Chapter 1: The Mouse Preface
Chapter 2: The Mouse Magic
Chapter 3: Occult Tourism
Chapter 4: Nature from Another Perspective
Chapter 5: Fetish
Chapter 6: Aryuveda
Chapter7: Astrology

Nature from Another Perspective 

This is about the land, about nature from another perspective. The land what we are speaking about is Sri Lanka, but also we ourselves are mirrored ,and our strength is renewed ,through the energy and beauty of the land.. Now Sri Lanka is an Island surrounded by water and everything is kind of crowded in it, and everything that comes in has to fly in or be brought by ship. And this land has been a witness to great civilisations and carries 3 different races.. the Sinhalese, the Tamils and the Muslim. There are also the Burghers from European origin. There are lots of animals, birds, insects, lots of animals and the magnificent elephant too. .A long war has been fought over this territory. There are still landmines buried in the ground on the North, and suffering refugees and other victims of the war.. Actually there is no real tension between the ethnic groups, everything is, as usual, not taken serious

A long time ago, I was complaining to someone how difficult it is to live here without any system of logic. It sounds great, but it is very impractical. This man told me, he had heard, that Sri Lanka is the land of mirrors. The images are reflected then inside out and with a change of ends.

There are many beautiful places in Sri Lanka, and if you buy a normal travel guide you will not be able to choose sometimes because there are so many possibilities. This is a totally beautiful Island. Everywhere you go it will take your breath away. But I am writing about the places I have seen and been to. They have been chosen according to my taste and also the circumstances. Honestly although all this beauty really comforts me, I am more interested now in the invisible beings. Ghosts, spirits, fairies. I don´t think there is likely to be a Gnome in the Bar of the Hilton. But then, who knows?

When we think of nature we automatically think of the national parks. Yala National Park is the largest and most famous. The second largest is Wilpattu, which is at the north and had been closed for a long time due to military actions.

It covers a total of 607 square miles (1,572 . Only a limited section is open to the public and you can rent Safari Jeeps at the entrance or try to book inside a place in one of the nine Bungalows owned by the Department of Wildlife.

(Needless to say, these Jeeps, rented at the Entrance, following each other into the Park, somewhat resembling Disneyland, in hot humid climate).

This is the way we deal with land. We give it a name, a purpose, it has a history and a reason. We make it, if beautiful, a tourist attraction. Some of us like the mountains and some need the ocean. This is the shell. The outline of activity. But I think that we are actually also doing something else with it and we are not quite aware of this or just beginning to be aware.

We are eating to maintain our energy. I have thought a lot about this energy business. I have not had an easy life and sometimes as I could no longer bear the pain, I simply stopped eating. I had no idea what I was doing, I thought fasting made me feel better, until I read it somewhere, or an angel flustered this to me: I was trying to get control.!(Psychologists say that is how you get control of your life, in this basic way !)

But when I was not eating, and I had difficulty walking up the hill because I was so weak, I realised that this intake of energy that we hardly notice as such, because we are making it into something else, like socialising, enjoyment, is a serious source of energy. Even if we are not hungry, or we can make hunger go away, as I can, the energy goes down. We are actually taking energy in, like a car takes petrol and without this we cannot run. In Miami Beach High School, people from NASA came in and they told us how Astronauts eat their food out of toothpaste tubes Starr Horner, my best friend ,also asked how they went to the bathroom, but they didn´t answer us. Anyway ,Starr and I went on to prepare food, like mashed potatoes and filling it into old toothpaste tubes and we ate .So imagine for a moment that, we would be in a emergency situation and there would be some stations, similar to Pharmacies where we would buy a couple of toothpaste tubes in case of an emergency.. energy, would flow in without all the other ceremony and protocol

Because I am going to speak about another type of energy intake that we are even less aware of, and for this energy we do not need any money to buy it. This energy we are stealing all the time, mostly from others And we do it, have to do it all the time ,like vampires sucking blood from their victims, and in this case the energy intake is even more secret than the way we intake food. With food we know, if we think about, what we are doing. With this energy, some of us don´t even know. This is why we have endless arguments instead of conversations, much of what manipulation is about, domination, tactics. It is all about this soul food, energy.

I have a friend who looses her energy right in front of me, like if she were a wind up doll. Well, I have done this all my life, but I don´t walk around with a big mirror in front of me. This is a very intelligent woman, even wise, and she can´t help herself. But this sort of manifestation is like a miracle, a revelation.

.To receive energy we desire love, we search for beauty, we look for pleasure, we talk with others, we do a million things. And yes, we receive it gratuitly from nature. We receive it from a beautiful landscape, from trees and from the air. Being aware and not being aware at the same time, nature is being marketed and then we come to Yala and the Jeep situation. There is no energy received for this, except that we will tell someone we made a Safari and perhaps they will give us some energy for this(envy)

If we do not become aware of our intake of energy we will do it the way we do it habitually, that would be through the conversations we have with others, where we try to know, and to win and the winner, like in a poker game, with the same sense of reality like a poker game, takes in the winnings, that is the energy. We are continuously with a million tricks stealing the energies from others, in fact it is a real war out there.

There is of course enough energy for everyone. Our conversations and domination only provide us with energy because we are not aware of how to get it. This energy is a real problem and like a little war. In our society, it is almost taboo to talk about it, and if you do, you automatically belong to a group of people, that are not taken seriously by the others..

Speaking about Yala now, another way to see Yala is sightseeing by foot, with the Pilgrims. Let´s imagine this trip: Lets do a fantasy:

Once a year, in August, starting from the Okanda Temple, the Pilgrims are allowed to walk across Yala National Park, on foot. There is a pilgrims trail that goes across Yala, from Okanda Temple to Kataragama.

In 1899, about 150 square miles of country in the eastern area of the southern province, between the Kumbukkan Oya and the Menik Ganga were constituted a Game Sanctuary That was the beginning of Yala.

In this section of Sri Lanka,around Okanda, the best sights are: The shores of Arugam Bay, an insider´s tip for surfers. Along the coast, the paved road ends in Panama. Here starts the reserves of Kudimbigala and the Yala National Park, that starts only 10 km south of Panama. South of Panama by earth roads and trails is the Temple of Okanda, where the Pilgrims meet in August for the Pilgrims hike,of approximately 75 kms through Yala and along the River Menik Ganga.

North of Arugam Bay is also Sri Lankas smallest national Park : Lahugala Kitulana., where about 110 different species of birds have been counted and wild elephants can be found swimming or grazing.

Paada Yatra is an ancient pilgrimage made by Hindu devotees, who once used to walk fromthe Wattapalai Amman Kovil in Jaffna , all the way south to Kataragama. They would start in May and travel some 300 km to complete the pilgrimage by the end of July- in time for the Kataragama festival.

It is then possible to join this same group from Pottuvil. Pottuvil is a hive of activity. There are lorries, trucks, tractors, lorries, buses and vans, all full of pilgrims travelling to their next destination: Okanda. The latecomers would aim for closer places such as Veharekema Gana Devi Kovil, situated nidway between Okanda and Panama or the Gana Devi Kovil in Panama. The Paada Yatra was alive and well in these parts.

Everyone does their last minute shopping at Pottuvil, as from that point on goods are hard to come by. Noodles, soap, sugar, oranges, onions. It might make your backpack weigh a ton, with all the other stuff, like clothes and all what is needed to last 10 days.,And about 10 litres of water.

The pilgrimage starts at Panama and Veherakema Kovils. Everyone will stop for a few minutes, light camphor, pray and take a drink of water and move on to Okanda. At Okanda Kovil the pilgrims usually will select a shady area and set up camp. The heat is very difficult to bear. A large polythene sheet will be spread on the ground and all the pilgrims can place their bags carried on their heads in the centre.

(By the way a ban on polythene is being seriously discussed in Sri Lanka, for all the damage that it causes.)

Usually the men will get firewood and stones to prepare a fire while the women would start preparing meals. While the cooking is going on, people can have a bath, depending on the availability of water.

Okanda Kovil is well lit with the aid of a generator and also provided with loudspeakers broadcasting spiritual music. All the pilgrims will visit the Kovil, and some people will put up stalls with trade goods and this also will be an attraction. There will be from 200 to 300 pilgrims in Okanda and the temperature at night will be fine.

The next day there is a flag raising ceremony where the flagpole is a huge „Na“ tree. This is the same day where they raise the flag at Kataragama. The Pilgrims will break coconuts, light camphor and incense and chant „Haro Hara“ and silently pray for their wants. There will be music at the Kovil made by musicians, in a true ethnic fashion, with flutes, trumpets, and drums, with different tunes according to the ceremonies.

There is a bath ritual in the rock of Okanda. There are around seven deep rocky pools of water, and the pilgrims are supossed to bathe or immerse themselves in every one. These are called „Kema“ in Sinhalese . Some are large and relatively clean, but some are small and dirty. They all however bathe in them and the largest is left for the last and some people even wash their clothes in it.

The flag is a very very long cloth with drawings and inscriptions, Everyone will be chanting „Haro Hara“and this can be heard echoed into the night.More pilgrims will arrive from different paths and more and more chaotic disarray of new camping places.

At 6:00 a.m. the trip will start anew by first lighting camphor and more „Haro Hara“ calls. Then the pilgrims will place their loads in their heads and their shoulders and the hardest and most difficult part of the Paada Yatra is about to start.Because beyond Okanda, nothing is certain, water, the path, wildlife, the Jungle, injuries snakes, all these are uncertanties that lie ahead.The pilgrims have to overcome all this and traverse a terrain of around 100 kms. A testimony of dedication and belief in the God Murugan.

The heat is scorching, the humidity very high. There are a few tall trees but most of the streams are caked with dry mud. There is no escaping the heat . Breakfast is a floury substance that has sugar, salt, dry coconut, spices and breadpowder. Some have it as powder and some as a hard cube. It will give you energy and that is what you need the most. The pilgrims are all sorts of people, workers, housewives, children, directors, farmers, storekeepers and some foreigners. The land on this part consists of dry fields and lakes, waterholes, rivers and thorn jungle. Some holes produce brakish and murky water while others produce even very good quality drinking water. Everyone is constantly drinking water from their bottles as the sun and the scorching heat leave little choice.

Some parts of the Journey fruit might be found on the ground, like woodapples , or one might find elephant skeletons, sometimes walking is difficult because of soft sand. Snakes are not rare.The next step is the arrival at the Naval Adi Ara. It is a square of about 150 feet surrounded by Jungle. The open area consists of white sand. In the middle are three shallow wells. Two are for bathing and one for drinking. They seem to have little water, around 10 inches but they always remain so, while all the people are using them. The water is salty but drinkable.

Going through the Jungle is a serious affair, Many small paths and thorns and lines of pilgrims stretch as far as the eye can see in both directions. After a whole day of walking in these difficult paths and sometimes getting lost, with a whole crowd behind and no way to turn around, the Menik Ganga, is the best place to arrive. Water, shade, giant Kumbuk trees. But also bears leopards, trying to get to the river bed. The people stay together and they use fire torches to scare away the wild life from attacking .The Menik Ganga has about 3 to 4 feet of water and everyone can leisurely swim and wash clothes and utensils.

It is a 40 day pilgrimage, covering 400 kms. Made easy by the many courageous and helpful people : The Pilgrims of Paada Yatra.

Nature is not always comfortable. I mean like going on a Jeep into Yala, maybe an air conditioned Jeep that comes directly from a five star air conditioned Hotel, with some food and water bottles and all that is more comfortable. The trip that I just described sounds like something for masochists. But all I can say about this is that there are two different worlds, when you walk somewhere, slow down and things are just as the really are. It is uncomfortable That is what you have to decide for you, which world do you want to live in.

A more comfortable hike in the cooler forests of Kandy. My dream: seeing Pixies in Udawattekele

.Is it possible?

And I will tell you why I chase the Pixies. First you need to change the energy vibration in yourself, it has to become higher. Then we you are close to them, one can say that the energy that they represent, that they are the pure form of, can be borrowed.

I had a time, stretching to many years where I borrowed things from others. I spent time near someone and I learned things from them, crafts mostly. But I felt, and that I am sure, that by being close to them, I took on their energy regarding this particular task .In this sense the elementary forms are kind of teachers, as well as beautiful exotic fairies full of magic. It is easier to yin them than to yang them. To yin them is to hear them, feel them, were as to yang them would be to actually see them .It is a Yin relationship, our yin to their yang, we receive and they teach, so to actually see them is like a manifestation, a miracle.

The way I feel them, is different. Because I am from Cuba and I am fire, the Salamanders are always with me. I feel like a fire burning inside and the only way to relieve this, is to do some creative work. However what it feels like is like if it was coming through me, like if I am the instrument that is there to materialise this idea that comes from I know not where. The air, the Sylphs, are always with Ranjith and I can observe them through him. But even when I paint them, he air, there is always fire in them. I paint nature in the moment of a terrible rain, that is just going to pour down, the lightening, the rivers like cascades, nature in a violent form. When we enter a room, for example in another person´s house, I see fire and he sees everyone at the same time. There is a saying that air is like fire but horizontally, whereas fire is vertical upwards. Fire is the extreme things, the strange creations, the chaos, out of which something new will be created. The Undines, the water, they are beautiful and fascinating, it is like a fairy, like Maria, the mother of God etc. Like seeing something very beautiful and holding your breath.

What doors can open to us, alone, in a forest ,lets say joining nature, like in a meditation?

In our fantasy trip we are back to Kandy now, the royal forest of Udewattekele was a forbidden forest, strictly protected by the Kandian kings., no one being allowed inside except the Queens, who bathed in the pond and used the forest as a pleasure garden. It was also used as defence, because Kings could eventually hide and escape through the impenetrable forest whenever the foreign invaders attacked the City. Therefore Udewattekele is a primeval forest has a traceable past that goes back a couple of millenniums. But only the place is very old, the woods aren´t so old, because all the time wood was cut off to serve Kandy´s needs. No, I have not yet seen Pixies or any similar beings in the forests, but I am working on it Kandy people speak often of Udewattekele, but as this is a forest in Kandy and I live in Kandy, this is to be expected. Because it is not a National Park and not the primeval forest that. Sinharaja is, you can be left more alone. But if you want to go to Sinharaja you must be prepared to suffer, because not only is it so hot that it is unbearable, but also full of leeches that not only climb up your shoes but drop from the trees into your clothes from above But I am fond of magical beings and I am keen to keep in touch with them. Since years I am speaking to them, painting them, making statues, fasting. Asking them to come, I feel them and I feel their energy and my accepting their attributes, but I haven´t seen them eye to eye . From Europe, the gardens of Findhorn in Scottland, we have proof of their existence, so I hope it is a matter of time until I see them. They say that because we are of the earth, and earth is the strongest element in us, that the Gnomes are easy to see, that we can just see them out of the corner of our eyes. In an old such forest, they are likely to be around and the more clairvoyant you are, the better the chances. Probably that what is called a „green thumb“ is the ability to get help from them. But I do know how to prepare for this, we have to slow down, can´t jump into a park in a Jeep and expect to spot them, and then we have to work on our force fields.


3 miles from Digana. A spot of such energy it radiates this energy all over the Victoria lake. If you go into the caves, you can stay only a short time, because of all the energy bombarding you.

These caves are around 2000 years old. They are steps and paths to the summit, at the height of 700 metres with a splendid view of the Victoria Reservoir.

It is a very mystic cave monastery, with the walls painted all over, pillars, caves, rocks. The rocks are huge and the monastery is built under, around them. The steps landing to the monastery are very old, and a real beauty.

I went into one of those caves with a reclining Buddha and I felt bombarded by energy particles and almost about to faint, that is how strong the energy is there. Right across the Victoria Reservoir, on the other side, with a magnificent view, is my garden, and butterfly farm. The best view, a think, and my house and silk workshops where you can see silk being spun and tapestries being woven. We also give courses in many crafts and art form.

Our silk comes from the cocoons that the butterflies discard when the come out, we don’t kill anybody. And the butterflies are tame and will stay in your hand.

The Chakras

The reason why I approach the question of chakras is because I must speak again about energy, about clairvoyance and about invisible beings. It is not the usual meditation, system or knowledge that people look for. This is just my way. In fact even the way I write about it is in my own language. It might not be the best way to speak about something, people have told me to put myself in the place of the reader, and adapt myself to the system of writing. But hell, I think that even if I don´t communicate well with words, that I will get through by means of telepathy. The word chakra is said by some to mean wheel, in fact we are dealing with a series of small force fields which act as interconnecting links between the subtler frequencies imperceptible to the five senses and the physical bodies. But that does not mean that we are doing some imaginary things, like the Emperors clothes that cannot be seen or felt. Not at all, while we are working with our chakras we will get proof that they are real. The reason why we cannot just ignore the chakras is because they are our real senses. Nobody would dream of putting out their eyes and damaging their ears and burning their tongues if we are to stay on the earth, because we need and want these senses .Same with the chakras, without them, we cannot feel the spiritual world. But I have some good news for the meditation muffles like myself. I never did or read any of this stuff because I never likes doing meditation. But doing the right things automatically developed my chakras. Then one day, doing mystic work, I realised that my energy, that felt like electricity in my hands, had to come from somewhere, and then first I paid attention to these anatomy lessons.

I don´t want to give a lesson in chakras, I would be one of the last people to learn this from. But I do want to say that for those who want proof that there is such a thing, and it is not just all made up, that there is proof. Actual proof, but you have to concentrate at what you are doing and look for it, pay attention.

There are seven chakras relating to the human body:

muladhara base of the spine

svadisthana sacral

manipura solar plexus

anahata breasts/ heart

visuddhu throat

ajna between the eyes

sahasrara top of the head

The visuddhu chakra, is related to clairvoyance. You can read the thoughts of other people and know what type of person they are. To develop this chakra you must pay attention to some soul developments:

the way that you acquire ideas or concepts.

The invisible assistants:

Normally people do this at random, they see this and that, learn this and that. This will not work. Every idea must become important and have a special meaning that mirrors the Universe. All notions about things have to be a true mirror of the outside world. All other concepts should be discarded and only adhered to the ones that fit this definition. For Example; I was once watching a movie about the Life of Buddha. Siddharta had left the palace already and was living as an ascetic, not eating, bathing, covered in ashes and emaciated, and he still had not reached Enlightenment. While he was meditation, a boat passed on the river and there was a teacher, a music teacher, speaking about music to his pupils. If the string is too tight, it will break, if too loose, it will not play. Immediately Siddharta knew what he needed to know, that this was too hard, and he came to understand what he later preached „the middle way“. In the same way, we will find in our lives, continuously these little messages that are just the answer to the question we have in our minds.

What I am saying is that if you keep a question in your head, the answer will be given to you if you listen carefully. Somebody will say something that is the answer to it, or maybe it will just pop into your head. The funny thing is that practically we are all clairvoyant, but we keep blocking it because we are not ready for all this stuff..

To have a kind of an idea, of what it is that we want to reach in that what we are doing, Keep the military in mind. When they want to bomb a place, they get the co-ordinates. You must always clear your head and have exactly the idea what it is you want. Otherwise you will project all kinds of things to others, and you will never see what it is about. The idea must be important ,that means, concerning our existence. This problem will mirror the outside world, it will have a special meaning that will be repeated in other manifestations. For example: young people are going to the Disco, and sometimes they neglect their studies and it becomes very important to go there for them. Well, their friends are there and everyone is doing it, but if you want to find out the concept behind this that mirrors the Universe you have to think deeper. Drugs have become available in those places, as if being there the desire arises. Well, the noise and the light are extraordinary, they definitely bring the young people into a sort of altered state already, even before they actually take the drug. So what you can say about the disco is altered state with or without drug, with drug, more intensified and artificial aura. Depression could be found similar to the black holes in the Universe. They are feared, they attract all matter and sort of swallow it, and there is no activity. If we didn´t fear depressions so much, because of the lack of happiness they provide, but could see them as the black hole, something that exists and forces us into it and forces us to meditate, and takes us sway from all the wish of any activity. Depressions are not only normal, they are our saviours, because if they were not there we wouldn´t pay any attention. Depressions point out to us the other life we are leading, the secret one that we push down.

These are just a couple of analogies, how everyday events can be related to the Universe and mirror it.

Once an „important“ man that I was with, who was writing one of those books about east and west from the vicinity of the Colombo Hilton went to see a holy monk. He asked him only one question, how would Buddhism explain Freud. I never thought he was going to answer, but of course, the sun shines equally on everyone and I have not yet learned to control my judgement. He said, sexuality is a part of our lives that take up a certain time, but when we see the object of desire throughout in their entirety, that means childhood and old age, the time that we can spend desiring it is actually very small. You could think of that person also in the stage of decomposing after death. Well, that would be a turn-off.

The proof you will receive when you come to this stage is, that when you keep the question in your mind, from somewhere this little message will come, and that will be the answer to your question. All the little messages will come to you. If you need a book somebody will bring it, send it. You will have an invisible assistant or assistants

The decisions you will make are also important: Even to the most unimportant decision, everything will have a reason. All the unimportant actions will be kept away from your soul.

The way you speak: Only what has reason and meaning should be spoken. The normal way to speak where all things are said at random with mixed intentions should be avoided. You must not avoid others, even if they speak about a shallow subject, your response should be carefully made.

The way you act: Your actions should be according to the actions of your environment. You will not act when it is in contradiction to others or disturb others. Your actions should be in complete harmony with your environment.

The way you live will be naturally and spiritually, not too fast, too slow, too busy or doing nothing at all, Work will be the centre of your existence.

The way that you strive is very important. Somehow you must find out your goals, and that is difficult because we are so manipulated by the society, that tries to turn us into customers. To find out what your strengths are and not to do anything less than that or outside of that.

To strive to learn is to use every opportunity to learn what is to learn from this experience. If something has been wrong in the past to be sure that the next time we get the chance we can se it it right. Also to observe others in the same way, and learn from their lives .From time to time to go deep into yourself and see if the life´s principles and the content of life and the duties are all in harmony. The more what you think and speak tallies with the process of the outer world, the more clairvoyance you will have. But this all has nothing to do with your intention, but with how well you perform and to what degree of purity your soul has entered.

One says that this Lotus has sixteen petals, and when you develop the eight, the other eight will develop by themselves. It might sound as if all this is very complicated, and not worth it. Maybe it is not worth it, but in your life there is a difference between waking up and going to sleep. If you go to sleep in yourself, you are mortal, you are going to die. Either you suppress it, or worry about it, but since you are busy all the time with the pastimes of mortals, basically it won´t matter much. Waking up and becoming immortal changes your life completely. you will not be thinking about the same type of goal, discovery and exploration and curiosity will become your goal. The reward of living in a different way, which will be more inconvenient than the normal life, will be the way you live, the things you learn.

If you are clairvoyant, it will not necessarily be fun. You will find that people are trying to bull-shit you most of the time, because they are normal people and have their mask. They don´t want you to know who they are. How often it happened to me that somebody asked me to read their cards, and then when I told them what the cards said, then they tried to convince me that it is not them, I am reading about, but their sister. How many people cried, and confessed they had an illness, like the woman who had cancer, to tell me a few days later that they were healed, just so that I wouldn´t know..

You have to go through the motions that you don´t know anything other than what they show. And if you tell somebody that you are clairvoyant, they are not likely to believe you. So, there will be no glamour in this. But you will live in a world of your own, an honest world, where not a lie is told. You will know who is who. You will not find it necessary to fight for all the things you need, outsiders will bring that to you what you need at the right time, even if they don´t know who or what you are. You will not get so confused when people tell you stories, you will always know who you are and what you want. You will have full confidence in yourself and what you do, even if at times you are lost. Being lost, or being sad, are times that are thought of to be terrible. But if you always hold the sadness in your heart, and know that you will not be rid of it, because this is part of samsara- the world we live in- and you must hold the sadness and pain in your heart and while at the same time the quality of being continually awake.

Once you have any manifestation, you will not doubt your immortality you will be part of a world you can see and hear and things will come to you. You will be part of hundreds of little miracles.

The anahata chakra. The perception gained through the anahata chakra is another type than that of the. visuddhu chakra. Whereas in the visuddhu chakra the thoughts of the souls can be perceived, these have a definite form and move of their own energy With the anahata chakra, other types of forms, thought forms, can be perceived and named. One can also call them soulwarmth and soulcold, wereas the soulwarmth would have to do with growth and development and soulcold with falling apart, destruction.

Thought forms are pockets of ensouled energy, endowed with the qualities of an individual entity by the originator .It can behave in a form similar to human behaviour. Thought forms can be manifested either intentionally or accidentally. They result from negative energies such as frustration, hated, jealousy and the desire to destroy. Or love, help in a bad situation, loyalty, valour, creativity, ardour, sympathy, understanding .A thought form, being a pocket of energy is a very strong source of energy of that type. And that is why I am fascinated by them and search them out.

The way to develop this chakra is to maintain logic in thinking, logic in behaving, perseverance, tolerance, confidence and equanimity. Sounds like a lot. And natural logic, not that what we are taught to think is logic. Logic in thinking and behaving is part of our development in any case. We have to follow who we are consequently and live as we are. Perseverance means never to give up our goal, also a virtue necessary for survival in the society. Tolerance means not to judge people by what they say or do, yes and no, the best description I ever found of this was said by Krishnamurti. Watching without the watcher. Confidence means trust. This idea was very important to me, in the days where I lived in terror because my children were attacked, and then they got sick too, when they had colds and influenza, I really lived in terror, and my fear definitely could be seen by everyone that looked. I had a very religious Doctor, who always said to me „Zuversicht“, that I should have trust. But then I didn´t believe in anything, not like him, he was religious, to what or to which could I throw my trust?. But I remembered always his advice, and the day came when I was, although in a bad situation, only with half of me inside, the other half being holy or immortal, and completely in trust. Equanimity is of course quite difficult to attain, except that if we are „in trust“ we always have some of it, because we never quite believe on the daily crisis, they seem more like an illusion as every day passes.

One of the effect of the development of this chakra, is the seeing of the auras, from which so much has been said. Yes, I can see the auras, but it is not as I thought it was.

I always wanted to see auras, and one day I woke up and I could see auras of people, but that was long before I could understand anything, so it didn´t help much, except that I knew it wasn´t made up.

The auras

The aura is sort of the same thing as the thought energies that you give out, or the thought energy of who you are. When you speak of the colours is not means that you actually se red or blue or whatever, although that is not impossible if you want it so bad and make it so. We have different feelings according to colours, what they mean to us in our collective consciousness We can feel for example goose bumps, our hair stands at the ends, without our actually seeing anything, this is a strong feeling. We can feel when we spoke with someone that is aggressive towards us, or that is very nervous. We can feel many things. in this same way, once we learn to feel and become confident with this style of perception, someones´ aura immediately and know what is coming up when they approach us. I was always aware that I wasn´t fit to be out in the world, because I was not capable of closing up myself, in many ways. I thought that this was due to the fact that I had no parents and therefore tried to be friendly to everyone. Only much later when I met my friend Ea, I was able to understand what was happening, because she told me, and she can explain very well, and will go on explaining tirelessly, and explaining until I get it. But that was theoretically, and that is enough, but one day I was able to feel it too.

Sending energy across space. Yes, you can do it! Yes, I have seen it happen!

Janine, someone else I know, is an English woman that lives across the lake. She drops in now and then with visitors, this time she brought a friend. As I have this terrible habit not to listen, or can´t listen to everything because I get scared, often I don´t know much of what goes on. My daughter complains about this. It never happens with Ea, because she knows body language and the moment I turn off, even before, she knows. Sometimes this not paying attention makes me live in a world of my own, and I tell Verena sometimes what I thought was happening., and she and I can have fits of laughter about things and what I imagined. Since Janine was in her thirties, and the woman she brought with her was elderly, and they seemed to have known each other for a long, long time, I imagined it was her mother. Since I am actually hiding, there is no way to turn on the clairvoyance, that I can do only if I really want, and have to use something to start it. Not to speak of the times when I am not the least interested and then it turns on by itself.

So I started to pay attention to the dialogue between Janine and her mother, and it fit perfectly. She had to be her mother. I was at that time trying to make statues for Pixies, for the Garden of my friend Helga, who has a Hotel and was making a pool. The two wonderful girls who lived with me a year, Natasha Light and Sam North, were also here. Yes, they knew about Pixies and we started speaking about whether there was a chance to get some true drawings.

The difficulties with part time clairvoyance are many. It can be best described by the early hearing aids where people, although they could suddenly hear, that all noises can be equally heard. Actually our brain can monitor how we receive the noises, if we are walking on the street and talking to our friend, we will keep the traffic noises down, etc.etc. When you are receiving so many impulses all the time, it becomes tiring and confusing, therefore I have no choice but to turn off and then when I come back, I realise that I don´t know what is going on ,I must confess that at the beginning I was quite exited about this and spend days even enhancing my powers by laying the cards too, so I knew everything about everybody. The problem was that i was unbelievable, things seemed so totally different than that what I knew. but one day I just noticed that the whole thing was totally boring to me, and after that I never touched the cards, unless asked. Tarot cards are magic, they work according to the system of magic, you follow the ritual and you can find out anything, the problem is only how much you can understand. The symbols are archetypes, and you have to become familiar with them. The experience of the archetype is frequently guarded as the closest personal secret, because it strikes the core of ones´ being. We do understand this language of the archetypes, but translating the language of the unconscious to the conscious and straight into our world, is the problem. Anyway Janine´s mother didn´t seem to like me very much. She liked Ranjith and decided she would give him a massage. At that time Ranjith had something wrong with his back and people that came by sometimes tried their massage techniques on him. Only later I found out that her massage technique was without touching, just sending energy through, that I, like any other normal person, thought that was total bull shit.

Yes, I also found out that it wasn`t her mother, but one of her weird acquaintances.

Janine is this pert woman, no nonsense, total down to earth sporty type. To find out that this was a friend of hers, and that they had actually done this together, was quite a shock. Like if she had a double personality, After I said that I also had this problem that my foot was hurting, she decided to put me at the other end, to get the energy after it went through Ranjith.I was second class. They stood in a half circle, Janine and the mother´s husband with their hands outstretched in front of them. I don´t remember what Natasha, Sam and Ea were doing, I think they were just watching. She started her hokus pokus. I couldn`t have cared less. I don´t believe any of that stuff. After what could have been half a minute I felt sleepy, then I felt as if I had been run over by a plank, and started waving and could not breathe. Sit down, everyone said. Of course Ranjith felt nothing, he is totally closed for everyone else. Have to be careful when I say this, because once I said it in front of a group of people and they all got a funny look on their faces, they thought I was complaining. I am just describing what he is like. After they picked me up and I could hardly talk, she said she thought I might be burned, she said she thought I knew how to close, like, Ranjith didn´t have to do anything. She said to the others something like, this woman doesn´t know how to close, this woman could make a great medium. To me she said, forget all this.

How could I forget? I realised that I had been a jobless medium all my life who couldn´t close. This is why I went half crazy if I went near chanting monks, or other ceremonies being performed. It then became clear the feeling I had around psychics and mediums every time one of those people came near me, I almost fell asleep.

This day two major things had happened. One was that I had felt energy, and that I could recognise the previous times that I also have had the same feeling. The other was, that I was able to recognise the problem, that of being open, that I have had, and become aware of the solution.

Real people exist on the inside, not on the projections towards outside. We are practically slaves to our culture, we react without thinking, and we show ourselves in a projected form. Sometimes we do that in public for PR reasons. But our plans slowly but surely eat us out from the inside, and they spit out another person that perhaps we are not so well acquainted with. But the person who chooses the spiritual path, must know that they are spiritual beings. If this feeling is not a constant companion in your existence, then there is no need to follow this path. If we are spiritual beings and we feel our development to be of outmost importance, we will be growing step by step and can work on our clairvoyance, on our chakras, by ourselves. But if not, there are so many methods, teachers, to help us, or perhaps also to sink us into dependence.

Back to the chakras:

So when time passes, the development of the manipura, the chakra where all of our parts, body, soul and consciousness, would be aligned, will be a natural development. As in the other chakras, a certain striving, internalising, time passing combination, will help us along the way. This chakra will develop and we will become acquainted with Beings of higher worlds Aparitions that are outside of our normal perception. But once we have arrived here, this will not be the end of our path, but then we will need to identify our etheric body and our astral body, and it never ends.

The akashic records are traces or recordings of every event. Advanced occultists have the knowledge how to retrieve this events. It is like a kind of cosmic library, where everything is recorded. The akashik principle is the fifth omnipresent occult element, which embraces the other four: air, water, fire and earth.

To let an elemental spirit accompany us to enjoy nature to get a huge energy charge.

The spirits of the four elements are called elementals. The spirits of fire are called salamanders by the ancients, those of air were called sylphs, of water ondines and of earth gnomes. Specific qualities in human terms are ascribed to each element. The Salamanders are associated with creativity, ardour, raw energy, valour and loyalty; the sylphs with intellectuality, speed, communication, detachment and inventiveness; the ondines with the emotions, feelings, receptivity, understanding and sympathy; and the gnomes with thrift, acquisition, wealth in all forms, conservation and practicality. Thus fire- the sanguine: air- the bilious; water- the phlegmatic; earth- the melancholic.

The spirits of the elements are a vital key in occult development, not only because it is a part and parcel of ritualistic procedure to invoke them, but because to conquer the human traits associated with each element is what initiation is all about. As we are individuals, one or the other element will be predominant in our psychological make up. We might be intense, loyal and creative like the salamanders, or practical and careful like the gnomes. Whichever elemental quality is strongest and most secure in our character will be the deciding factor as to which element chooses to escort us along the path of magic. Your first companion will probably be an elemental spirit, who will guard you and aid you in your work. As there are positive traits there are also negative traits. Negative salamander qualities are destructive, bossy, cowardly and disloyal; negative sylph energies are pseudo intellectual, cunning, cruel and unstable; negative ondine energies are misused sexuality, deviousness, selfishness and false psychism, and negative gnome energies are miserliness, dourness, parsimony and love of wealth for their own sake.

The spirits of the elements are best won by love, friendship and acknowledgement. If they choose to help you, thank them. Nothing in the Universe should ever be taken for granted

A list of Udewattekele plants and birds and butterflies I have seen, shows that there are 218 species of ferns and flowering plants, 79 species of birds have been seen in Udawattekele., and 46 types of insects and butterflies and moths.

In this old forest, it is a great mystical experience to walk about. Because it is less famous than the Sinharaja Forest, there is also much more freedom to walk about. One of my silk butterflies species, lives here, called Argema selene. A long time ago I went to a trip in the mountains and I was told all the possibilities of sights that one could visit. One of this was a butterfly farm, and I knew immediately, that this was important.This was rum by a Swedish woman called Inga Fairweather who has been living in Sri Lanka a long time, and has children, I guess adopted, because they are brown. Inga told me that she wasn´t breeding butterflies anymore, because that was her husbands´hobby, and he had died. But she still had a few species, the Atlas Moth, the biggest butterfly, which also happens to leave a silk cocoon behind, the Fagara silk. She showed me some cocoons and eggs and almost tried to get me started on it. But this was so strange to me, I never thought I could do it. I was buying the silk from the Government, that had, not to far from where I live, a silk project under the Ministry of rural affairs.

Even while she was telling me how easy it was, it appeared insane. She said when you have a female, you just tie her by the waist with a thread and tie her then to a tree, the male will come( and then she laughed) for miles to mate with the female. Ah, and be careful with the birds, they eat them, sometimes we loose a few to the birds.

Here I am, a normal person, And Inga is talking about tying a butterfly, by the waist, to a tree.And this like if it was the most normal thing in the world.

Later, much later, my fried Ea told me how so many years past, she had visited Inga as her husband was alive and saw the butterflies in their rooms, that Ingas husband kept.

Years later, the Government closed the silk farm. Natasha Light was living with me for a year, together with her friend Sam North and we were doing pottery in Raku style and building our ovens and making our own glazes and finding clay deposits. Suddenly I got a present, a box containing silk cocoons from England. We were terrified when the cocoons arrived, we knew nothing what to do and closed the box immediately, we didn´t even take a look at the cocoons, and started yelling instructions at eachother.Natashas father was a teacher and had done this before,to show the pupils in school, Natasha remembered when she was a little girl going around trying to get some privet, from the neighbours

It was trial and error from there on, to my pretty professional caterpillars-butterflies of today.

But once my grown-up sons were here on vacation. They came back with a huge cocoon, only one. I put the cocoon somewhere safe, but knew nothing could come of it unless I had two, of different sex. I looked and looked but couldn´t find any. One day this huge butterfly came out. It was Atlas, and it was a female. Females are larger and they have a curved body. I did what years back Inga had told me, I tied it with a soft handspun silk thread. I never believed it for a minute that anything would happen. In the morning I almost had a heart attack, attached to my female was a male who came from the skies.

Then I had eggs.

Analog Forests

Another interesting excursion I had was to a place where all types of plants are grown for commercial purposes. It is run by a young man called Priyantha, who lives in a tree, and it is called Analogue Forests. He has sort of a platform on top of a tree, with a

very steep staircase and some windows. Inside the tree he has heaters- we also have cold weather in Sri Lanka- and even a telephone. I crawled up to the tree and he served us tea, Ea and I went there together.

The Analog Forest at Mirahawatte is the oldest analog forestry model known. At the beginning of their experiment in ecological restoration, no more than 15 species of birds were recorded in this place.Now, 21 years later, where a multi-canopied forest has developed, over 97 species of birds are recorded. One can see the Jungle fowl walking proudly and free and the shy, forest loving Lady Torrington´s Wood Pigeon feeding happily. The barking deer has come to stay in the analog forest. And many other butterflies, moths, frogs and lizzards are quite at home here. The analog forest at NSRC is the site for many training programmes. Farmers, students and other interested people continue to visit and see for themselves the outcome of this experiment in ecological restoration. Analog Forestry means to create a tree plantation analogous in structure and function, to the original forest that was there before and destroyed by men´s needs.Many lessons were learned between the period of 1982 and l991 and a forest analogous to the original, with higher levels of biodiversity and productivity than the monoculture plantations, was created at Mirahawatte, in the Bandarawela area. The site was a denuded tea state with no tree cover, poor soil, and no water. Few birds and other animas frequented this area. Many fast growing trees, both native and exotic, were planted in addition to crop plants like cardamon and coffee. The model on which this planting was executed was based on the closest natural forest in the area. Today Analog Forestry is practiced by over 1500 farmers in Sri Lanka.For more information, contact the Manager, Priyantha Palihakoon, Uva Herbarium, Mirihawatte. The Uva Herbarium is a delightful place where medicinal plants from different traditions are part of the landscape design. Fruit trees and ornamental plants can be seen growing with culinary herbs and vegetables. You could visit for the day, have a river bath, eat a meal that is prepared from food crops grown without chemical fertilisers and pesticides. Sip s cup of herbal tea, witness a brilliant sunset, or hear the cacophony of a bird sound. There are also two magnificent Botanical gardens, one in Kandy(Peradeniya) and another one in Nuwara Eliya- the coldest place in the Island., for seeing different tree species., to be able to identify them in nature..

Woodlands Network

Also in Bandarawela lived a wonderful man who used to be a Priest but no longer practised and was called by all Father Harry. I never knew why everyone called him Father Harry, because he never went to Church, there was no church, so I thought it was some mistake. I loved to talk with him on many subjects, but also to tease him and tell him that according to the rules of magic he did actually convert the bread into Jesus body and the wine into Jesus`blood because the Mass is a magic ritual. He laughed it off. He became quite good in Eco tourism. He sent students out to check different ways to go by foot to some places and made maps. .

Sinharaja Forest

Another even more famous Forest is the Sinharaja Forest. It is about 50 km from Ratnapura . It was declared a biosphere reserve by UNESCO in l988 and was added to the list of world natural heritage sites a year later. Incredible evergreen tropical forests and 95% of Sri Lankas Endemic bird species live here.The reserve is open between 6 am and 6 pm and can only be toured on foot. People say that this spreading canopy of tree tops is the only remnant of virgin territory to reminds us of that time at the beginning when Ceylon was covered with a mantle of eternal green. All the other forests in the country are of secondary or subsequent growth. It lays away in the back blocks stretching from the boundary of the Kalutara district to the Kukul Korale in Sabaragamuwa. This is remote, and it is because of this that many tourist never even heard of it.Few have heard of this primeval territory and even fewer have explored it.

Because of this, the Sinharaja Forest has acquired the peculiar strangeness of a new country. It rains there nearly every day of the year, with an annual average of 150 to 200 inches. There is no dry season, and the trees, with straight unbranching boles, rise as high as 150 feet, spreading an ever green canopy through which the little sunlight which filters, creates below a dim and murky twilight. The forest floor, carpeted with leaves which come down in never ending fall the year round, opens into dark roomy aisles, with a scattered undergrowth of shrubs and saplings, the forest of tomorrow. Wooden lianas in fantastic loops climb upwards to compete with the trees for light and space, and spread their smaller vines on the ground to catch unwary feet. Unquestionably there are many other striking phenomena peculiar to the Sinha Raja which are unique in a sense and never seen in other wet or dry zone forests of Sri Lanka. It is only here that every plant and tree has the tip of it s leaves drawn out to a point to drain the water rapidly. There is the constant sound of running water to be heard, the murmur of trickling rills and the roar of larger streams dashing over rock barriers. Only at dawn and dusk, when the diurnal and nocturnal creatures of this land of shades go in search of food, is there any sound of living things. At other times all life is silent, but for the incessant tune of the cicadas. With such a setting of weirdness this forest has inspired a rule of fear. No native villager will enter it by choice. In the gloom of darkness he senses that multitudinous eyes are watching from the shrubs below and from the tropical island of leaves which forms the forest canopy above.

To ensure protection against the harmful influences, possibly spirits of demi-gods or demons, the forest dweller wears a kanya-nool, which he ties around his arm, waist or neck. It is a thread spun by a virgin, and soaked in tumeric, and charmed over charcoal embers and resin smoke. He utters mantara to keep away wild animals and equally to appease the mystery of the forest as it is impersonated in the goddess Pattini. In the Sinha Raja forests the poisonous cobra and the pit viper are common. A peculiar bat, a degenerate species of the vampire hunts at night and sucks the blood from vertebrates.

The Lure of the Peak

On the slopes of the range of mountains crowned by the pinnacle we call Adams Peak there lies a tract of the Country which is described on the Islands Maps as the Peak Wilderness. It affords impressions of primeval forests, dizzy precipices, rushing, brawling waters and rugged grandeur.

People always ask, have to been to the Peak already? They always come back and caught a cold.

There is a pilgrims path from Kandy through Ginigathena , called in old times the „Kadiligama High-way“ The long streams of people who used this road have passed away and now lies only hidden entanglements of thicket and scrub merged into the many paths which trail across the flourishing tea plantations of lower Ambagamuwa.

Apart from the old road through Ginigathena and the branch which joins it from Kitulgala, four other pathways lead to the summit. One through the Central province slopes and three on the Sabaragamuwa side.

Travelling along the ascent known as Maskeliya-para, one leaves the car near the Dalhousie tea factory. The climb really begins a mile farther, where a suspension bridge spans a mountain ravine defined by steep banks. Not far from this point is a large cave formed by a mass of overhanging rock. The Maskeliya-para is believed to merge into the old Kandyan route at this point. Tradition tells that to mark this pilgrimage, the King buried a great treasure, including his regalia, in a great cave on the mountainside. Past this rock cave, the path enters a forest and with little warning emerges on to the bank of a stream. Here the pilgrim can bathe in these ice waters and put on a clean white apparel before continuing the journey to the Peak.

Across the Sita Gangula begins the actual climb where a series of steps have been made but these steps are so irregular that they make the climb more fatiguing. The ascent lies through gloomy forests, the very athmosphere that is impregnated by a feeling of awe and sanctity.

We emerge from the gloom, eventually, onto a rocky ledge onto which a number of ambalams- wayfarers resting places-have been built. This rock which marks the base of the cone of the Peak is called by the Buddhists pilgrims Indi-katu-pana and by the Tamils Usimalai.

An early legend asserts that the Buddha when on earth, sat on this rock mending his robe.Mara, the wicked tempter noticing this, caused a flood to rush down the mountainside . To his wonderment, when the waters reached the spot, they parted and ran on each side of the rock.To mark this incident the pilgrims as they pass on their way to the Peak make an offering of needles and thread. The needles are stuck into the soft bark of the few trees on the vicinity or are hurled down the giddy depths, the thread, in knotted masses, cobwebs the branches or the shrubs and hangs in loose strands over the precipice.

The climb from Usimalai to the summit is undoubtedly the most thrilling lap in the ascent by way of the Maskeliya-para. The rocky dome overhangs the weary climber, who clings to sets of chains and series of iron railings and ladders which are there to help him over the precipitous surface. Having completed this final scramble, the maluwa, or walled in courtyard on the summit is ready to afford one a sense of security and many spectacular thrills. Many account of ascents up to Adam´s Peak from the Western side of the Island, suggest that the route taken, before roads in the interior were constructed that is,from Colombo to Ratnapura by land and then by jungle paths to the Peak, while on the return visitors usually went in boats down the Kalu Ganga to Kalutara. The Rathnapura approach, or the Gilimalai-para as it is called, is still kept open by the pedestrian pilgrim.

The height of Adam`s peak is seven thousand three hundred and sixty feet above sea level. The summit is in elleiptic form and it is surrounded by a parapet above five feet high. Immediately within the enclosure which is called the maluwa, a level space of irregular breadth runs all the way around. The Centre is occupied by a mass of gneiss about nine feet high at the highest point. Slightly to the west of this crown of rock there is a hollow, exhibiting the outline of a footprint about five feet long and of proportionate breadth.

Saman is believed by Buddhists and Hindu alike to be the tutelary divinity of the Peak wilderness. Both the Peak and the mountain bear his name Samantakuta and Samanala. The sacred Rhodenderons which grow on the higher slopes are dedicated to him. In his honor the butterfly takes the name of samanalaya.

The early legends say that it wason Samans special entreaty that the first of the four Buddhas visited the Peak and left his footprint. T happened about 3,000 years B.C. Each of the others followed in turn and left an impression over the earlier relics as an evidence of their supernatural power.

The Hindu traditions is based on the belief that Siva is one of his manifestations retired to this mountain for the purpose of certain devotional austerities. And that to mark the event, left the impress ofhis foot.This memento of the presence of Siva came to be called by the Hindus Sivaites Sivan-oli-padam- the sacred footprint of Siva.Holy Sanyasis still continue to search, as did their forbears, for the plant Sansevi, the tree of life and immortality said to grow on this slope.

The Eratne or the Kuruwita approach is said to be the most popular pilgrim trail. In entrails nearly twenty two miles of weary walking. Beginning at Kuruwita the path almost follows the sinuated course of the Kuru Ganga to it s very source It winds under over arching trees, across brawling rivers, within sound of the Bopathella Falls, until we reach Adavikanda. Nine miles and one thousand feet up.

There is a path, the Alupola approach, linked with Ratnapura by the motor road past Weveliketiya.Pilgrims passed over the Balangoda hills from the historic cities of Kaltota and Magama. This path is claimed to have been kept open for the pilgrims by elephants which roam the regions.


Still for those who are seeking the knowledge not in outside monuments or in nature, there is of course good places for meditation, there are a few places, some come and go, others stay. But from these I can say that Waruna´s meditation place, will be the best, because he is a great person and he loves what he is doing, and he does it very well.. A new and beautiful environment that he has created. He started working with his parents in an Antique Shop that the family owned and there he has absolutely everything you can imagine. If you come to Kandy, ask about Waruna, he is famous. And you will meet everybody that is interesting and if you need to be at the beachside Simone Simonett Secret Garden in Unawatuna. Info : was also recommended. Unawatuna is the beach where all the weirdos go.Although I like Beruwela best because I like the way the ocean looks there. And Ulpotha.Meditation Center has been there for a while already.

There are many scenic pleasures that await the visitor who comes to Sri Lanka. But let me suggest some means by which you can remember the lost art of small enjoyment. Everywhere you are, explore your immediate vicinity as if it were a hidden treasure, ask around for the special things, you might find in the most unimportant little village a magnificent temple, or cave, or monument, or something incredible that couldn´t even imagine is anywhere.

Remember the small things: OM MANI PADME HUM

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