths among the dogs beyond normal expectation. Then, in spite of their earning what was for Sri Lanka a good salary, more and more women were not coming back to the weaving sheds. Over the entire property there hung a pall of shadowing and depression. The rumour was that a man who had owned the property many years before had killed a number of people and buried them there and was still attached to the land, especially now that so many young women were coming. Magda was sceptical of such a story and remained on the sidelines when Ranjith, not usually interested in religious things, found a young priestess to do a depossession.

Following this, the main houses and yards seemed much lighter, but the atmosphere of depression continued in the hillside dog runs and in the weaving sheds. In gratitude for what the young priestess Asanka had accomplished, Ranjith had arranged a year before for a small temple to be built (perhaps nine feet square). Magda was confused about the situation, resisting being gullible about native magic but realising that it was imperative that something be done. Intuitively she liked Asanka. I walked around the property, through the dog runs and the weaving sheds, sensing the areas that seemed most saturated with heavy darkness, which felt like thick, sooty fog. Things had not been going well. A dog had just broken a leg and several dogs had died from no apparent cause. Meanwhile, the weavers had shrunk in number to under 200, and looms were idle; something seemed to be scaring them away. Shortly after our arrival, Asanka had a day of celebration for the first anniversary of her little temple, and Ranjith and my companion Lorraine and I joined the hundreds who were honouring the day. The country road to the temple was clogged with celebrants. Lorraine and I left the car and followed the dancers and floats, while Ranjith went ahead to help with the last minute details. Sri Lanka`s religious practices are charismatic, a blending of Hinduism and Buddhism, not unlike the charismatic Christian church or the Quakers. While in an altered state many Sri Lankan worshippers become possessed by an exuberant contact with what they believe to be their deities, especially Siva. Some embrace masochistic experiences , the most unusual of which is putting needles through their tongues and lips or hooks through their backs. One man in our procession was even suspended by hooks from a pole above the truck in which he was being carried.

Throughout the process the celebrants are entirely joyous, and when the needles and hooks are taken out and a dab of some sort of powder is sprinkled on the holes, within a few minutes there is no evidence that anything had ever happened. It reminded me of firewalking in which I tool part a few years ago, and, in fact, firewalking is often included in these celebrations, especially at Kataragama, the southern precinct that is sacred to Siva.

Asanka led the procession over the several miles to her temple, dancing and chanting in a totally altered state, and behind her people danced and sang joyously. When she arrived in her small temple, which had been swept clean and decorated with flowers and coconuts, she stood in the doorway chanting a rapid invocation to Siva, and broke a coconut on the ground in his honour.

To our surprise, Lorraine and I were the guests of honour and we were led to the front row of the privileged group that had managed to stand within the small area in front of the temple. Asanka´s expression and voice were loving, and as she invoked Siva, a radiant yellow butterfly circled around her head.

Asanka began to give a darshan (a blessing) and almost immediately called Lorraine and me. As I knelt before her I felt enveloped in a powerful love energy. Then I stood up and we put our arms around each other as though we were old friends come together. Later I realised that we had been sisters in an ancient lifetime, but at that time all I sensed was an overwhelming flow of love between us. The celebrations went on all night. Lorraine and I stayed through the bathing with holy water of the image of Kataragama (Siva), which had been brought out from the inner part of the temple. Asanka danced with garlands and flowers and a torch, and offerings of food, pineapple and papayas and bananas and coconuts, were made to Siva by many of the celebrants.

At midnight Ranjith, sensing that we were tired, took us home, where a curious Magda awaited our reactions.

After that it was apparent that any releasement work on the property of Ranjith and Magda must be a joint effort between Asanka and me. Asanka readily agreed and we set a night that she felt was auspicious. I found a gong and some rosemary and benzoin and Magda came up with an incense burner with a long handle.

(Actually this was quite funny because Nannette, Winafred’s friend and co-worker, left the house in a panic and checked herself into the Queens Hotel, mumbling something about Winafred being a sort of a nutcase and looking for trouble and attachments. Before she left, in a total hurry she told me how to get rid of Ghosts by using rosemary and benzoin, what I found quite ridiculous, since I didn’t believe in Ghosts and could not understand how someone would try to teach me something so crazy in such a hurry, that I didn’t ask for or believe in).

On the night agreed on , Asanka and all Ranjith´s family and Lorraine and I walked in the dusk through the kennel runs and five weaver’s sheds. Magda’s older son carried the burning herbs.(Actually Mimi hated doing this, but earlier, going straight up the land with Winafred, and a gong and an incense burner I had twisted my leg and was in a chair) Regularly we talked to the souls of those buried in the property, and to the soul of the man who had killed them, invoking him to leave and sending him our love, spreading light everywhere. Always at my side walked Asanka, merging into this different world of releasement with no effort.

Toward the end I became aware that the entity was leaving. Peace and quietness began to fill the grounds, especially the weaving sheds.

Asanka had brought helpers with her and after our four hour walk through the property they spent several hours making little cages from coconut fronds into which they put carefully prepared pieces of papayas, pineapples, and the little Sri Lankan bananas. Garlands of flowers, especially jasmine, were everywhere. At nine o’clock Asanka began the ceremony with the breaking of a coconut and a lengthy and rapid invocation to Siva. As she whirled and chanted holding an oil lamp, she addressed Siva and exhorted him to bring the soul of the entity into his light. Then the offerings of the fruit were made to him. Later she told me that she was aware that he had already gone, but she had sent a wave of love after him and had exhorted him not to return. Then she spend several hours in a trance state giving darshan to everyone present individually and channelling for some of those around her, telling them what their lives have been and foretelling them the future. Ranjith said that she had been surprisingly accurate about his past , concerning which she ha little knowledge. Lorraine and I stood on the sidelines for this part of the ceremony. Once again, Asanka went on all night but we became tired and went to bed. Toward morning the fruit offerings were taken out of the grounds to a nearby temple.

Later I discussed concepts of releasement with Asanka. Our cultural props differed from each other but our understanding of what happened was remarkably similar. Both of us saw the soul going into the light. Asanka saw it as the light of Siva and felt that all souls need to go to the abode of Siva. She felt that they should be helped to go with love and offerings, such as the fruit. She, too, perceived that their continuous sojourn following death in an earthly place, such as this hillside property, promoted a dark energy and negativity.

Neither of us felt we ought to make any judgement, even in the case of multiple murder, such as evidently happened here. As adjunct to the releasement I used gong and herbs. She used herbs, also, an oil lamp, coconuts, fruits and flowers, all to invoke Siva, and gave the cages of fruit and gifts to the entity. She saw herself as calling Siva, who in turn called the soul and took it to his abode of light.

When I asked Asanka questions about herself, she told me that she had several lifetimes as a priestess. She told me about her calling to be a priestess in this life and about her training at Kataragama, the extensive temple complex dedicated to Siva. Most of her work involves healing (where she uses Aryuvedic approach), some releasement, psychic readings, and general counselling. She does all these things in trance. She seems to put herself into an immediate trance state by knocking her head hard over the third eye with her fist. I suggested she might try to retain awareness of what she said and did while in trance, since I feel that that is what the consciousness of the planet is moving into. She was interested in the possibility of this, which she had not considered before.

We saw each other several other times, including on an expedition higher up in the mountains for my eightieth birthday. When we parted she said she would get an oil lamp and burn it for me everyday, and I told her I would think of her and send her energy and love while I burned a rose candle. Currently I feel the vibrations she send to me, and I trust she feels those I send to her.

Later I went back over the kennel runs where the murdered victims had been buried and cleared up the remaining pall. The proof of the effectiveness of these rituals will be an improved state of health in the kennel population and a return of the weavers to the loom. By the time I left, a number of women had already come back.“

Another haunted place is the old part of the Mount Lavinia Hotel, in Mount Lavinia, an old colonial Hotel rich in history. An experience I had myself. I had a room next to an old and closed elevator, and the whole night I heard steps , people walking and going about. The view from this Hotel across the whole ocean front of Colombo is unparalleled.

As many places are haunted so is the established allopathic medicine, made for money making purposes, haunted by alternative medicine.



Alchemy and medicine originated as necessary aids to the fulfilment of spiritual objectives. The chief pursuit of alchemy , besides transmutations of substances, was to preserve the vital elixir of life and thus effect a state of physical balance and immutable duration , so that all the energies of the body were unified. In addition, the psychic changes following the intake of alchemical preparations were not induced for their own sake, but for the sake of higher spiritual goals.

Hindu alchemy can be traced back to the Vedic period. The Rig Veda describes the Soma Rasa, or the juice of the Soma plant, as amrita, which is akin to the Greek ambrosia. In spite of the divergence of view as to the attributes and properties of Soma, it is generally agreed that it must have been an extremely potent euphoriant.

Authorities agree that it was a milky climbing plant, most probably Asclepias Acida or Ephedra or a type of uncultivated wine. For the extraction of juices Soma herbst were scrushed between two stones or pounded in a mortar; the extracted liquid was then filtered through sheep’s wool and subsequently mixed with milk, butter or honey. The texts describes the reaction on the body as no less than the roar of a bull . Soma was an inexhaustible source of strength and vitality. It increased sexual energy, stimulated speech and possessed healing properties.

Through alchemical knowledge was widely cultivated in ancient India, it reached the zenith in the tantric renaissance periods (AD 700- AD 1300) The tantrikas knew intimately the body and their cosmic affinities; they were well aware of the various techniques of attuning the body by the use of mercury, medicaments, breathing exercises and helio-therapeutic meditation.

Alchemical experiments were concerned mainly with the reduction of elements and their use in their primary form. There is, it was believed, an original stuff, or ultimate substance, out of which the whole Universe has been formed. This primal element could be reduced or precipitated as powder- the ash form of matter or the remaining sediment of liquid- and could be made manifest by burning or heating the element so that extraneous additions could be dispersed. This reduction of substance into ashes , therefore, was regarded as a form of purification, and ash is the basic cohesive element for the preparation of elixir vitae.

For further purification ash has to be dissolved in a still more elemental substance called rasa, or liquid. The primeval form of all things was linked up with the cosmic sea. Or the wet element, and almost all forms of fluid- sap, juice, water, blood- were used as medicine.

The chemical theory of organic and inorganic compounds of the prevalent medical schools, particularly of Charaka (AD 80-180) provided useful knowledge about the combination of properties of substances. The physical characters of the five subtle elements and their isomeric modes were classified as follows:

Earth substances: heavy, rough, hard, inert, dense ,opaque, exciting the sense of smell

Water substances: liquid, viscous, cold, soft, slippery, fluid, exciting the sense of taste

Fire substances: hot, penetrative, subtile, light, dry. clear, rarefied and luminous

Air substances: light, cold, dry, transparent, rarefied, impinging

Ether substances: imponderable (or light), rarefied, elastic, capable of sound vibrations

Each of the substances, it was believed, is a five fold ultracompound, and in this sense a penta-bhautic, or a combination of the five original subtle elements, each of which can be found in a lesser or greater proportion in a particular substance Thus ether is the vehicle of air, heat, light and water, and even five particles of earth, held in an indeterminate state. The colour and sensible qualities of a substance result from it s structure, the arrangements of it s atoms, and it s psycho-chemical properties resulting from the relative preponderance of a specific substance in their composition.

The most fundamental, and indeed the quintessence, of all substances is mercury. In all tantric alchemical treatises the term rasa means mercury; their medicinal preparations consist mainly of mercury. Although it was considered that mercurial compounds should in theory be prepared by amalgamating mercury and air, mercury and blood, mercury and semen or mercury and various ashes, several other ingredients such as mica, sulphur, orpiament. pyrites, cinnabar, calamine, various alkalies, bitumen and metals like gold, silver, zinc, copper, arsenic, were also used, as well as various acids.

An important tantric treatise Rasaratnakara, ascribed to Nagarjuna (c.AD 800) is a repository of much chemical information and many alchemical recipes. The text provides valuable information, and many alchemical recipes. The text provides valuable information about the various preparations of mercury, including red crystalline sulphide of mercury , and techniques for extracting mercury and zinc from zinc ore. It also describes more than two dozen apparatuses for experiments in physico-chemical processes. Another significant tantric treatise, Rasarnava,(AD 1200) has important information on chemistry, and it is a direct precursor of iatrochemistry. An elaborate description of the location, construction and equipment of chemical laboratories is available in Rasaratna-samuccaya, an iatrochemical treatise of the 13th century. A later work, Rasasara, (whose name literally means sea of mercury), is a purely chemical work and describes eighteen mercurial processes.

Several special operations involving mercury and examples of chemical compositions and decomposition, by processes of calcination, distillation, sublimation, steaming, fixation and so on, were elaborately discussed in the texts devoted to alchemy .and chemistry, as also were various metallurgical processes- extraction, purification, killing, calcination, incineration, powdering, solution, precipitation, rinsing or washing, drying, steaming, melting, casting, filling. Here is a typical example of a recipe, for a mercury potion, and the apparatus for reducing it to ashes.

Mercury is to be rubbed with an equal weight of gold and then, the amalgam, further admixed with sulphur, borax, etc. The mixture is then to be transferred to a crucible and the lid put on, and then submitted to gentle roasting. By partaking of this elixir (i.e., the sublimate) the devotee acquires a body not liable to decay. The apparatus is described thus: make a clay crucible, 4 digits in length and 3 digits in width, with the mouth rounded. Take 20 parts of salt and one of bedellium and pound them finely, adding water frequently, smear the crucible with this mixture. Make a fire of paddy husks and apply gentle heat

Killed Mercury

When the mercury assumes colours after having given up fluidity, it is known as „swooned“. Killed mercury is that which does not show signs of fluidity, mobility or lustre. When the quicksilver, which has acquired the colour and the lustre of the rising sun, stands the test of fire, (that means it is not readily volatilized), then it is to be regarded as fixed.

The Siddhahayoga of Vrinda is an Aryuvedic- Tantric treatise which discusses the external and internal uses of mercury. A preparation called parpatitamram, which contains mercury and was taken internally, was prepared by pounding sulphur and copper pyrites together with mercury and roasting the mixture in a closed crucible. The product thus obtained was administered with honey. This process probably produced sulphides of copper and mercury. Sulphide of mercury was also the main ingredient of another preparation called rasamrita-churan. To make it, one part of sulphur and half ist weight of mercury were rubbed together and then administered with honey and clarified butter. Killed copper, blue vitriol, rock salt and a few vegetable ingredients compounded together. formed a collyrium for the eyes.

Many foreign travellers to India, notably Marco Polo, Al Biruni and Francois Bernier, recorded their observations on the remarkable uses of mercury as a restorative and stimulant. Marco Polo describing the „chugchi yogis who live 150 or 200 years“ wrote: „These people make use of a very strange beverage, for they make a portion of sulphur and quicksilver mixed together, and this they drink twice every month. They say this gives them a long life and it is a potion they are used to taking from early childhood“.

Despite the apparent simplicity of these recipes and procedures, it should not be assumed that the mere mechanical mixture of compounds will yield immediate results. Indeed the effectiveness of this formulae is not the literal interpretation of the alchemical texts, but lies within a body of closely guarded secret processes and considerations. Researches of the contemporary alchemist Armand Barbault have met with scepticism based on a simplistic view. Armand Barbault is a contemporary alchemist , achieved after twelve years what he calls in his book L`Or du millième matin (Paris 1969), the vegetable gold or Elixir of the first degree. This Elixir was thoroughly analysed and tested by German and Swiss laboratories and doctors. It proved of great value and efficacy , especially in the treatment of a very serious heart and kidney ailment. But it could not be fully analysed nor, therefore, synthesised . The preparation required such peculiar care , and took so long, that eventually all hopes of commercialisation were abandoned. The scientists who examined it declared that they were in the presence of a new state of matter having mysterious and perhaps deeply significant qualities.

This is not an isolated case. Dr. P-C.Ray, in his History of Hindu Chemistry emphasises the inscrutability of alchemical preparations and records that Nagarjuna (c 8th century AD) the father of Indian alchemy, had to undergo twelve years of asceticism to know the hidden secret

Stages of psychic growth

The pilgrimage of the ego from it s incipient potential state to self actualisation an unwinding of the inner energies to expand, to be, to become-is a slow gradual process which begins at the very advent of spiritual life. The ultimate goal of the human ego is liberation or enlightenment. To become aware of one’s psychic potencies.

The phases can be defined as : first preparation and incubation, second, self actualisation and realisation.

The psyche, as a condensed nucleus of energy with the possibility to expand, first begins to be aware of unbounded potentiality and concurrently accepts a belief system, in which it is going to be actualised. Then begins the quest for a spiritual preceptor who can direct and point out the signposts in the path. The guru or the discipline to be followed infiltrate into his life and actions. He absorbs the technique in a process analogous to incubation, until their daily performance and observance becomes as natural to him as breathing.

The special states of consciousness conductive to psychic ascent consist mainly in narrowing down the field of concentration by becoming more centralised ,and gathering into a nucleus one’s own energies through the use of various absorptive methods in relation to one’s temperament and potencies. By daily practices the person enhances the possibilities of entering into unusual states of mind. As a consequence of this outer worshipping, the inner control of the mind follows, by a disintegration of the ego, This stage consists of facing and confronting the shadow self, the unconscious forces, and the perception of the creative, destructive continuum of the polarity principles manifested as one.

At this stage one will either proceed to total liberation or will return to the material world Many cannot bear the forcefulness or arduous task of the discipline and may abandon the search. This person will be in the next stage of reintegration, or a new birth..

The second stage which is anticipatory to the final stage might be called self-actualisation. It is a stage when the aspirant begins to apprehend that awareness is not inseparable from other aspects of experience .He is a part of a totality of which he is the centre. This is a state of equanimity of samayana, the state of emptiness, of mental tranquility, serenity, imperturbability. self- restraint, accompanied by a cessation of cognitive and volitional function. At this level the sadhaka is centred or balanced, always at ease. Nothing in life is to great or final to move him , since he is no longer at the mercy of opposing sense reactions.

Self actualisation may also be manifested by the attainment of special powers, but this is considered a lesser form of enlightenment. Ramakrishna said „if asceticism can teach you after twenty years only to walk on water better pay the boatman and save your time“

An altered state of consciousness differs from our ordinary perception of reality. First, the illumined person has a holistic perception of reality which he directly apprehends through the inherent harmony in unity of all things, together with various sensory reactions. Second, his ascent from one level of consciousness to another alters a normal dimension of linear time- experience as a constant flow of events sequentially organised as past, present and future into an experience which transcends time and in which all events simultaneously exit in the infinite present.

This reminds me of a joke I heard in Disneyworld: What did the Dalai Lama say to the hot dog vendor?

„Make me one with everything“

The last stage of psychic action culminates in illumination or unity-mergence. The psyche, having traversed a long and winding road, now enters a new domain. The aspirant becomes totally integrated within himself., having cast aside all illusions and delusions. There is no ambiguity in this life. He is merged with the object of his worship, slowly dissolving all the grosser elements of his personality into a subtle constancy for final abandonment .This stage is characterised by an experiential realisation of what the classical Hindu tradition calls Sat(Being), Chit(Consciousness), Ananda (Bliss), the triad of substances of Siva-Sakti in union.

A poem from Pattinattar, the tamil tantrika siddhai poet

The eightfold yoga

The six regions of the body

The five states

hey all have left and gone

Totally erased

And in the open


I am left


There is but a red rounded moon

A fountain of white milk

For delight

The unobtainable Bliss

Has engulfed me

A precipice

Of Light

Why do people get sick?

Most of us think that getting sick is something unlucky which befalls us, an accident in which we have no hand. Getting sick is no accident at all. It is deeply structured into our being, and we are getting some kind of pay-off out of it, like manipulating others, hiding something behind the illness, or even something like getting rid of all types of small problems and gaining concentration.

When you discover what the pay off is, you can begin to get rid of the illness, because you will not be needing it anyway-illness is a cleaning out process for the body. An illness gives you an extra power to do what you want and others will not contradict you, like some people that order others around on behalf of God or some religion that has brought them enlightenment. This might be a person that is so weak that he knows no other way to defend himself, or a manipulator .A person is expressing his needs and desires through his most fundamental tool, his body.

In a way, having an illness is like having your house haunted. In your own space- physical or psychic-you are the most important being, in or out of a body, there is and what you say is law. If you have spirits wandering around your house and you can tell them very clearly to leave, they will leave. Strangely enough, some people are so afraid of being sick and they resist it so much, that they actually become sick, because you are what you resist.

There is no record that primitive man used medicine for his ailments but he must have experimented on the uses of plants in his environment both as a source of food and cures for his ailments. By a process of trial and error , he would have gathered a certain amount of information which he handed down to his progeny. In the course of many centuries the knowledge accumulated thus may have been considerable.

It is believed in India that Brahma, the creator himself, had written down the uses of medicinal plants and their prescriptions in 100,000 stanzas which have been later reduced to 10,000 to suit the poverty of the human intellect. Whatever it is, the Ayurvedic system was founded by the Rishis in India about 3,000 years before Hinduism came into existence as a religion. The Rishis appear to have made extensive investigations into the properties and uses of plants. Their knowledge of the therapeutical properties of plants appear to be almost intuitive and this led to the belief that these findings were divinely inspired. This belief was fatal to the advancement of the Ayurvedic science. Any deviation to what was laid down by the masters was regarded as interfering with the curative properties. Hence the treatment for a particular disease depended on the ability of the Ayurvedic physician to select the prescriptions from among many given in old books.

The ancient medical works such as Charaka and Susrutha appear to have been compiled in the Pre- Buddhist era. With the spread of Buddhism as a religion this knowledge too spread to countries which adopted it. The Greek invasion of India established contact between the two countries and some of the drugs in Central Asia and Asia Minor found their way to India and vice-versa. The Mohammedan influence us noted by the introduction of Opium into the Aryuvedic system of medicine.

Many people speak about how Ayurvedic medicine is made with Ganja. It is true that medicinally the leaves of Cannabis sativa are used with other ingredients in the preparations for the treatments of coughs, asthma, diarrhoea, migraine and others and even snake bites, malaria, blood poisoning anthrax and many other diseases. Alone is considered unreliable as it s effects vary with the physical condition and idiosyncrasies of the user, as it excites psychic centres as well as the central nervous system and it distorts time and space sense

Opium is a well known and valuable narcotic drug, the history of which dates back to B.C. and it is obtained from the milky juice of the Opium Poppy (Papaver somniferum).Papaver aceae is an annual herb, native of India and Asia minor, where, as well as in China,is extensively cultivated under official control. The drug is obtained by making slight incisions in the green, unripe fruit, from which the milky white juice exudes; this should be done in dry weather, in the evening; by the morning the juice will have coagulated on the fruit and it is then collected and made into balls, which form the ordinary opium of commerce.

The Ayurvedic System as practised in Sri Lanka is the same as that in India. It was introduced to the Island with the Vijayan Invasion in the fifth Century before Christ. Almost all plants used for medicinal purpose in Ceylon are those found growing in different parts of India as well. The earliest book on medicine compiled in Sri Lanka, written is Sanskrit, was „Sarartha Sangrahaya“ by Kind Buddhadasa, a great physician and surgeon, who ruled at Anuradhapura between 330 A.D. and 400 A.D.King Parakrama Bahu the Great who had his capital at Polonnaruwa was also a noted physician. Both kings built several hospitals in different parts of the island. Other medical works compiled later were „Manjuse“ written in Pali and „Yogaratnakara“ in Sinhalese.

Modern chemical analysis does not reveal the true nature of most drugs as some of them might have escaped detection while others have been destroyed n the process of extraction. Furthermore, the Ayurvedic prescriptions contain a number a drugs and they would interact with each other chemically when subjected to heat and the final product which acts on the disease may be different from the original constituents.

During the nineteenth century, many works on medicinal plants were compiled in India. Those have been brought up to date by Nadkarni in his „Materia Medica“ (1927) and K.R.Kirtikar ND B.D.Basu in Indian medicinal Plants (1933) Those published in Sri Lanka are by no means complete. Of these the Sinhalese „Materia Medica“by J.Attygalle and „Vegetable Materia Medica“ by E. Roberts are noteworthy.

There are many possibilities for people seeking Ayurvedic treatment in Sri Lanka, from such treatment Centers that are already booked from abroad, like Greystones in Diyatalawa, in Beruwala „Barberyn Reef“ and now a new one in Weligama too. The Hotel Tree of Life about 6 miles from Kandy is also exceptional. All over the Island there are local treatment Centers too, and also many Hotels offer these services.

Who looks at a plant with a spiritual look, and with the strength of realisation of the imagination and inspiration, can see inside the soul of the plant , the spiritual world.

In the bottom of the plant, you find it between the root and the earth, because it feel best here, in this place. The Gnomes are in their ghostly nature, just sense. Senses that are all intelligence, that perceive the impressions from the senses, and not only impressions but also ideas. Specially what the plant has absorbed during the years through the flowers and seeds in light and warmth from the cosmos, and has pulled down to the roots., this flows into the Gnomes, who will then from the autumn throughout the winter will carry the ideas of the Universe in stone and ore. That is how the understanding of the outer world lives inside of the earth. That is why the Gnomes feel that their thinking is superior to the troublesome thinking of men. They feel mockery towards men, that it is an irony that they need teachings and logic, when all you have to do to understand something is just to look at it. The Gnomes then feel towards the earth something close to antipathy, from the irony behind this scene, and this gives them the power to make the plant to grow from the roots of the earth, against gravity, straight up, pushed towards the skies , so that the Gnomes, out of their original form snatch away the plant from the earth and make them grow upwards .The antipathy of the Gnomes towards the earth is mirrored in the abhorrence for the animals that live in this section, like frogs and toads.

The Undines live in the humid airy region where the leaves are. They cannot go out into the cosmos directly but can only devote themselves to the weaving and governing of the airy wet elements. So they are not so smart like the Gnomes and they are constantly dreaming, but their dreams are at the same time they themselves. They do not hate the earth so much like the Gnomes, but they are sensitive to it. They live in the ether element of water, and they swim through and fill it. And they are sensitive towards the fish, because this form threatens them, because this is the form that they take, but soon leave, to go to another metamorphosis. They dream their own existence and in their dream of their own existence they tie themselves to a form and free themselves from the form, and to the substance of the air, that they in a mysterious way bring into the leaves, into the same fabrics that the Gnomes pushed upwards. The Gnomes push the plants upwards , and when the Undines come from all sides and surround the plants, in their dreamy condition, and dream like world chemists the union and dissolution of substances of the leaves in the plants, they make the life of the plant. The element of the Undines, and their science is where water and air meet. They are chemists and they dream of chemistry, their delicate science. And they feel best when they come to the outside of a water drop. And they are in the danger to take permanently the form of a fish, instead they want to stay in the state of permanent metamorphosis. But in this changing nature in the nature in which they dream from the stars , and the sun and from light and from warmth, they become the chemists that continue the form of the plant, the plant that has been pushed upwards from the Gnomes. The Undines have been long in men’s thoughts, they see them as mermaids, and love them more than the other Gnomes, Sylphs and Salamander. Because men, who need the water in so many ways, loves the Undines more than the others.

The Sylphs live in the air warm light penetrable ether. When it is exited, like in the flight of a bird ,it is for the Sylphs like music. That is why to see a bird in flight is for the Sylphs like waking up from a deep sleep, like love. They have a deep sympathy with the birds .But they cannot become birds, they have the task to permeate the plant with the light. That is how the Sylphs come to work with the Undines. In the Autumn, when the plant withers, all this knowledge flows back to the earth to the Gnomes, and thus they know what is going on in the upper worlds.

But not only the knowledge about the Sylphs dips back into the earth, also the Salamanders have the warmth and the light. The Salamander carries the warmth in the flower, where the seed of the cosmos goes into the bud of the fruit.

Because men will not look at what is in front of them, they imagine that there is sexual reproduction in the plant, similar to that of men. Because men do not want to know the world of Gnomes, Undines, Syphs and Salamander he tries to find some system that he can recognise, similar to something he knows already. In any sense he is not expected to explain what life is. In the plant the earth is the mother, and the sky is the father.

Fertilisation of the plant is actualised when the Gnomes take from the Salamanders what the Salamaders have put inside the fruit bud, which is the concentrated cosmic warmth as particle dust. Fertilisation takes place inside the earth, when the Gnomes receive what the Sylphs and Undinen made together with the firestone from the cosmos from the Salamanders. The Gnomes bring the life ether to the roots, the Undines the chemical ether, the Sylphs the light ether and the Salamander the warmth.

The Salamader also love the insects, but they are afraid to be caught in their form permanently. This is specially true of the bees and of the butterflies. The bees are so permeated with fire nature that they are attracted to the aromatic flowers just in the moment when the flower brings out it s aroma so that t almost grows together with the flower in the moment they join. The bees have in their fire nature the honey and wax, and also the poison sting, of many medicinal properties.

The system of the soulworld is reflected through sympathy and antipathy The Gnomes and the Undines are more towards antipathy, whereas Salamanders and Sylphs towards sympathy. Every formed body stands by itself and does not allow another in his place, but finally the warmth brings all together, or love.

Goethe understood the nature of the Elementals when he spoke in Faust in the „den Spruch der Viere“

Salamander soll gluehen

Undene sich winden

Sylphe verschwinden

Kobold sich muehen

Wer sie nicht kennte

Die Elemente

Ihre Kraft

Und Eigenschaft

Waere kein Meister

Ueber die Geister

Verschwind die Flammen


Rauchend fliesse zusammen


Leucht in Meteorenschoene


Bring´haeusliche Hilfe

Incubus! Incubus!

Tritt hervor und mache den Schluss!

90% Tranquillity with 10% Terror

In the middle of your reality system is your invisible psychological reality. Your isolations appears only so because your ego is always ready to defend itself and not to show you anything that is not related to your daily life and your immediate survival. In material life there is a process that we would immediately recognise, called progress. The same you can think of when you realise that also your spiritual life is bound to progress, and thus you can with time see the different manifestations of your identity.

You are immersed in it like an ocean. that you live while it surrounds you. Maybe you have thought about what your life would be like if you hadn’t chosen this or that way, but another. .Yet there is a relationship between you and all other individuals that you would have become.

Even past life experiences, that have taught us different aspects of our existence, might not come out exactly with those conditions, but may be gone in itself, in the sense that it will be used only as grounding for a different type of aspect. You are not buried in some sort of superself, but you find yourself in a cosmic net of possibilities and probabilities and you can change your direction, anytime, not only for yourself but for all the possible dimensions that at the moment you are incapable to understand and know about.

Your thoughts and feelings are radiating in other directions, and you are also receiving from others that with all likelihood occupy your probabilities, but you are free to choose which you are receiving, just as they are free to choose which they receive from you. You are at the same time creator and receiver of all kinds of thoughts and ideas. Between you and the other possible yous there is a kind of magnetic attraction or energy, that appears around you and the other possible yous in other dimensions.

An example happened to me not so long ago. I know a very powerful painter, but he is also going on the dark side. Because he is a controller, he has chosen to become a member of a sect, Baghwan n my time, now this rascal calls himself Osho and has a community in Poona. Osho is an excellent teacher and he gives out the various methods for expanding consciousness. However, any type of teaching that you choose, is personal and not for everyone, and it is also personal how close you go to it

Like every belief system the person’s reality clashes with the world, and you resent the others. He feels it is a nullification of himself if you do not bow to his form of experience. Since he is a painter and a very good one, he is a creator and he is used to superimposing his reality on others. You can see it in his relationship, his girl friend is only a shadow. Over the years he began creating another person instead of myself. I was not pleasing to him because I am too outspoken and confident, through my very hard life starting from childhood I realised that low self confidence s only a superimposed game on yourself, no matter what happens if you are not dead you have to get up the next morning and do whatever you do.

Actually I have met many such Baghwan people in my life and never saw a good one, but I till granted him the freedom to be himself .My husband is a Sinhalese, that is he will never confront others with his ideas, although he does not even confront me with them in sort of 20 years of marriage I know what he is thinking, and it is funny because my daughter knows him even better. So he decided that he will let Ranjith be, as he is, and even show some admiration. With time I saw that he was not understanding me, just by paying attention I knew. Also many things I saw and refused to admit were later played back their true way in my mind. I don’t know why my mind does that sometimes, I guess because I need to know.. Two times he confronted me angrily and yelled at me, he has a very bad temper he cannot control. The first time I didn’t speak to him for a year, the second time is permanent. What I say to others that ask is that I like to be treated well, and I always treat my friends as they treat me. I am 57 years old and he is in his thirties, but sometimes I feel like he is a teen-ager. The things he yells about are so silly that I feel thrown back into adolescence .Basically in this life right now, I don’t let people do that to me anymore. I understand that he is insecure about me, because I am strong and not in his belief system, and he likes to put women down, and that doesn´t threaten me, or make me sad. It makes me feel silly to volunteer t get yelled by an adolescent and I retreat. And he, who is afraid to be nullified by others that are different is in a battle for his existence and if you cannot nullify him he nullifies you.

But something else is happening in a deeper level. He has projected another Nazha, the Nazha he sees and he was to superimpose that one on me. If he catches me off guard and I am trying to be nice, because basically I am a nice loving person, he can even make me behave like her for a short time. Actually the one that he has pulled out I don’t like, she is far back in her development, and totally different. He has the power through his walks in the dark side and he creates her, and she confronts me and pulls me down. This might sound all quite weird, but everyone is probably had this experience with their own parents, that is why children after a while try to get away from their parents.

One must not forget that all these happenings, as unreal and invisible as they seem, are as valid and powerful as the so called real ones. Now as you are living, you are creating the basis for the future. There are events in the future that you can change, if you do not like them once you have recognised them. The same things with civilisations, nations, even planets.

You are surrounded by influences and happenings from which you only, in your tree dimensional reality, know just a few. For example the nature of matter is widely misunderstood. There are other material forms than the ones that you see, and they are quite physical for those who can relate to their activity sphere. In the framework of your reality you choose certain actions, then you turn these into your physical reality and perceive them as such. But many actions that you have not chosen to do, will go out from you and be projected unto others. But we have been taught that resurrection is linear, that evolution is linear, it is not one staircase that you climb but it goes in all directions.

Evil exists, but as such it is a product of mass hallucination, that through receiving so much energy has in itself a limited existence. The symbolic from ascension and descent and light and shadow is not valid in another system of perception. Although religion has grown from a true basis, it s symbolic language has been cunningly chosen from those conditions valued in the physical Universe .Many system use different perception mechanisms from the ones that you are used to. Many consciousness forms will be totally unknown to you, many others, as yourself, are a product of group consciousness

A most charming couple came to see me about my art. They both were there, striving, beautiful and together. They told me how much they do together, sports, they talk to each other so much that sometimes it is late and the whole night has passed talking, they say. They are to be envied. That is the life I would have wanted, not the one I have. But they do everything right, together they do sports, and they communicate. This is exactly what the group consciousness dictates of good relationships. They are inside the matrix.

There are worlds and forms of perception unknown to you. Where your ideas of light do not exist, where warmth is not visually perceptible .Christ suffered, Buddhism offers this beautiful astonishing invulnerability .But the religions are there to show the way into much deeper knowledge, going through the symbolic and myths into independent realms of truth. There are points, although they are camouflaged, where it is possible to go from one reality to another. There are people that see these realities in their dreams. There are true artists that show us pictures of those other worlds, and we recognise them, although we do not know exactly what it that we recognise .Musicians that take us there. In Sri Lanka the world of the spirit is totally alive. The symbolic, the mass hallucinations that have some true origin, magic, black magic, everything is totally full of gods, demons, devils energies that a westerner is no longer capable to produce, in their everyday world.

Like the Indians, the Sinhalese too attributed the origin of all arts and crafts to Visvakarma, drama and music to a sage or Brahma. Later the rishis improved them. According to sanskrit the word mantra means a vedic hymn, prayer, incantation ,mystical verse or spell. The meaning of yantra is a magical amulet, or mysterious diagramm used as an amulet, magical rites were performed by the Rig vedic people and this tradition with all detailed information is preserved in the Atharva Veda This compilation is full of details about spells, beliefs and ceremonies and incantations. In the Rig Veda mantras or incantations were used to drive malignant influences. The raksha mantra protects the individual from any harm arising from malevolent spiris. The use of spells and drugs was censured in Buddhism as well as offerings of blood, worship of the sun, occult arts obtained from a mirror or a girl possessed by a spirit. During Buddhas time if anyone became ill, someone recited dhamma suttas and these came to be called pirit chanting. Buddha said „ Dhammo have rakkhati dhamma charim“ (Dhamma automatically protects one who practices the Dhamma).

The Sinhalese Buddhist repose greater faith in the effectiveness of pirit chanting that in any other medical means of curing illness. Pirit also helps to ward evil caused by known and unknown powers, natural or supernatural. Pirit chanting with sprinkling of pirit water has been popular with the people of Sri Lanka from about fourth Century A.D. The Buddhists have implicit faith in the efficacy of pirit and it s application in all religious, social and cultural activities..The procedure of the pirit is as follows. The priest in charge of the temple is invited to chant pirit. The purpose is explained and particulars are mentioned. The number of monks required is also mentioned. Pirit is chanted during the whole night , a table with a white cloth is provided and lights are lit and incense is burnt. A special pavilion of a temporary nature is erected inside the house or in front of it. Usually it has an octagonal shape. It is beautifully decorated with white o silver paper and with coconut leaves according to traditional patterns. Inside a canopy is fixed to serve as a ceiling. Strings are drawn criss-cross in a geometrical pattern arecanut flowers are drawn on strings. Oil lamps are placed in central positions and in all four directions of the pavilion clay pots are placed with a spread coconut flower in each. These are filled with gain and a small clay lamp is laced on the flower. On the table is placed a fresh clay pot filled with water and a ball of thread and a panicle of arecanut flower is kept on the table. When the monks reach the entrance their feet are washed with water mixed with milk and dried with a towel. The monks enter to the accompaniment of drums and the large Pirit book is placed on the table. The thread is arranged into three strands and is taken across the canopy. Then it is wound around the Pirit book and around the panicle of arecanut flower. The laymen and women sit on the floor on mats.Your consciousness can be directed in many directions, outside as well as inside.

Contact with the dead is quite common. In all probability such visitations would be perceived more often if people were not so frightened of them. If these experiences were not taboo, the reassurance and information they can give would be accepted readily. .Individuals that have shared old well kept family secrets about such visitations would have done better if they could have understood the significance of such events. The return from former residents of the earth serve various purposes. Most often the entities want to give assurance that they are all right, and that the state beyond death is a good one. The western belief system denies the possibility of such contact and millions of individuals are robbed of the solace it could bring. Also the spirits who do not wish to harm and cause distress will withdraw, when the person that they are visiting becomes frightened. disappointed that they are not able to give the comfort or help they are capable of sharing. Evidence seems to suggest that such entities are spiritually knowledgeable, and have freedom to come and go at will, from one energy level to another. These are not entities who have failed to make this transition to the next soul phase, but instead are those who have completed the transition and return of their free will to perform some service or reassurance to those left behind. Usually they make only a single appearance and stay a limited time.

We do not know how they think but their common intervention suggests that there is no such thing as death as it is commonly accepted. Life in that non-physical dimension is very real, very human. Science has been trying to discredit all evidence of any reality, however the evidence of another dimension of consciousness is so real and just overwhelming.

Denis, my father, was a Hungarian jew who escaped the Nazis, he had been living in France, and hid in a boat and the boat landed in Cuba. There he met my mother who loved him very much. He made her pregnant and left her. Only when I was in my fifties I heard the story that I was supposed to have gone to live with my Aunt Kathie, who lived in Vienna with her husband, and was childless. But my mother insisted on keeping me, she wanted to pull my father back. By the time I surfaced into existence, my mother was manic depressive and very violent. I grew up with a very violent person, who beat me, and definitely didn’t love me. But I didn’t know why. I didn’t love her either, and wanted to escape from her. But my father wasn’t much better, married to a very bad English Lady, whom he adored, and he suffered under that too. When I was sent out, after the triumph of the Revolution

It was a good personal solution Never again did my mother come any where near me, psychologically after that. I found other bad people to continue her job. During my life I saw my father every year. He was still very important. For the first time I saw someone that was there, he was present in his body and confronted me. All the other people that I knew where living in some sort of dream agenda. He was very funny too, always making jokes. Because I saw in him the person I could become, sort of, I had just a bit of light at the end of the tunnel. My father had never told me I was Jewish, he thought the holocaust would come again and he thought the best protection was if I didn’t know it. Later I met another woman who told me the same story, so it must have been not so unusual. When I met that German Devil and ran away with him to Germany, he never wanted to speak to me again. Like many young people I just lived my life and ignored my parents. My mother, the fury, was easy to ignore. And my father didn’t want me. When I was about 26 years old, he died. It was about a year after that that I began to feel the intense love I had for him. If someone would just mention it I would start crying like a child. And even once, when I was in the middle of a Flea Market, selling my stuff, I felt him going into me, then some people came to buy something, and I made my first joke, just as he used to do. I was never the funny type, so I was quite surprised. In 1991 or 1992, I don’t remember, Winafred came to Sri Lanka. I knew her a while from letters we shared. She was writing a book and wanted to meet a priestess, and she was making a movie about my industry. She radiated love, and I could see that, although I didn’t believe in anything out of he ordinary. When I spoke about my father, I cried, as usual, and went on to say the usual things, how my father was great etc. She told me that I was being shadowed by my father , and I thought, oh my God, what a bunch of bull shit.I even argued that if my father was with me that was better so, because during my life I had never had the opportunity to enjoy him, and I loved him very much, and I was nothing, he is the interesting one, if she gets rid of him I will be plain again. All these things are usually said by possessed people, but I didn’t know that.

In Europe they have this light bulb jokes, where people from different countries are called to change a light bulb and then you ask how many are needed. In Germany there is one particular group, living in the North side called the Ost Friessen. How many Ost Friessen does it take to change a light bulb? Eleven, is the answer One to hold on to the light bulb and ten to turn the table

Then this joke makes it s way all through Europe where the stupid people living in the different Countries turn the light bulb, their way. And it has even gone as far as California

How many Californians does it take to change a light bulb? The answer is three hundred and one. One to change the light bulb and three hundred to share the experience.

So, that is what ordinary people like me think of Californians. However I had never seen a loving person in my entire life, and hell, I really didn’t care what she was like. Later I heard how when you meet your Guru, the Guru will change you, not so much by that what they say, but by just being with you. And this is what happened. But at that time I had no idea.

Before she came I had a vision of her hypnotising me and I was lying next to her on a bed on a particular room. I told her when she came but she dismissed this possibility immediately. „I don’t hypnotise, she said“ Later I would find myself exactly as I dreamed, and she tried to get my father to go. And she did too.

The Sinhalese believe that the spirit is reborn in the world of ancestors after death. This spirit will look after his welfare if he receives offerings, but also neglect him or even harm him if neglected. Consequently great care is exercised in the performance of funeral rites relating to his disposal and burial. The rationale determining this procedure was that the dead should be carefully prepared for the journey to the other world and should be provided with material objects to satisfy his physical and emotional needs. The dear and near ones should follow the dead to the grave, and the burial spot should be protected and honoured.

Spirit visitations means to be approached and contacted, in some noticeable and definite way, by the on going spirit of a person who has died. The person being approached feels impacted, impressed by the experience, and has little or no doubt about the reality of it s having happened, regardless of the belief system or openness to this type of occurrence.

This does not include the phenomena of ghosts or apparitions, who after death seem to reside in the same location for long periods of time. These beings might be stuck n certain places, having died and having failed to go to the appropriate next dimension.

We become aware of spirit visitations though our various senses We might see a vivid image of a deceased person with our eyes closed or see the deceased person with our eyes open. Several people might independently see the spirit person in different locations. Shortly after the person has died they might hear the voice of the deceased inside their heads or in the room. They might hear sounds in the immediate environment or smell a scent associated with the dead person. Or kinaesthetically become aware of the deceased by unusual vibrations, changes in warmth or coolness, etc. We can notice physical evidence of the deceased being present or having recently been present like when without any visible cause things get broken, or get moved when we are not present. With some people there is an intuitive knowing that the deceased person is present, visiting in the form of a life bird or animal who carries the distinct sense of the presence of that person.

Spirit visitations happen in a variety of situations and states of consciousness. Sometimes they occur during sleep. The person has a vivid dream of the deceased being present or hears a message from him. He might be transported mentally or astrally to other planes where the spirits are. Visitations can happen when the person is sitting quietly thinking, or driving or cleaning the house or doing any type of mindless activities.

Visitations can also be invited and facilitated by competent psychic mediums, who pass on to the recipient what they hear and sometimes see the spirit person. Sometimes the visitation happens after we know the person as died, but sometimes occurs before the person knows about the death.

I met my dear friend Marisa, through her brother, Paulo. Paulo as an impossible man, very angry and bothersome to others. I really tried to have a relationship with him but it was impossible, I was not looking for a repetition of my mother. His half sister, Marisa, was actually although hot tempered, very warm soft and nice and also beautiful, inside as well as outside, and we became friends, and also our children became friends.

Paulo went on in his life offending and insulting everyone that came near him and I soon lost sight of him, He married a young girl, Roshini, and went on torturing her. And they had a baby, Mila, which he son abandoned, together with Roshini. Roshini was quite dumb, gorgeous, and I liked her. She didn’t have a mean bone in her body and her life was very hard.

Anyway after a while Paulo disappeared from my life. Marisa lives in South France and once she wrote me a letter. She wrote that Paulo had appeared to her in a dream and he looked funny, with all his hair cut off, and she was sure he was dead. She called his whole family and asked them to look for him, and surely enough he was found dead and already decomposed, he had committed suicide with the exhaust pipe of his car. Nobody had looked for him, because he was so terrible everyone stayed away from him. He was constantly speaking of suicide, so nobody could be much surprised about this.

But Marisa´s letter was really weird. She wrote about how she had this dream and from the way that Paulo appeared to her she knew he was dead. Then she wrote what a wonderful brother he was and how little she had done to help him. Always in between her sentences were pauses where she then wrote I cried for hours, I could see the smudges from the tears too. How little she had done to help his daughter, and she went on and on. One thing I must clarify about myself is, that although I am very mystic, my friends usually are not. The style of person I love is a loving generous personality, hard working and down to earth. All this meditating freaks, I call them „Brenessel fresser“ (stinging nettle devourers) although I have always been surrounded by them, are not my cup of tea .So, although I knew Marisa for so many years and she is one of my dearest friends, I hadn’t had a single conversation with her about anything out of the ordinary reality. So, what was I going to do? If I told her the truth, she would think that I was crazy. „Dear Marisa“ like there are some things I know that I haven’t spoken about and I think it is time to tell you. What you seem to be having is a case of possession from your dead brother. I know that when somebody dies people always try to speak good about that person and I respect that, but what you are doing is not good. The person that you describe is not Paulo. Paulo kicked anyone that tried to come near him as we both know, and the reason why nobody was with him and he died alone was because he lived alone, since nobody could stand him. The daughter they had is his and Roshinis´ and if they both don’t care about her and left her with her grandmother this is very sad, but it is impossible that this is your fault. Well I went on and on explaining what I knew and telling her how Paulo really was. I thought, well, that’s it, she will never speak to me again. Weeks later I received a letter from her, in which she thanked me, for the background. Paulo had appeared to her in her dream and told her, now you are getting skin cancer in your face and you are going to be operated and disfigured, and you will be so ugly that nobody will want to be with you, then you will die and you will come to me, I am waiting for you. Then she said, it doesn’t matter what you say to me or even if I am ugly, still I will work and take care of my daughter. You go at once and I never want to hear from you again! Then she put a crucifix near her bed and he never came again.

It is becoming increasingly apparent that every attachment is facilitated by the subject. Entities do not just float around zapping people with whom they have no connection. Nearly all entities are family connections with whom there have been unresolved interactions of some sort. There might be other facilitating conditions, such as anger or addiction .Attachments might take place in previous lifetimes, or be the result of a temporary weakening of the aura in this life, but there is always some reason, some hook for the attachment.

Possessed individuals frequently try to get help complaining of certain specific symptoms. Most frequently hearing voices, a sense of something residing in a specific location within the body or a feeling of regularly not being oneself. The first step is discovery. Discovery is simply recognising the nature of the experience as he is experiencing it. Once a possessing entity has been discovered through the exploration process, it is necessary to make effective contact with it. The person helping must find a way to hook the entity . Once there is an exchange going with the possessing entity, one can start gathering information about the possession state.

Sometimes the entity does not know where he is. Sometimes he knows that he is involved with the person that he is shadowing, but he does not recognise that he is exercising control over him and interfering with his life. But the important information is the reason why the possession took place and the purpose it serves. The possessed often has a hidden attachment to being possessed. This also must be uncovered and openly recognised.

Sudden, unexpected death often results in confusion and in souls becoming earthbound and staying where they die for years. This is specially characteristic of suicides, who wander about without direction making futile attempts to communicate with the living and often attaching to them. There are many reasons why spirits resist the Light and remain earthbound, mostly to do with some type of obsessive attachment. The motives of possessing entities are not always benign, some can be malicious, even vengeful.. Patients who are addicted to drugs usually open the door to possession, by indulging in the drugs and thus attracting the addicted spirits.

The possession can range from it being total, in which case the original inhabitant is almost totally replaced ,to a very minor influence. The more a person abdicated control to their possessors, the more total the surrender. Releasement is not the equivalent of exorcism, where a raging demon is extricated by force from a helpless innocent victim.

When a person falls ill, the Ayurvedic Physician is consulted. He treats the patient as usual. But if he suspects that the illness is caused by spirits or the influence of a demon, the kattadiya is summoned. Magic works in a milieu peopled by spirits and demons. The devil dancer is the intermediary between man and demon, He is called yak-dessa or yak-edura. His job is to drive away evil spirits who haunt houses and bring harm on mankind specially by possessing men and women, Exorcism is his chief mission, This class of magician is a healer in body and mind like a psychiatrist in modern medicine.

Just as we distinguish attachment between active (aware of the fact that they are dead) and passive spirits (unaware that they have died and having a hard time accepting this) we have attachments by living people. Attachments by living people are similar. For example friendships are attachments that give positive feelings, but they can turn sour and result in a flow of negativity. Love affairs can be attachments. When any sort of attachment is suspected, whether by a spirit or a living person , it is important to find the reason that it attached. Parent-child and sibling relationships, specially twins, seem to be the most frequent vehicles for obsessive attachment that may lead to possession by the living. Many marriages are destroyed by this kind of possession, that a spouse cannot bear. Obsessive controlling people often try to control their whole environment and sociopaths actually can. However in Sri Lanka where people often do not have the type of open controlling character, the best way is to resort to black magic. There are many types of mild love potions, intended for people that are not supposed to love you but only to like you extremely well, like the person you work for, teachers and that type of relationship, usually disguised in the form of an offering, like fruit or another type of eatable things.

I know a man who is obsessive controller and his whole family is under his spell. At the same time he belongs to a sect so that he can line up behind his guru whenever he is about to be spotted. He is proud of the fact that he is not attached to his children and tells that to everyone, and he is not married to his girl friend, much to his economical advantage because everything belongs to him.. However his attachment to his ideology is really pathetic., which at the same time he needs so that everything is under his control, because then he knows .all about spiritual life. People who are controllers often spend their entire lives controlling and never get to grow themselves, and people around them are also in quite a lot of trouble. In Sri Lanka often men try to control their families directly and women do it indirectly by means of manipulation. It is difficult to say often who wins, but to a larger extent probably everyone does what the woman wants as long as it does not show openly. So when westerners come and speak about the poor state of women in this country I often do only give them a smile.

Touts are an interesting phenomena. They convince foreigners to buy land and put that land in their names in such a large number that one can say it is a mass sport. How they do that, just by telling lies and appearing so harmless is a mystery to everyone. So if you decide that this is a beautiful place to live and you want to have a property and you can afford it, and you are going to put it in your new friend’s name to avoid taxes, I can only say one thing to you. DON’T BE SO STUPID.

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