Chapter 1: The Mouse Preface
Chapter 2: The Mouse Magic
Chapter 3: Occult Tourism
Chapter 4: Nature from Another Perspective
Chapter 5: Fetish
Chapter 6: Aryuveda
Chapter7: Astrology


In the chapters before, I have laid out the structure of magic and black magic for the purpose of throwing some light on this subject. Before I went into these studies of the way that magic functions, I was not able to comprehend much of what on going on here. Sri Lankans learn this in a chaotic way, from the time they are little, depending on the ways of their families they hear this and that, again and again. So, their understanding of the system is intrinsic in their behaviour, but I found out, since their mind does not work in the way the western mind works, they have difficulty explaining this all. And they don´t like to, most of the time they are ashamed.

Still, it might not be easy to understand all of it. My friend Pilar, is a lovely woman and also a writer. She is Spanish but her English is very good because she lives from translations- She has a Sri Lankan boy friend and since 9 years the affair is going on without any prospects of his marrying her. He claims that arranged marriages are the only way in Sri Lanka, a blatant lie, and has her totally convinced of it. As many people are capable of love, she loves him and explains her behaviour through love. Through my being an orphan, I had a mother and father but they dumped me, I am not capable of such love. My form of love is more functional and I cannot even begin to understand this, so I will, from my point of view call this masochism. Because she is a writer and because I have asked three of my friends to read the book and comment on it , Pilar read it. Some of the things she said were perfectly true, and I made the corresponding corrections. But what puzzled me was something else.

I know that Pilar has no knowledge of magic, because we talked about it. She did comment on a thread, that mysteriously appears in her porch, through the front door, so that she cannot enter without removing it.

I know that these people are all the time performing magic on her. The mother of her boy friend is very active in this. They are performing magic to make him fall out of love(if that is love at all) with her and fall in love with a marriage candidate. At the same time magic is performed so that she cannot enter the house or live well in it. There are many people that do not want to deal with this incredibly difficult and chaotic world that they can never hope to understand. But maybe there is another type of personality that likes to deal in the unknown, I have it for example. Because at the end of it Pilar did not follow up the magic being done to her, or discuss it with me. She did say that the information was all known to her and was not very deep.

At that moment I understood that everyone will be picking up as much information as they can cope with or want to cope with, and that the information is still occult, hidden. As it always is and always will be, because that is the nature of this information.

When I gave it some sort of structure it was only for understanding. This are not the exact ways in which magic is performed, and it would be best related if I were to tell it in a chaotic way, and in my own language, without real structuring. Just relating the possibilities

The idea of magic presupposes entities, that are on the other side and are assisting all of this. There are many different types of possibilities for this connections, wanted ones and unwanted ones.

Research in near death experiences suggests that as souls are freed from their bodies they look for a light, or they see a light. It might be at the end of a tunnel, or over the top of a hill and then they go towards this light. Entities who remain earthbound have for some reason not followed this procedure. When entities are asked why the enter someone after death they usually say that is because they didn´t know where to go. They see their bodies inert and lifeless if they look, and sometimes they don´t even look and then they do not know that they have died. Sometimes they go back to their houses where the family still living there will totally ignore them until they too become sad and leave. If you are now thinking well now she is going into all this bullshit that she couldn´t possibly know, well I can say something to that. There are two possibilities, either when you die, that´s it- NADA. Or you go on. If you go on then there is some research, also research from very credible people, research under hypnosis. Research where many people have said the same things, although they don´t know each other This repetition of facts by people is not nothing, and this is all we have. Like nobody says the Bible is not so good, lets read another one, one Bible is all we got, so we read it and try to find information in it.. To be afraid of death is not enough reason to make up some story after an afterlife, but to be afraid of death is also no excuse not to think about it and see what you come up with. People that have died and got lost do find a different feeling after death, but they can see other persons clearly and these persons can´t see them. Because of the loneliness this creates, they might be drawn to a warmer area, which turns out to be the energy of a living body. Seeking comfort, they enter. Often an entity will say that they entered a living body to help and comfort that person. Further questioning will bring out that the entity was also seeking benefit for himself, unaware that this parasitic presence will be detrimental for both. When this is explained to the entity he usually asks forgiveness and then leaves. While in the host he seems unable to leave trapped in a magnetic force until a professional, a priest, someone that knows what he is doing. There are several degrees of closeness of attachment between entity and host:

Shadowing. Sometimes the term shadowing is used for the loose relationship where the entity is outside the host´s body but staying nearby, influencing the host intermittently or mildly.

Oppression. Is the term used when the entity is inside the aura of the host or affecting the host emotionally or somewhat more perceptibly.

Obsession is the condition of invasion of the physical body by the entity, who brings it all ist personality traits and habits, including some that are far from desirable, often perplexing the host.

Possession is what occurs when the invader completely pushes out the resident person´s psyche and takes over the physical body, through which it exhibits it s own behaviour and speaks it s own words. There might be alternations between possession and obsession.

Most cases of true possession are confined in mental institutions and the entities can come from any period in history, time being of no linear meaning as it has with us.

Occasionally a client who has suspected the presence of an entity or energy has been able to expel the invader without assistance, either by meditation or religious means, but this is rare. Among healthy persons the condition of obsession appears to be surprisingly frequent, so that one can wonder whether this is not normal too. However it is never entirely beneficial for either the client or the trapped entity to be in this relationship, unlike the situation of contact with high entities. But high entities do not invade, only confused and earthly or evil types and occasionally well meaning intrusive ones, invade.

The method of releasement starts with a conversation. Have to try to find out the clients personal attitudes, religious beliefs. If anyone has deceased family members, and that might be even comforting to the person that cannot adjust to the death of his loved one.. It is not difficult to establish contact, most of the entities are glad to speak up. It will be the person speaking, of course, but what he will say will be a bit different than normal. You can find totally materialistic people that suddenly will react so normal to the conversation with the entity, or in cases they will act with gestures from that person, or they will break down and cry when something is said about that person

There are several techniques for releasing entities. One is to be reminded that they have free will and can make choices or decisions of their own. They can choose whether to go back to the darkness or turn towards the light.

And begin to unlearn a lot of old things and learn many wonderful new things. Another technique is to ask the entity if it has ever been happy and then to ask whether it wouldn´t like to be happy now giving illustrations of what could be done by turning around and instead of facing the darkness to face the light Another yet is to ask the entity whether he can find inside himself a little bit of light, and then ask him to make that light grow and grow. When this light is found the entity will realise that he is a child of light and not of darkness.

People who die suddenly from any cause tend to become earthbound. Suicide cases seldom find their rightful path but tend to remain earthbound in the lower astral regions because of their heavy weight of desperation, fear, sorrow and guilt. Death from a murder which is sudden almost always results in the victim being earthbound. Fear, vengefulness . Before going to the light the attachment from these feelings must be cast away.

In the West people don´t even think about these things like in Sri Lanka. So, in Sri Lanka people are more likely to look for help immediately, although here again everything is full of entities and dead relatives and gods and demons and whatever because people are calling them all the time. Everybody is constantly trying to perform magic, white or black. The current here of hanging around non living is very heavy. But, even in the west I have seen people that believe in nothing suddenly saying such strange things casually ,shoulder-shrugging, so possessed people do know that on some level they are possessed.

The best way to get rid of possession is first to avoid being possessed in the first place. When you are dealing with occult things, be sure to protect yourself. You must always try to see things as they are and not as you want them to be. Then you must always perform your best in this life without expecting good or bad results from our actions. For that we must become detached because detachment means freedom from desiring a certain outcome.

There are many different reasons for dead relatives visiting us, like saying goodbye and giving reassurance, or giving warning or preview of a coming death, or reassurance about the continuation of the soul, or just physical evidence of survival Helping loved ones through grieving and warning about danger or bringing any type of important message..

According to ancient teachings and traditions from around the globe, we are now approaching a special time of critical choices whose consequences will have widespread lasting influence on human history. Conditions within out linear time will and must change soon. The collective psychic energies pushing for change have already become irresistible. The arrival of the alternative New Age archetype has not been explicitly prophesied but it is nevertheless growing as a model for human consciousness today, it is humanities ancient dreams of mass co-operation, initiation and rebirth. In this dream of global harmony the earth takes itself on a unified planetary identity, Gaia . Spiritual sources throughout history have reminded us time and time again that despite our seeming separateness, all beings stem from a single common source. Our physical existence with the space time universe has as it s ultimate goal a complete reunion with that source. This reunion will occur and it already exists.

The primary barrier blocking those choices is selfishness, that is more like a false selfishness because you are choosing to follow the ego of the lower self, and limiting desires to the appearances and the advertising industries instead of seeing our multidimensional awareness beyond that and them emptiness of this materialistic self gratification.

The case of possession can be intended by another person to the victim, or even to himself. Jeevam is a particular class of charms where the demon agent is bound to the will of the man. Henceforward the demon obey the man like a slave to do his bidding even to inflict illness. People believe that during ancient times large works like buildings were done by getting demons under magic control. There are known people that have used demons to work for them. In all other charms the demon is there to attend to one specific task during a special occasion or a special period of time, but once that is done he is free. But in the case of jeevam the demon is made into a perpetual slave. He ceases to be a free agent as far as the master ins concerned. A demon thus bound is supposed to be in the company of a man forever, and never leaves him, he travels with him, sits with him, waits near his bed and is his constant companion. He does anything, even inflict death. This position is dangerous to the man as the demon ill try to somehow harm the man so that he can be released-so the binder has to protect himself with other charms as well as follow certain rules, that he has to live by.

A pilli spell is also taking demons and making them work against humans.No one other than an expert Kattadiya will dare perform a pilli spell . This is because if another sourcerer finds out that a pilli spell is being performed, he and he acts immediately, the sourcerer can re-direct the pilli spell against the performer, who will then die immediately. Even his client will suffer the same fate. Only the persons who have the courage and know the text of the mantras correctly and the procedure precisely and can be sure that this is done in the out most secrecy, will perform it .Normally the Kattadiya does not understand the mantras, he is just repeating them from memory. In this case of pilli, the effects are brought about by demons.. They assume some visible form while executing the task assigned to them by the kattadiya. With the conclusion of the ritual of animating (jeevam)the pilli the desired effect follows instantaneously, and the only effect is always death. There are certain pillis where the demon uses violence by stabbing or strangling the victim.

The method of preparing the pilli charm is as follows: a first born girl should be found. Her name should be writen on a betel leave with the tusk of a boar. On the leaf should be placed some betel leaf from her chew, six of her hairs, thread of a cloth she has worn, and her nail pairings. Her figure should be drawn on the back of a leaf.

This should be buried on the threshold and after she has crossed the threshold on three days it should be taken and tied for three more days , on a hornet’s nest. Then it should be tied again on a red ants`nest. When the girl is pregnant this should be buried on her path .Thereafter she will dream of eating raw flesh.

Finally at the end of her full term of pregnancy, a dead child will be born to her. The sourcerer will exhume the dead body of the child and lay it on the washerman´s stone.He will then bathe it and disembowel it. Then he will put rice dust in the stomach and sew it with a silver thread. He will then dress it with a turban on it s head , warp a leopard skin around it and tie a woollen thread around his arms. The initials of the intended victim are written on the leopard skin.It is now taken to a cemetery and offerings are made to it at the three „samayam“ dawn, noon and sunset. The corpse is then taken to a house and then placed on a red cloth and spread on a chair. Charms are recited and offerings are made with magical bow and arrow. Then the dead child will dance.

The pilli demon has possessed the child and then his name will be asked and after the child is beaten he will obey. It can kill calves and children.

The practice of using animated mumified humans and animals is carried out most secretly. The animals used for this purpose are neetles and owls. These will become animated after jeevama. A sword, bow and arrow will be placed in the hands of the mummy for the purpose of carrying out the sourcerer´s orders.

Eighteen kinds of pillis are mentioned by the Kattadiyas and common agreement prevails about this number and names. They are:

reeri pilli the demon appears as a beautiful young man

naga pilli the demon appears as a hooded cobra

kumara pilli the demon appears as a boy

koli pilli the demon appears as a hen

kanya pilli the demon appears as a fire fly

gauda pilli the demon appears as a centipede

kuramini pilli the demon appears as a coconut beetle

mala pilli the demon appears as a dead man or an old man

mahasohon pilli the demon appears as wild boar

oddi pilli the demon appears as an old woman

debera pilli the demon appears as a hornet

bambara pilli the demon appears as a rock bee

wadiga pilli the demon appears as a telegu man

simha pilli the demon appears as a lion

gaja pilli the demon appears as a mad elephant

gini pilli the demon appears as lightening or fire brand

neecha pilli the demon appears as a dog

It is believed that the particular demon of each pilli will visit the victim as a pair or couple. All the emissaries of pilli are men, women animals, natural phenomena and all are associated with the rural environment.People live in constant fear and they are constantly threatened by such thoughts. Even the suspicion arises fear. Sri Lankans are terrified of exhuming a body because they immediately think it is pilli.

Another reason for digging the gave of buried persons is to animate the charmed thread of the material used in magic whilst lying prostrate in the grave. This ceremony is also described in the jeevam ceremony .In this case the actual body is not disturbed but the feeling of desecration causes mental anxiety. This is considered to be the worst disrespect for the dead.

Dead bodies of infants and especially those of first born are used for mumification in pilli charms. For this purpose the body of an infant is carefully removed. In the most effective form of tun kulundul pilli the dead infant´s father and mother should be first-borns and the infant himself should be a first born baby. That is how it is called thrice first born. On account of this essential requirement for magical purposes the first born is doomed to die if any kattadiya has devised any magic on the first born couple. Hence the reluctance on the part of the parents to arrange marriages between two fist born persons..

The huniyam demon is the controlling authority of all black magic or sorcery. If the expert kattadiya is aware within reasonable time in advance, he can nullify the effects of an act of sorcery by cutting it He might even re-direct it to harm the author and his client. It is believed that there are a large number of such devices, about 5000. There is a „ballad“ consisting of fifty nine verses, another text called „Dhatu Santiya containing fourty nine to sixty five verses. Two methods are adopted for counter measures, one is preventive and the other revengeful. In the first instance the afflicted party is only concerned with obtaining relief for himself.

We bought a long time ago a tea state and wanted to work with it. Little did we realise at the time that making profit is a thin line from making a loss. Because the world market prices are so low, still you are forced to pay the people that work for you a meagre salary and if they do not work hard, or to ensure this you do not supervise this work, soon it will be a loss. The workers do not realise this, because when they are working for you they just think that you are rich, after all you own the land and they don´t. However if you own a land, and just leave it and obtain no profit from it, soon something will happen, settlers will move in, taxes will come, even the Government can take it from you. The problem is that if you have a house, and we do, if you let someone live in the house, after a short time they have rights and you can´t get them out.On the other hand, if you leave the land overnight without anyone attending to it, people come in at night and steal everything. So basically you are in a terrible no win situation. Ranjith did not want to involve his family with us, but there was little choice. He got his sister to live there and soon there was a huge family, the 3 children of her daughter, she left, and the three sons and their wifes.The sons were able to make good marriages because of the land and soon they believed that it was theirs. To make sure we wouldn´t come they used magic. When we decided to use people to work in the land, she or her family didn´t take care that the workers worked, in fact they didn´t even look, and they exploited the land best they could, as owners would not do. The day came, many years later when they had to leave. Then the black magic started. Magicians from the country called to find out when he had died (not even if) and they were surprised to find him still alive. That is when a very active defence period started where Ranjith had to develop his mystical powers. Since he is not the type to get revenge, he only protected himself. But, as everyone knows, even if you do not do anything, black magic always goes back to you, and the result was many deaths, four girls in that family became widows. Some with children and they became orphans.

The Tibetan book of the dead is a kind of guide into the afterlife, so that we are also there is a certain way able to cope with this situation. Attitudes about death and dying are passed from one generation to another and result in stereotyped concepts and behaviour. Death appears to those who approach it in the near death experience a transition, not an ending. The essence of us remains along with such learning as has been gleaned in lifetime just over. This new conceptualisation outmodes our current cultural behaviour that fights to keep those we love from dying. Research also brings into question that we are cut off from a soul by death and suggests that this might be our experience only because we believe it to be true.

Those who work with entities, or keep contact with their dead loved ones, know how easy it is to channel them. We can keep contact with those that have not completed their transition as well as with those that have gone to the light, A conspiracy of silence about communication with the dead has evolved so that, though many people have such experiences, they are considered hallucinations.

Sometimes it seems as if we choose our deaths, but this is on an unconscious level. A way to accommodate people to the idea of death is to take them to past lives where they have died. Also there are certain rituals that prepare the people for dying and, that is how the Tibetan Book of the Dead comes in. The Bardo Thodol or Tibetan Book of the Dead is a collection of prayers for the dying, prayers that concern themselves with the possibility of dying consciously. These texts are actually meditations to be made prior and in preparation for death. A students learns that by meditating on all aspects of death, both before and after, he will be fully prepared to undergo eventual death in full consciousness. And possibly avoid being sucked in by negative programming . For people that do not know how to meditate or remember past lives, moments of understanding in the death process are extremely rare, and because of ignorance and the reactive fears to which the mind is prone. The moment of death is more likely to be one of confusions or panic. Rather than receiving death with an open mind most people are helplessly drawn once more to imprint old patterns drawn by the compulsive power of karma, and particularly by the thoughts that have again been crystallised at death.

Angry or violent gods (demons) have a place and a task to perform in our society. Anger is necessary as a tool in many cases, although friendliness is sometimes more pleasant. I was once surprised when I read a book about how to manipulate others, and the first alternative that was offered was simply friendliness. After that I view friendliness in a different way. .There are two types of motivation, one is our reaction(spontaneous), and the other is the act, what we actually do.

When we view only the results, we can think which way is more advantageous for us, if we show a friendly or an unfriendly deportment .When we use the unfriendly alternative and create hate, it is almost sure that the result will be unfriendly behaviour, and that when we use the friendlier alternative, the result will be of a friendly nature. There is no doubt that whichever way we choose, it would be better if we have chosen this way, and not if we have been pulled into it, by the reaction that another caused. The Scientologists have a nice expression for it, to ask yourself who is „cause“ and „effect“. However much nicer and user friendly the one methods is over the other, sometimes it is not possible. It is not possible and even asocial, because sometimes a person insists on harassing or manipulating others, and nobody will create a friendlier atmosphere by accepting this or make that person change. A rapist will not stop to rape because a woman will act friendly towards him. In fact if a woman accuses him she is acting selflessly too, because she is preventing future harm to others.

The principle of emptiness has many names and also there are many misunderstandings. Salon mystics bring up the ego whenever something doesn´t suit them and equate it to lack of emptiness. Things are always dependent on one another and the opposite of dependency is not independence. In Germany there was a Baghwan commune and a boy that was leading it, and then he would seduce a girl and after a certain time suddenly dumped her, and everyone claimed she had ego problems(not him) . He was being cruel, and laughing at his victims.

Emptiness means lack of dependence and independence, and it also means surrender.. When suffering and happiness both would arrive independent from each other, as passing shadows, we find emptiness. Emptiness is like a zero, nothing and at the same time the basis of everything, life, passing shadows. Because when we examine the happiness and the suffering as a whole we find nothing behind it, zero. That is emptiness. When we hurt others and then accuse them of using their ego, then we are being manipulative by mocking someone with empty words. Empty words that we have twisted because they are there to guide us. The spirit can meditate on the emptiness, not on an object or a game someone played with us.

In order to live and perform whatever we are doing, we need our ego. If we retire in a cave and we somehow get our food brought to us and all our needs are covered, surely ultimately our ego will become softer as if we were in a case where survival is paramount. But even this rule is not so sure, depends on the person. The quality of emptiness has something to do with compassion too. If you love others and forgive their trespasses you are more likely to have a weaker ego already.

Generally speaking we know that everything that happens comes from cause and effect and a karmic past. Under those circumstances we actually could feel indifferent towards anything done to us, whether good or bad, because we understand it. We could look back and understand why these things happen to us. But at the same time we are creating new karma. Studying the situation between men and women and their conflicts I found one attribute that they both possess in opposite forms: the woman wants communication and she wants to understand. A man wants to make demands that he does not explain. Often his demands are unreasonable and while the woman complies with them she is also at the same time trying to understand them (Stockholm syndrome, the victims sympathise with their kidnappers) That is when I realised that mimicking this behaviour would be for me to make unreasonable demands that I am not ready to examine. But I did understand this only when I was going deep into my shadows, my anima and animus, in the process of individuation.. Of course any woman can have a lousy personality and do this without too much reflection, but I was just speaking about the true self acting innocently.

These empirical behaviour patterns can be acquired from reflective meditation, that allows us to perform well in other dimensions, for practical reasons alone in the everyday understanding.

Sri Lankan religions, principally Yoga and Tantra, recognise that this transactional consciousness is but a level , and there are other levels both beyond the facts in the outward direction and beyond the ideas in the inward direction. Establishment of minds´control over matter, divination of occurrence in the future, materialisations and such phenomena figure largely in the treatment of consciousness levels beyond the facts of the world..

However Yoga and Tantra are not concerned with this aspect of the problem, although both in Sri Lanka and outside they are commonly mistaken for magic and anything that is associated with it.A Yogi or a Tantrik is recognised by the superhuman powers that e possesses or claims to possess. Yoga and Tantra are primarily concerned with the inward slant: a Yogi is constantly preoccupied with levels of consciousness deeper than ideas and feelings. He is an adventure into the interior; his achievements are all internal, hidden from the common gaze, and for the same reason hard to understand or appreciate.

But luckily for the Yogi or Tantrik it usually happens that the depths are matched by the heights; his achievements of inner levels of consciousness are balanced by an involuntary mastery over material phenomena. The shoot of a plant will rise as high as the roots go down in the soil.

The facts of the worlds stimulate, and the individual response is guided by the sense-impressions and the mind. The individual has little control over the sense function or over the mind, and much less over the facts outside him. His action is non deliberate, involuntary and almost inescapable. The Sri Lankan word for this world-bound consciousness is samsara. The word emphasises the transitional and transitory character of the phenomena involving the individual. Consciousness goes around and around the self same facts and never gets beyond tem. It gets stuck at the level of ideas and feelings, and never goes deeper than that. Boredom, misery, frustration, anxiety, tension and stress marks the individual who is thus bound to the facts over which he has no control

It does not man that on obtaining his release he individual ceases to exist or he stops transacting with facts.Yoga, Tantra and Zen insist that a released individual would participate in the world with good cheer, greater strenght and indeed a better perspective. The Vedanta and Tantra call this state of free participation jivanmukti(release while still alive), the old Buddhist books call it saupadisesa-nibbana(extinction, while being existent)

Groups of Sri Lankan ascetics have experimented with several preparations from cannabis for the purpose of widening the field of consciousness and reducing the severity of bondage with facts .It is reported that under the influence of these drugs, inhibitions disappear, conflicts cease and pleasurable sensations increase and the subject becomes more friendly and less critical. More important than these symptoms is the inclination to withdraw from preoccupation with facts, this detachment facilitates introversion and a concern to deepen the levels of consciousness. Studies conducted on LSD, Mescaline and other drugs reveal a similar effect.

These are behaviours that put people in jeopardy. Even innocent experimentation with recreational drugs can result in years of possession. Sometime it seems that every single one of the persons on drugs are possessed.

There are two major categories of conditions or behaviours that result in possession: those in which people actually invite spirits to enter, and those in which they are not only unaware of possession, but at least on the conscious level are completely unwilling for it to happen. In this category there are many instances of attachments made in Hospitals . People die, often drugged or in a state of confusion and fear and might remain there earthbound. These spirits roam around in Hospitals and easily latch unto people whose auras are open. Severe illness greatly impairs the aura, so most hospitalised patients are vulnerable. Once they are possessed, thier auras are weakened even more for they blend with the auras of their possessors, which are generally negative because of their fears and confusion.

The deaths of loved ones or close friends create vulnerability because of the physical and emotional upheaval the survivors feel. If all what I am saying is true, life is a completely different experience that what we pretend it is, and material toys are a great distraction. At these times, people are pulled out of their reality and they have to confront, normally what they never think about but deep inside know is true. To add to this problems the survivors usually have exposure to three places where you find the greatest concentration of entities and spirits:

hospitals, funeral homes, and cemeteries. And now I have to add another one, for the Sri Lankan tourists and that it Sri Lanka. Through the continuos connection bordering on obsession that the Sri Lankans hold with their dead ones, and this continuos practising of magic, I believe that this Country is just so full of entities waiting to take possession that is not a joke, but really dangerous.

Often the dead ones are prevented from going on and are pulled magnetically back into their survivors´ auras. But although in many cases the victims are both unwilling to be possessed and are unaware that it is happening, in other cases people deliberately ask to be possessed, without realising the consequences. These are people that play with Ouija boards, try automatic writing or expose themselves to Seances

Many mental problems result from interventions by spirits. The most prevalent are lack of concentration and memory problems. Sometimes there is a loss of aptitude that was formerly available. Emotions are usually affected when there is possession. Phobias can be traced back to the possessing entity, and their death experiences. Depressions are often traced to despondent spirits who usually don´t realise that they are dead.

There is a lot of information that we are lacking, since such things as I am here speaking of are still taboo in our society. We prefer to play the game that we know and use science, also in the form of non scientific data, to give us some security. Actually science has a lot of loopholes, as they still cannot tell us what is life or even how we think, but we have come to accept this as natural, because everyone else does. It is only the inquisitive mind, and the mind of the strong who actually gives a damn, and wants to know the truth.

A fetish is an object said to possess magical powers. There are many possibilities how this object came to have the power, it has been given by a magician, or by people who possessed it for some time. This can be used for protection, for magic, for worship. The possibilities are endless.

The Individuations process as explained to us by Carl Jung shows us how an individual is meant to grow towards maturity, and the process that an individual goes through towards his psychological and psychic maturing ,with the purpose of making him full and comprehend his life and his being. He describes the process of individualisation as taking the whole life and he divides in two parts: the first part of the life, where the individual relates to the outside world, and this is directed towards the development of the ego and the stabilisation the ego as well as the development of the consciousness.

The second part is the opposite and it is about confronting the ego with the depth of the own Psyche, and to join the deep self with the true centre of the consciousness. The first part of life is Yang, solar, active positive and expansive towards the outside and the second part lunar, Yin, towards the inside, meditative and passive towards the physical Universe.

During this process, that is related to the real purpose of our live, there are many ways that we will follow this course, and there being many support systems, like belief, prayer, oracles, meditations. and many more. Many such systems have been already accompanied with energies from the collective unconsciousness, sort of like travelling on a road already made, as opposed to travelling without a road. These energies might be found anywhere, but also on some objects. These are the so called fetish.





In Sri Lanka, the male god for the Hindus is Siva. It is also the main god for the Sinhalese doing all the hanky-panky. Siva has many facets, and also a family, a wife and children. To understand we must study the names to have a good idea who is who.

Siva is considered to manifest the destroying principle. But it is more, much more than that Siva, and Parvati, his consort, have many sides. Traditionally, they are represented in many ways: I am going to say all their different names and family structures, so you can recognise them.

Siva Nataraja . very popular representation of Siva performing the cosmic dance.

Siva as Batuka Bhairava . „young terrible destroyer „ is one of sixty four forms of Bhairava, the most intensly wrathful configuration of Siva`s destructive aspect.

Siva Sukhasanamurti . Or Siva in comfortable sitting posture

Umashita-Chandrasekharamurti . A composition with Parvati standing beside Chandrasekhara on separate lotus pedestals

Alingana-Chandrasekharamurti . Pair placed on same Lotus pedestal and Siva embraces Parvati.

Siva Somaskandamurti. Universal parentage with Skanda(son).




consort of Siva. She has two characters, one fierce and one mild


Devi The Goddess

Uma The Light

Gauri The yellow or brilliant

Parvati The Mountaineer


Durga The Inaccessssible

Kali The Black

Bhairavi The terrible

Sivakamasundari.Arrangement of Parvati placed beside Siva Nataraja




Siva: His weapon of the trident, snakes entwine around his neck The crescent moon adorns his turban. The bull is his vehicle husband of Parvati. Kailasha is his abode

There are Siva Temples and many Kali Temples and Kataragama Temples in Sri Lanka. I know a medium, Asanka, who always likes to connect herself to Kali. At the beginning this frightened me, every time we went to a Temple and it was full of the Kali figures .But, she is an innocent person, and it is not meant like that. We are used to refer to the light and we would never look for the mystery in the dark. She sees the godly darkness as the highest metaphor for religious experience. For us it is also like that, because we live our religiousness as a mystery, apart from traditional religion’s ideas about God.

No matter what life we are living, we always think about the meaning of our existence. Perhaps we will read holy books, or we meditate. Probably we will have some type of activity, that is most matching to us, to get in touch with the divine part of us. Now and then, we feel deep inside that we have achieved something, even if at the same time we fear it is not enough. We continue our search in between our other busy life. Sometimes, when we are closer or our higher self we feel elated, then when we again come down, fearing there is nothing, that is was only our imagination. We will have revelations and we will either understand them as revelations or lay them aside as coincidences, we will also see a few manifestations (miracles), and we will do the same. After a while we will notice that when we are with our higher self, we are happy. Little by little some of the principles and laws we learned when we were in our higher self will become so obvious, that we will not loose sight of them. Like if we were in a constant state of meditation, so to say.

Some day Grace will touch us, the knowledge will not be any longer theoretical, there will be a feeling too. We will feel that special feeling, that sometimes they call bliss. Then all the knowledge about both worlds will come together and will be one. We will have internalised both, and then, we are on our way.

That is our cosmic dance. Or maybe I can say that it is my cosmic dance. I can tell how Grace touched me: I was always interested in the mystic and was a bit clairvoyant. I read every book I could get my hands on, on the subjects relating to Religion, history of religion, comparative religions. I am a Buddhist by choice, but I know that every religion will take you there, if it is seriously pursued. I read at first and every time I was with a book, I was happy, because I could just feel the other reality come alive. But at the same time I feared that when I would put down the book, the other reality would disappear, what it promptly did Little by little, the concepts in the books became clearer to me, they were internalised, part of me. I changed but still I was very unhappy. I decided that the story with bliss was just a trick. I had seen people before, how they just pretended to be happy to impress others. I observed them and saw this was pretence. At the Edge of Enlightenment, I thought I was, and decided that the concept of „bliss“ was just a story to attract people, to this way of life. That there was no such thing, and that misery was our companion to life on earth.

Then one morning I got up and I was another person. I was in total bliss. Everything that ever happened to me to give me the unhappiness I carried, had also another purpose, to teach me something that was so valuable, that it was, thinking of the bad side, like a cosmic yoke. I was so engrossed in my new viewpoint, that nothing could touch me Everything was just fine and perfect, the way it was. How could this be otherwise

I spent three days in that condition, and after the three days I was normal again. But it never went away, because once you have the experience, you cannot forget it.

I had never meditated, I had never prayed. It seemed to me like praying was not right because you had a hidden interest, to get something or other, and not pure. But I realised, still, without Grace, I would have never known. Grace was a touch from outside of myself, that I received.


Another type of Siva Temple, is the Kataragama Devale

Skanda, the son of Siva and Parvati has been known as:






Kataragama, the mighty God of war, carries a spear or a war symbol. He rides a peacock, which is a conquered demon.

The Kataragama Temple, in the south, is the wildest Temple in Sri Lanka.Skanda(Kataragama) is a powerful belligerent god. For Hindus, or Buddhists, this is the most important place of pilgrimage in the Island and cited as one of the sixteen most sacred places. The biggest festival is that of the July full moon, and the place will be full and many activities will be going on. But for the spiritual tourist, this might be either a pleasure, or a hindrance, meaning, when there is no festival and everything is quieter, there is always lots of life, and anything can be then organised. Since all kinds of activities, even magic, is constantly performed in the devales, these people are then free to communicate with the visitors. Kataragama is also the favourite god of my husband, who is called Ranjith, which means warrior. I have asked him whether, considering what a bad temper he has, he could change his gods to milder ones. First he reacted angry, and then surprised, and then he said, that it couldn´t be helped, because Kataragama is already the god of his mother, and she has so much power. He said life is very difficult, and it is a battle out there. When the people visit the Devale, they always have a reason in mind, whatever is happening to them at the moment, the hardest part of life, and this is often told to them, by the priest who is so clairvoyant that he often will tell things without anyone asking. Many activities go on in the Devales, and people standing around in charge of the needs of the Devales, are available for advice and connection to the gods. Although Siva represents destruction, it is not for the purpose of black magic that his powers are invoked, although of course, also this might be done.

Buddha is a Karma god, that is for the purpose of improving your karma, getting enlightenment and such endeavours. But working out things that happen in the world, is another matter.

For this purpose you have the gods, specialised in these matters.

Everytime you want to set fate in motion you are in danger from the reactions that your steps will cause. Whenever you do something, whatever you do, has consequences. These consequences are things usually people do not think about and perhaps must not think because thinking about all of this can paralyse you. Action=reaction. Setting fate in motion is one thing that Sri Lankans have very present in their minds. At first it might look as if they are afraid, and they are surely afraid too. But it is something else. Because of the speed at which we live in the West and the idea that people have about themselves, that by just using their ego and having the power to do it, you can do anything, the environment is not under such a scrutinous observation and things will happen unnoticed. Here people when something new comes into their lives, it is by plan too, but they also wait or it to show up. After many years of observation, I too found out that things, that you need, just show up by themselves.

Of course, the concept I also read in the western books, about being in a magical Universe where there are no coincidences, but something must be said of this, and that it that it actually works. In this country this is something that is widely known, and if people start some activity and the necessary back up from the cosmos, does not arrive ,they might give up the activity altogether. In order to set fate in motion, the actions have to click in with what other people are doing. If you somehow hurt another person, this person will retaliate and this waves will criss cross with your activities and the now mixed situation will eventually hurt you. Anyway the things that you just do, and don not fit in with your Karma, are anyway not real. Or maybe like this: if you were able to see something you have done, from the viewpoint of the future, that means including all the consequences, so that you can make the necessary adjustments, and get done that what you wanted exactly, minus the other additions that you didn´t want. Wouldn´t that be just fine? This is one of the reasons for acting slow, and for seeking advice about your actions. For seeing into the future how the actions return to you, interwoven into the fabric of life. One of the most interesting aspects of this ideas is time. Time separates us into different people and makes us almost not connecting with eachother, because it keeps us in separate realities.

The most successful westerner, might be someone in a good carrier sniffing cocaine. For some people this is not done for pleasure, but in order to function properly, stress free, remaining concentrated, alert and creative.

He will be able to live at a high speed, and perform all his tasks beautifully. Because all the gadgets and toys that have been added to the world now, to increase speed and make things easier, have not given us greater leisure, but have done just the opposite, created greater speed which we have to maintain This means that during our free time we will also enjoy it, in more or less the same speed. Vacations will be abroad, sport art will take us to extreme situation and places. A person who lives a very full life is very unlikely to spend his free days just sitting on a chair.

What we believe is that life has to be enjoyed to the fullest, because it is obvious that we have only one. The fullest of enjoyments is being able to consume all the beautiful things that the world has to offer .In our working time we work according to the state of the art capitalism, whether we like it or not with all the advantages and disadvantages that it brings, that is the way the world runs. At the same time we live our free time under the same system, pretending we are unaware of the tremendous manipulation that goes on behind our backs, psychologists and media, working their heads of to awaken and increase our wishing potential, which is anyway boundless. We believe that is us wishing the beautiful things, and then sing „I can´t get no...satisfaction. and I try, and I try. This also is because of the way things are, but also because changing speed is very difficult for anyone.

I used to watch the „lotus eaters“, my favourite nickname for religious, meditating fanatics and how they lived so kind of an empty life where not much happened. They also. didn´t race around in sports cars but walked, spoke slowly and looked for the emptiness. I use to watch them and think, what an interesting point of view, and they saw me as a moving around savage who was constantly immersed is some projects. I saw when working with Sri Lankans, their incredible slowness, how a person is capable to do something almost at a stand still speed and does not get bored, ever. Try to hurry them up, is almost impossible. Then the people that lived life to the fullest, were the ones that created their free time with the same aggressive speed as their working time.

If we were not able to change our speed, or only just a little bit, what consequences would that have for us. ? That would mean that the speed we choose to work at, or we are forced to work with, will be the speed that we have to maintain in our life. We would find something to do in our free time and run around doing it.

That is the opposite of meditation. We have no time to digest anything, or watch ourselves doing it.

We would be separated through speed, the slow ones and the fast one would not share the same activities or even have the same philosophy about relaxation. We would belong to a different caste. If we make all of our decisions based on our personal speed, stress would disappear, but so would our jobs. Westerners might have invented a solution for this, to set aside special moments for meditation, or attendance to some such group activities. Thereafter returning to their normal lives and normal speeds. Finding however our personal speed in a hurry is not possible. We need to slow down and then to see after a while and then slow down again and see. That means going around doing nothing for quite a while, which is not considered that elegant. It is not only the practising of meditation and then leaving it and hoping that it will forever permeate our lives, but the act of remaining in that state, through the slowing down process.

Since this is totally in contradiction to the society today and how things are done, this is not likely to happen. But it is not about power, but about grace. If what we want is power, to feel full, important, we will follow the road. If we feel that only we know who we are about, inside, and we accept that, then that will set us free. Whenever we do any activity, we set fate in motion. The faster we do, the faster the time runs. The faster it runs, the more we do. The more we do, the more success we will have, eventually money.

When we go to the spiritual life, we will have nothing. Not even any security that what we are doing is right or real, we do not get any points of credits we can count. We will not get distracted by all the activities, we will be confronted by our miserable existence. Nobody will do this for fun, only for wisdom. We will be able to have many virtues, but nobody will notice them. or give us some credit for them.

If a Sri Lankan sits down in any position, they will have no trouble at all to sit that way and do nothing, in fact that is exactly what they will try to do. They do not know how to get bored, and moving around for them might not be worth the trouble. When we sit to try to meditate we are actually imitating them Maybe, people have said this, the sitting down and trying to wipe out thought is not the best meditation for foreigners. Except that it is the one they admire the most, because it looks so pretty .Suffering at work is also not unknown to them, if they had a meditation in which there is just enjoyment, they might think this cannot bring such good results.

Another point to break down is linear thinking. According to the laws of logic, that we have been practising since childhood, one thing known leads to another being known. In Sri Lanka this is not such a rigid scheme for thinking, because thinking is more a instinctive thing than a concept. Therefore it is illogical and scattered. Because we equate logic with our very existence, this is difficult to understand and accept. This is one of the goals of Zen, which works at breaking down logic for whatever that is worth. Logic is fine for being able to deal with our environment, what I think it does present a barrier to access ourselves, our basic self and nature is not freely accessible to us, and we have the onion situation, where we have to peel off skin after skin to get to the core.

In order to see what is going on in Sri Lanka, speaking about magic, we have to go to the Devales, break down our speed and break down our logic and watch what is happening, and this whole world, will open itself to us only on it s own terms. Kataragama is the most renowned place of Hindu pilgrimage, on the left bank of the River of that name, 40 miles north east of Hambanttota.

There are a number of temples to every deity in the Hindu calendar, but the principal one is dedicated to Skanda, the god of war, who fought for the gods. It is a plain building with two apartments: the inner which is inaccessible to the people contains the image of the god, and the walls are ornamented with figures of different gods and heros richly executed; the inside of the roof and the entrance to the inner apartment are covered with painted cloths. The shrine of this god is held in such veneration, that pilgrims come from every part of India to worship it, frequently bringing with them pots of water from the Ganges at Benares, slung on cross bamboos. He is represented with six heads and twelve hands, in each of which he holds a different weapon, and his vahane or vehicle is a peacock, which is held sacred by his votaries.

There is so much going on in this place, that it is difficult to tell in a general way, what and when. Anytime you can go there and it will be full and many activities are around you. It is full of psychics and mediums and plain nuts, hanging themselves from hooks to prove they don´t feel pain.

The mystics in the devales are not like the type of person that we are used to meeting. They hold the idea that a person is a vessel through which, others thoughts and ideas can flow. What is said and done in this mystery temples is normally not understood well by normal people. They can tell you your problems and ask you to do things that are so strange that you probably won´t do it. They can describe your house to you, or your problems, with such an ease, that you will have trouble accepting. Weird stuff is hidden, by definition. Everytime we are going to do something that is totally unusual it becomes automatically ridiculous, specially in the case of rituals. People here are speaking about things that have no connection with life, as we know it, in the west. Because many of these people are uneducated and primitive, they have not developed a mind that tells them what is correct and not, they have not programmed themselves a to what they believe, therefore they just do it and believe it, forget about comparing it to what normally is known as reality. To find such mystics that will talk to you about your life and personal things you need a translator you trust. But it is not permitted, for magicians, to give names and addresses of others, because many dangerous things can happen and there would be a karmic responsibility. So best is you just take a look at it and let it be, because as long as you are not an empty vessel, it will do you no good to get mixed up in other realities.

People always think knowing the future is a great help, Sri Lankans are so addicted to it that they will never have an important appointment without knowing before hand what the result will be. But who is not prepared for this, will either discard the whole thing or if not stand under the magic influence. Life in the West consists of developing personal wishes, living them, either very personal ones or the ones awakened by the advertising media. To live these dreams is to live, to have and to fulfil animal drives, to possess wealth and power over others. This is not at all what will help to develop the mental state necessary to understand. The result of the western mentality is success and there is no doubt here who is the winner. You will be able to partake in the wealth and access all the beautiful things available in the world. If you turn yourself into a psychotic that cannot function, all you will know is poverty and confusion .People that go through that are special.

I love to watch movies and read books about mountain climbing. It would not cross my mind to climb, in the heat and sun, no, I rather just read about it, Seeing people in movies with half a lung hanging out and then interviews with toeless people, even someone without a leg or half a face. But all they think about is mountain climbing. Once I heard an interview, and the man asked why they do it, and this guy answered, it is a secret only known to the very few. Then I knew why. The people that, like me, go in that path, have no choice. If they don´t do it, they are terrified. They know everyday in their lives that there is a clock ticking, that they are going to die any second, that it is all about finding out, the weird secrets of the Universe. Somehow. The way that the western life demands that we be and the demands of the market that makes us live our individuality in bought goods with certain images, aid to the development of our symbolical character or personality, or even two, one of them wearing a mask and one without mask. It is a very forceful act to exorcise ourselves from it, because that is who we believe we are.

Knowing the future does not help much to anything. That is what people don´t realise because they have been taught to see the future as a coincidence, not connected to anything. Whenever you want to change something in the future, you can. What you have to do it: Be aware that life is a learning process. All what happens to you is for the purpose of teaching something. The moment you learn it, the lesson disappears, and a new one turns up. If you can´t believe this, don´t. You can try this as a working hypothesis, don´t believe it, just think like that to see if it could be true. Think of it as an experiment.. If you know, by the same logic, some item from your future, you will not be able to judge it by means of the lesson that you are learning at that time, because you do not have that knowledge. Then, if you would remove that item, you will just get another substitute for it. To change the future, you need wisdom.

Let me give the example of my friend Sandra. She utterly despises this country and finds everything that is done here just stupid and wrong. By the way many foreigners do that because it is very difficult here. Sandra writes to me and says that she is trying to create a person, a new person, that is between her and the person she now is, in order to be able to live here until she sells her house, because then she plans to go. I know that she is being totally honest. To make money, and that she does well, and everyone wants money here, she has to use the western system. When you use the western system you go totally nuts, because nobody works at any pace in any form resembling that what we are used to. One could and would do so much if only the natives would open up a little to our system. But Sandra now has her problem, one is what happened to her, that people drove her nuts. The other is her reaction to it. She hates them so much, she is divorcing her husband and father of her child. She is giving up a fantastic house and a fantastic job, that she can never create again like that.

If Sandra were here for a reason, and now we come to the working hypothesis, she would have learned to accept the culture and not to go nuts over it. She would have her house, her husband, the father of her child and the magnificent house she built, and her job. On top of that she would have both personalities, that of the west, the yang personality, and that of the east, the yin personality .She would be able to live without so much stress and anger and pressure, and gain in wisdom. Now because she is going to change her future, she is not going to live in this country with this man and in that house, a new thing will happen in her life, and this what will happen will be a repetition of that what she refused to learn. She does not know that yet that you cannot escape your Karma.

In the same way, because it is about lessons, you can find out something that is hidden from you, because it is totally in the future and some mystic will tell you of it. Lets say that you are going to another Country and be terribly unhappy there. So now, because you know that this can be avoided, because you want to avoid it, you will not go to that Country. But still you will not change your future, because the same thing will happen in just another version. So the only possible way that you could avoid that lesson is by learning it, by having the wisdom to know what it is about and in the case that you are able to observe what the lesson is about and acknowledge it, by the same means you could now go to that Country after all, because the life in that Country will now be a different one.

Here is a poem by Ernest Pecci:

When I talk with you

Whom am I addressing?

The Inner Child

Seeking so hopefully for some sign that it is loved?

Or the Teenager

Buttressed against an unfriendly world

Searching desperately for the Truth?

Or is it the adult intellect

Struggling so hard to hold everything together?

Let me speak to your soul

Wandering through space like a castaway

Caught up in a psychophysiological trap

Creates by eons of suffering

The imprisoned Splendor

Of this remote planet

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