Chapter 1: The Mouse Preface
Chapter 2: The Mouse Magic
Chapter 3: Occult Tourism
Chapter 4: Nature from Another Perspective
Chapter 5: Fetish
Chapter 6: Aryuveda
Chapter7: Astrology

Occult Tourism 

Astral travel/etheric plane/auras/entities/psychic attacks and protection/mystic tourism / Salamanders, Undines, Sylphs and Gnomes. / Yin and Yang

What occult tourism is:

Occult tourism is a form of tourism where a person goes to another Country for the purpose of learning mystic knowledge or having such experiences . So it would be something equal to sightseeing in the astral plane. Occultism postulates that every living body, and every material object, has an astral counterpart, visible to clairvoyant sight. Man´s astral body, when thus seen, looks very like his physical body. Also for physical tourism, the counterpart is astral or spiritual, or occult tourism. In Astrology, in the third house, there is the concept of short journeys and moving about. Short journeys are the projection of the third house function onto the physical plane. They are simply getting about in your everyday world. The key idea is that the journey does not take you out of the world with which you are familiar on a daily basis. If a journey takes you into a new and unfamiliar world that requires much conscious reflection and consideration n order to deal with it, it is not a third house journey no matter how large the physical distance. The LSD fashion in the sixties was considered a trip (of the ninth house) and that is why they called it a „trip“, even though you could stay sitting on a chair. This reflection on short and long journeys of the third and the ninth house makes it plainly clear what a trip is all about. Notwithstanding the trips of today, where the Hotel is pretty much a repetition of the environment that the tourist knows.

During the waking life, the astral body normally coincides in space with the material body. In dreams, it is the astral body which is aware and experiences the dream- contents. Some people however, acquire the faculty of deliberately transferring their consciousness to the astral body, and moving about independently of the physical body, which is known as astral projection.

The astral plane, in which a deliberately projected astral body moves and observes in full consciousness, is a complicated medium. It has one foot on the ground, and one in fairyland. What is observed in the astral place, corresponds closely to the physical world. It is possible for the experienced mystic to transfer his consciousness at will to the astral plane, leaving his physical body inert, to wander on that plane, observing places and events of which he has no normal sensory knowledge, to return to his physical body, and to report what he has seen in such a detail, that this can be checked out in the material world. And the mystic can also live in the astral plane, in places that have no physical counterpart, leaving the material world totally behind. But one cannot call this illusory, because this place can be also visited by another person, and we know that it is impossible to imagine or to dream the same thing as another person. Astral environments, created by other people can be entered and observed.

Most common cultural difficulties encountered in Sri Lanka:

Sri Lanka is not in the astral plane but a physically real country, obviously.. But it is a strange country and things are totally different here than elsewhere. For example Sri Lankans are not completely in the physical plane. When foreigners come here to work they find Sri Lankans are very difficult to teach, to do special jobs.. They seem to have no memory and the same things must be said again and again. Their logic is completely different to ours., as it appears almost non existent. To us foreigners who live here they are always sleeping, that is how slow they are, and we find it difficult to connect with them. But even among Europeans, or lets say people of the same culture, communication is a difficult thing, most of what is going on all the time is projection and monologues. But here, communication is impossible. Of course we always jump into conclusions to what we know. Foreigners living here will say that Sri Lankans are dumb and lazy too. Truly in our country any behaviour resembling this will be a result of stupidity and laziness. Here it is another story., and we need the Matrix to understand it. If tourists do not feel the same way, that is because they do not have close working contact over years, like the foreigners working here. Therefore they might think when they hear the foreigner residents speak, about the locals, that they themselves have lost their minds. Another communication problems is through the touts. Last week a German woman came here with a tout. She has decided to stay in the Country, it is her destiny and she is buying a land, building a house and making a project. She lives with a Sri Lankan man and his family. These two, without having any sexual relations, are really good friends and you can hear the most loving conversation between them. The man follows whatever she is doing and he has 20% commission from everything she does. Anything she cannot solve, he will solve for her. Possibly he will end up holding the titles to the land and the car, as a straw man. He will wait and the friendly relations will continue until she has spent all her money. This is a hard reality of Sri Lanka and this is very very common. I could tell the woman what is wrong, but she will never believe me. She thinks that se knows what is going on, and that foreigners when they speak like this they do it because of arrogance and racial discrimination. Bad people you meet all over the world, but this type of situation is very common here. What happens to the foreigners is that they are sort of in a dream state. Suddenly everything they ever thought was possible has come true Their yang is totally caught up by the yin and their being has become whole. Except that there is a saying, if something is too good to be true, it is too good to be true “When you live for a while in Sri Lanka and go through all the cheating and lying that goes on here, you are free either to hate the people or to think about it some more. Everything that happens here happens in Europe too, it just isn´t so obvious. The cheating style in Europe is more refined, less repetitive. In fact the reason why you know that this foreigner is being cheated is less because you know the Sri Lankan, but because it is always the same, exactly the same trick. The Yang cheating style is creative, aggressive The Yin cheating style is receptive and repetitive. The motive is poverty, extreme poverty out of which they cannot get out, and selfishness and a wrong view of the western world, and of course lack of morals.. They see it as a prison and the only way out is through the foreigner. The tourist sees what it seems to be happy people, going about their business with a smile. Although the motive is a kind of Robin Hood complex, the system is very Yin. In Europe cheating is creative work, in Sri Lanka is repetitive. To understand it, we have to see the Matrix too. The Matrix is hidden in the polarity of Yin and Yang. Everything, whether a person, a building, a road, a landscape, an attitude, behaviour, food, medicine, anything at all, is either feminine or masculine . The Yang is active, penetrates and dominates, the Yin is receptive, hidden from view .I am not really trying to divide everything between male and female, I have heard enough of those words. It is not emancipation’s jargon.It is just a Matrix, meaning a key to understanding Whenever we confront a new situation that we do not know anything about, we need information. We can look for information on the outside, that is the usual way that people are used to look for information. But we can also look for information on the inside.

Racism, for example, is another problem. Of course, there is racism, that always depends on the development of the individual It is used to discriminate, and it is also used to manipulate foreigners into accepting something they normally would not accept from another „white“. But we must not react to this words. If one would say that Sri Lankans like rice and curry and enjoy also eating it with their fingers, this is information, not a racist remark. Same is when I say, that a certain Sri Lankan is cheating and I can explain exactly what he is doing even though I do not know him, but it is because I know the culture and their reactions to foreigners, and I know the system is Yin and it is repetitive. Also there is no need in Asia to display yourself and your philosophy and way to see things, therefore the Sri Lankan will completely attach himself to the foreigner and repeat his views as if they were his own. Foreigners love that. Additionally to this, many times we cannot find the information ,on the outside or the inside, because we think that we already know what is happening, and that we understand it all. It is very difficult to get away from this, because we are in a state of confusion, and one way we would know is if we had a investigator nature. That we, just for the pleasure of it, want to know everything.

This is kind of a cooking recipe. When we make a glass of lime juice in Sri Lanka, not only sugar is added, but also a little bit of salt. Then we taste it, if we have too little sugar we add it, if we have too little salt, we added it too. The same goes for Yin and Yang. My friend Ea told me one when I was complaining business was bad, look at your place, Nazha. You never go out, you live hidden 45 minutes from Kandy, the road is bad, then you have all these hanging lianas from the trees that fall on the road (they are gorgeous!), then when people do manage to arrive they are attacked by hoards of dogs. And your telephone often doesn´t work. That day I had a good laugh with her, and after that somehow the fashion started between us to call everything Yin or Yang. It has been a good fashion because these definitions clarify our thoughts. In Europe women have solved their power problems simply by forgetting their true nature and becoming Yang. That is why they have been cheated again and why sexuality is played up and women show off their bodies so much. With this Matrix we can understand everything and solve all problems, because in order to solve a problem first we must see clearly what this problem is Yang, without the Yin, is not complete. That is why in Europe, although the wealth that Sri Lankans aspire is there, they have so many mental problems and they are totally disconnected from the cosmos, and really desperate. Business is Yang. There must be an open line to the world. People continuously move and they form many relationships that are not true friendships, but business connections. The very important things is connections, (Beziehungen- Vitamin B). Now things get done through connections and marketing and not really how good your product is. Names and definitions are there to help in your thinking. When you start to practice your Yin and Yang things, you come to realise so many things. People on Yang are always running around, even in their free time they must have Yang vacations. Is it that they want these Yang vacations or is it more reactive behaviour? Can you really change your speed. By the same means you can apply this to know what someone is going to do , sort of a branch of clairvoyance .If you understand deeply this matrix you can predict people´s behaviour and also explain it to yourself. The lack of Yin in the lives of Westerners explains their circumstances well, and can help you see why so many Yin activities will be forced upon you, things that come out of nowhere and you just have to endure. Like unhappiness when everything is going fine, depressions. Without Yin and Yang you are alone and disconnected. If you are connected you are immortal and one with everything. If you are disconnected, your clock s just ticking „life is a bitch and then you die“ There is a difference between the outline of something and the inside of something. If you only know the outline you have to find out things what that person is doing to get information. Like you have to evaluate all the gossip If you want to find out something, and only go inside, you do not need any details of that person´s life. You find out the patterns some other way. For example :the police when they are looking for a criminal that eludes them, try to make out of theory what they call a „psychological profile“ With this psychological profile they try to find this person, because now they know what he is doing. And they will find him. And that is not clairvoyance. That is what you can have, if you go bellow the surface ,the psychological profile of everyone and you don´t need any detailed gossip or superficial information because you already have the pattern of behaviour.. But of course, you do not have to know what anyone is doing and if you do what to know the reasons have to be right, that means that they could be defensive, or out of learning curiosity. Because if you get caught up in manipulation, well, that is a dead end street. It will take all of your energy and guide all your actions and bring no returns.

How to separate your body from your astral body:

In order to truly communicate with a person we must be able to meet their astral being with ours. To hear a conversation we must hear the space between the words, hear their thoughts. Therefore it is of great importance that we become acquainted with our astral plane, that we can know our subconscious well, that this becomes so normal to us that we do it automatically. For this we have to practice some technique with ourselves, until we are sure we have understood. Astral projection of this kind is the work of a highly trained person. But even everyone must start somewhere. Techniques for achieving are basically of two kinds.

In the first, you will your astral body to move away from your physical body, and then you will your consciousness into that displaced astral body. In the second, by imagination and will, you move the centre of gravity of your consciousness to a new location outside your physical body, in stages perhaps, and then you will your astral body to join it .With the first method, one way is to start with a part of your astral body, like a hand or a finger, and only step by step join in other parts of your body. First sit comfortably on a chair with arms resting, on the arm rests. Then visualise your attention, lets say, on the index finger. Visualise its astral double, coinciding with it. When this astral finger is clear and real in your mind, raise it by will alone, and will your physical finger to follow it. You might need many attempts but persevere. In the long rum you will be able to raise the finger by willpower alone, and not use your muscles.

You must practice this exercise and be very honest with yourself, because it must be true when you can do it Later, weeks or months later, try doing it with the rest of your body and then you will become conscious of your astral body and the reality of it, and you will be able to control it If you are really working with your astral body, sit on a chair and put your hands on your legs, under the table. Then will your hands through the table, there are no physical barriers. Try to visualise your astral body sitting separately, maybe across, your physical body. Visualise every detail. You can do this with your eyes closed, or you can do this in front of a mirror and transfer your astral self to the mirror image. When you feel you have done this, will your consciousness into your astral body. .Some books on astral projection mention a silver chord, infinitely extendible, which can be seen during projection, connecting the physical body to the astral body Probably this sounds like just another of the various meditation exercises, and it is that too. But there is no other way for us to enter into the astral plane, or to leave the physical plane if we don´t really separate ourselves from that what we do everyday and the way we do it. It would be a hit if we could just rent ourselves a jeep and rush through a haunted garden and see beings. Unfortunately that is not the way things are truly. It is a slow and tedious preparation and you can do it in so many ways but ultimately it changes your nature, to such an extent that you can actually feel it. You can actually feel vibrations if you are there, as if it were wind or electricity in the air. There will be enough manifestations of this magic world being the true world. This is not about faith, but knowledge. At the beginning I don´t know how you get in, for some it might be hope, for others disgust with the so called real world. Sometimes we meet someone who strikes our very being and we become curious about the magic world. For everyone of us it is different, but we are all together in this astral place.

The alternative method is by making your seat of consciousness mobile, instead of your astral body. Place five symbols, for example tarot cards, on five different places in the room, and memorise everything. Then close your eyes and take your imagination on a tour of the symbols. Mentally walk up to the first one and visualise it and its surroundings exactly, so you can see it in full detail in your minds´ eye. Contemplate it for a while, and then continue your mental walk, visualising the turn, and the halt. Then when you have reached the second symbol and mentally turned to face it, bring this image to your minds´eye, in the same way. You can do the same thing with smells, or with noise. By this time you will have a good idea of your mind moving about independently of your body. The difference between the first and second method is that, whereas you can manipulate your astral body, which is real, independently from your physical body, your consciousness cannot be both outside your physical body and astral body. So, by getting your consciousness used to the concept of astral projection, you prepare yourself for a breakthrough.

I always have had trouble telling the difference between my imagination and the reality outside the material world. The first time that Winafred hypnotised me, I actually expected to see the story, right in front of me, like a movie. I was not ready, as much as I adored her, to tell lies about what was happening. And then I refused to use my imagination. As then nothing happened I had to let go of my ideas and use my imagination, otherwise I would have lost the opportunity of working with her .I tried to find al kinds of reasons why it was a real trip, and not something I made up. I found a few, like that what happened stayed with me a long time, I felt totally sure I was there, I felt relaxed as if I had slept. All of those were small proofs of it being true. But what really happened is that slowly I did change my consciousness and I was able to travel to places that didn´t exist before for me I could in the shortest time be in a hell of an altered state, in another reality. Lets put it another way, I was able to hypnotise myself in seconds, feel the energy of a person by touching her- it feels sort of like an electric shock. After years of this, I had definite proof. Imagination is your tool, use it, and don´t worry about making it all up, you won´t. That problem will take care of itself. It is what some people call a working hypothesis. Do not try to confirm the hypothesis to reality, reality is such a fickle thing. If it works, and you are totally sure, don`t try to prove it to others in their territory. When that breakthrough comes, it will be because your mental tour has with practice become so vivid and detailed that your astral body is coaxed into taking it over. Instead of standing looking at a tarot card, you can be right in front of it, seeing the real thing instead of your mental picture of it.

The etheric plane is something we also hear about, but it is not the astral body, but that which corresponds more closely to the physical body. It is associated with the aura which physic people can see projected from the physical body and which will tell a lot about the owners emotional state. I was so interested to see this, I thought that was the most important thing in the world and it took a long time for me to see it, it was also a gift, I got up one morning like that. I had been talking about auras, reading books about auras and all that stuff. But that morning where I was actually in the car and was going to Kandy, everyone, even a cow that was on the road, had an aura. After that, I was never to see auras like that again, but I knew of it, and then I fitted it into my way .But now seeing, for me, is not colours, for me, but feelings. But not a little bit of a feeling, a very strong feeling. I see for example when people are gossiping their bodies in a crouched posture and hear little noises pss psss. coming from their mouths, then I know those people are not talking anything worth while hearing. Unfortunately sometimes I must hear too what they say, but I pretend of course that I don´t know .It is best to leave everybody alone .So the body posture will show me, like the colour for to other people, their feelings. And the sounds they make. Trying to see into people´s lives is some kind of voyeurism. Of course not at the beginning At the beginning you will be, if you are anything like me, just stunned about this new superpower. You will admire it, admire yourself , admire God and the Universe, until someone gives you a punch in the stomach because you told them something you should not. Or you get sick, to see again how small you are. People are actually very busy pretending to be something they are not, and they need that as much as the air they breathe. That is their way, and you must leave them alone.

Projection of consciousness is possible from the astral and the etheric body, one being easier first. The first step being the ethereal and after the astral, which will automatically happen.

The Entities:

One of the fundamental beliefs in occultism is that the universe is populated by a whole hierarchy of intelligent entities, in addition to those which are visible to the humans. This beings are operating in the spiritual, mental and astral levels. There was a famous painter, that became a monk and called himself Sumedha. He was picked up by some Germans who came to Sri Lanka to meditate and write books, sick, from a cave, and they took care of him.

I actually didn´t know the Germans well, as it turned out I was friends with their daughter instead of with them, although I was their age and not their daughters age. Susan was always having difficulties with her mother, and the funny thing was, that when she told me what her mother had done to her, I could understand her mother better than her, because it was an age thing. But I never told her, only expressed my sympathy. Susan lived for a while with her parents, and her parents didn´t encourage visitors, being themselves like hermits and I was not welcome in their house. But once I went and they had the walls full of these Sumedha paintings.

I am a painter too, so I know. I just walked in this house and without knowing anything I saw these paintings. I nearly had a heart attack Only later I got to know the whole story. Susan was not so interested in religion at the time, but one could see the pressure that it made on her. For example once I asked about a certain monk, who was in the Hospital and had been there for six months. Susan, I said, is that story true about this monk who was meditating in the Jungle and he was trampled by the elephants because he didn´t move out of their way? Because he thought that he was above matter or that sort of thing. Susan nearly had a tantrum. I was surprised because she wasn´t that way with me. But I realised that she was tired of hearing this story and explaining.

„No Nazha, Susan said, it was not like that at all. He saw the elephants and he was meditating obviously in their path, and he did move away and let the elephants pass.“

But a few minutes later, there was another elephant that came charging because he had lost the group. In the meantime the monk had gone back to his place, so this elephant walked over him at great speed.

Not that there were not any crazy stories about Sumedha himself. He lived in a cave where Buddhist monks and nuns have lived in uninterrupted succession for more than two thousand years. A small cave, three strides wide and about twenty long, with the skeleton of a deceased monk hanging upright behind his back and in the front a small Buddha statue. I heard that Sumedha had once performed an operation in front of his cave because he had been a Doctor in an earlier incarnation.

Anyway later the parents were also nice to me and once they brought Sumedha to my house. There was a lot of Sumedhas paintings and Exhibitions, to which I was invited too. His paintings were miniatures, not too small, like 20cm by 30 cm. His colours were amazing, because he, and that is my guess, used colour on top of each other so that sometimes you could see a colour but another one was underneath. But the painting that freaked me out most was one in blues and black , called Yakkhasamuha (Crowd of Demons) and it had something written on the bottom, it said: „ if the eye could see the demons that people the Universe, existence would be impossible“ At the time I was not so developed, but at that moment I just knew that this was true. That it was crowded around me, whether I could see it or not.

As an artist I think about the entities of fire a lot, that give me my inspiration and sometimes I paint with an incredible speed. And the earth entities because I want my plants, which is food for the butterflies, to grow faster and better. And air, because it seems those are Ranjith´s entities and they puzzle me. And water. The entities of water are so beautiful to me. I have spent now two years trying to contact the entities, have made many statues and paintings of them and have thought about them a lot-These entities have traditional names, like salamanders of fire, sylphs of air, undines or mermaids and gnomes of the earth. There are a few techniques for entering the world of these elements, to experience each in his undiluted form and to communicate with them.

Nazha, the entities` groupie.

(This is how I get my fill of darkness, and mystery).

What would be the reason to project ourselves into the sphere of water, air, fire or earth? Well, simply to become closer to those attributes they represent. All this stuff could appear silly to you and I don´t blame you. But everywhere where you have already been doesn´t take you there. You must go somewhere where you have never been, do things you have never done.

The technique of projecting yourself into the sphere of water goes like this: Sit in a comfortable and relaxed position where you will not be interrupted, and close your eyes. Breathe calmly and regularly, calm concentration is what your aiming at. Imagine your body being hollow and surrounded by all the water in the Universe. When this image is clearly achieved start bringing the surrounding water into your hollow body by breathing in through your lungs and absorbing it through every pore in your skin. As the water fills you, imagine sinking into the bottom of the ocean. What you are doing now is not sinking yourself into an imaginary ocean and also not into the real one, you are sinking yourself into the water aspect of your own nature, which is real. And on the astral level of consciousness this water element part of yourself can become aware of, and communicate with, entities which populate that element. Water is said to be the element of fertility, the love principle ,it is ruled by Gabriel. The elements of water are compassion, tenderness, receptivity, forgiveness, and fluidity. I feel in the Christian religion that Mary is the mermaid. You will have to practice a lot before you come into contact with the undines. They are very elusive in the early stages, but they will eventually become clearer. They are difficult to understand because they are flowing creatures, but eventually you will be able to communicate with them. You must be very courteous , meander through their life and watch what they are doing. You are there not to master them but to learn what they are like. They can enter the body of a human and they are very clinging and jealous. Also, the negative attributes are indifference, spinelessness, uncommitedness, fluidity in the treacherous sense. It is said that Undines can come and live on the land, but they must return to their element after seven years. There are many such stories going around. Water is also associated with difficulty,. It s energies are deep and dark. It is sometimes said to convey feeling like an abyss. It s behaviour is far from predictable. It cuts across other energetic forces, just like we see in a flood. Of the four elements water is the most difficult to understand, that is because we are in a yang society and yin is considered inferior, and relegated to a very primitive internal level, but in other times and cultures water was given an honoured place in daily life.

Sri Lanka is an Island surrounded by water and full of water. The people in general. I feel. are related to the water entities. Watery people who comprehend this elements from first hand experience cannot readily communicate what they comprehend. It is not that watery people are unable to communicate, it is that what they have to communicate is extremely difficult to put into words. Communication is difficult because water represents non linear non rational non discriminative modes of thought, and this is exactly what we foreigners feel, that live here a long time that these people are very strange, like this, and that they are not like us at all. I believe that Cubans are in general related to the fire entities and that Sri Lankans are in general related to the water entities. And they certainly behave like that. Cuba is also an Island, but the fire in Latin America quenches the water.

Water has a subtle feeling toned understanding that comes into being at no particular point, seeming rather to have existed always.

Water has stronger ties with the past, a stronger involvement with familiar people , places and situations. A water person understands feelings better than anyone else, and for this water is the symbol for empathy. And also water is the symbol of nurture, protection and aid. Every living entity goes through a period of life in which is developing and growing, and yet not ready to appear. That is also why the Sri Lankans love their children so much and the grown ups play with their children just as if they were children themselves. Creativity is their strong point. When you work with Sri Lankans you see their total inability to repeat something that has been made. They will constantly create new ways to do things, until you scream at them. If you want something new invented, give some instructions and walk away and let them do it. the Sri Lankans have actually the thinnest legs I have ever seen, and they have no leg muscles. Like if they would never need them and do not develop them. The projection technique for the fire element is similar as that for water. This time you imagine yourself as a hollow body, in the middle of an infinite universe of fire. Steadily you breath in fire and absorb it through every pore. Your body will have a rise in temperature this time. It is not actual combustion what you feel or an illusion, it is the genuine fire element in you. Salamanders, as the undines are elusive to men, but they are also more hostile, they will teach you, but they won´t give in. Fire is the element of action, the light principle, courage, daring, enthusiasm, valour against evil. It s vices are anger, jealousy, vindictiveness and hatred. Fire represent the energy that enables everything to exist. It is the basic energy of being Fire is the Archetype of the Hero. The hero goes out into the world and attempts to bring order out of chaos and undergoes several trials trying to prove his strength and worthiness especially against the powers of darkness. On the psychological level fire represents the Jungian libido, the basic energy that drives all psychological functions.

Sylphs, the element of air, are very hard to see. You have to be a very pure person to be able to see them at all. But you can make friends with them, although you have to work hard. They will teach you how o control your mind and level your thoughts out- how to be creative in the mind, that is their purpose.

Gnomes are easier to contact and they tend to be friendly. In your projection make yourself aware of solidity or permanence, of the earth itself. You absorb yourself into it, sink into it. Show that you belong to it, and are part of it. In fact you are, we are too close to them. The earth provides us with so much minerals, that we use, that we are being more of earth than of the other elements. Being so close to man they are occasionally discernible without an outright act of projection. Sometimes in the woods you can see them, like a shadow in the corner of your eye.

To get in touch with these entities, if you want to see them, any place in the world is the same. But if you are in Sri Lanka there is

here no reality interfering with your astral plane, because you are in another plane alltogether, disconnected. When you go to a meditation place you are together with other people seeking an altered state, seeking other realities. Sri Lanka has in that sense something special, like another river of consciousness flowing through it. However there are so many other invisible entities, and in Sri Lanka it might not be the best place to get in touch. It is the best place, because it is full of them and the most dangerous place for the same reason. Possession is always a possibility, unless you learn to protect yourself, and because Sri Lankans are continuously trying to get in touch with all kinds of entities, is a very active place, and a real danger to the beginner and even to the more advanced mystic. When coming to Sri Lanka, some things are going to be the same, like you can meditate here like you can meditate anywhere else, and some things are going to be different. People are very active with magic, entities are being summoned all the time by everyone- almost-it is crowded. Even monks are making this weird sounds when they are praying, not completely kosher. This all is helpful, in a way, it is full of life, not theories being taught in rooms, but alive and loose on the streets. At whatever time you come, there will be some festival going on and they will be doing that! Take the famous non stop month of activity, August, and continue up to December, here and there. Come anytime, take a calendar and look up the Holidays and find out what is is- this country has the most holidays, if they are not Christian or Muslim you can be sure there will be some hanky-panky going on. If you go to Kataragama Temple, anytime, it will be full of mystics and all types of pagan weirdoes, or go to the Kali Temples, or any Devale, actually, for that matter. But you have to contact somebody, and trust somebody, and that is the dangerous part. People are, even at the mystic stage, not perfect. Adding to the country´s favourite game to take all foreigners for a ride, you are in trouble. It means that you have to be very careful. There is a Sri Lankan that is much more dangerous than any other. It is not the genuine article, the oppressed poor Asian who has suffered .He is like the coconut, brown on the outside and white on the inside, too well off and well spoken to be considered truly ethnic. This is the person that is more likely to make contact with the foreigner, as he has been waiting for this chance for a long time. He will gain access slowly and proceed slowly and appear totally disinterested in matters of money, in fact he might appear to have enough himself.

Trust is a very nice thing, but give it when the person has earned it, not before. And do not hang around all open for any entity to attach to you, either.

Self defence:

The best way is to learn something about self defence. If you have not been under psychic attack this is again only academic . Only if you have had any experience of this kind and have felt yourself under some spell this is of extreme importance. By my explaining the laws of self defence I am throwing light on the system and allowing you to see it clearly and openly. There are two laws which apply to the psychic self defence problems. The Law of Challenge and the Law of Equalities.

The Law of Challenge is used in all psychic or occult work and it consists of placing protection around oneself, or one´s psychic charges before commencing a work. Then challenging whatever puts and appearance or makes itself and it s presence felt. This challenge will vary from school to school, but I have never seen anybody doing this in Sri Lanka. Whenever I have felt that an entity was coming, I have become hysterical and asked for help, which then they gave in the form of a thread of water sprinkled, or both, and I felt then the entity backing off. If you ask them to protect you beforehand in order that an entity will not attach, they will probably have no idea of what you are talking about. So best is to learn to protect yourself.

If you have learned how to protect yourself and you believe that your system will protect you, it will. Unless the Law of Equalities comes into play. The Law of Equalities decrees that of two minds battle, the more powerful one will gain ascendancy, while the other will stay down for a while longer. So, in this case it means keep within your bounds and do not go looking for trouble.

Every living thing has an aura, which is an energy force field surrounding the physical shell. This aura also acts as a protecting shield against many things, including disease, the impingement of other minds or intelligences, it ensures the retaining of natural physical and mental energies, and so on. The aura will show to an occultist what is wrong with a person, if they are ill or some other problem by means of discoloration, breaks, dents and it will help the healer to think about this condition that needs assistance. With psychic development, the head aura is expanded as in very advanced or old souls. Often Saints are depicted with a halo around their heads. In the case of a medium maybe you can see while the medium is working, how the entity sends impulses into the mind of the medium through the aura.

The aura, being of a finer substance or frequency than matter, functions at the same level of speed as thought .It is therefore controllable by thought processes, in other words, you can think your aura open or closed at will.The safest and purest colours are blue and white. Maybe it will be easier to imagine that you are stepping into a clear plastic bag, a clear blue or a clear white one, pulling it over your whole body and fastening it up over the top of your head. Tie it up with something that you like, I like to think of it as a handspun silk thread, since I am a silk artist. After this becomes automatic, you will see that you can expand your aura and contract it, according to your needs. I have a large dining table, but always had to place myself at the head of the table, because I found it difficult to eat with somebody sitting besides myself. Until somebody told me that I am letting my aura take an incredible space and because I live on this mountain and hardly go anywhere this is a habit. Then I started pulling my aura in, at the dining table if I have to sit beside somebody, and I found that more comfortable that way. Having decided to protect yourself , and accepting responsibility for yourself , you must be sure of your procedures. Protection might be effected in two ways: by disciplined thought processes, and by employing protective ritual.

You might think again that I am overdoing the protection thing. In fact it is the opposite. In our society clairvoyance and clairsentience is seen as something exotic, like a magician performing tricks. People are looking at this from the outside, much as if you go to a 5 star Hotel and see Sri Lanka from there. If you go into the streets, suddenly you need security. You don´t know the dangerous streets, the difference from the healthy and the bad food. You are inside and exposed. You are on a platform of reality as it has been taught to you. The moment you see or feel things happening that are impossible if you then do not rationalise and let go of the platform you will be insane. That insanity is not well dealt with in the society is an open secret. You have to heal yourself. The mind, is the conscious expression of the psyche or spirit, that intelligence which learns from experience and adds to the spiritual whole. The spirit is you. To start with thought process, we come back to the technique of visualisation.

Seat yourself comfortably, build your aura mentally, make your imagery according to your belief. Then imagine a shaft of pure light issuing from your protective symbol and slowly sweeping around the room. Always work clockwise, sending your beam of light right around until every corner of the room has been filled, including the areas above and below your room-After we are relaxed, invoked our protective symbols, dealt with our won auras and cleansed our room we can proceed to carry whatever practice we have in mind.

If we find ourselves in a devale, we cannot cleanse the room. There are other people there and it is probably stuffed with entities, some of which might get pissed off .Here we can only cleanse our aura and use our protective symbol. If, after having closed your aura, invoked your protective symbol, and done whatever we can, if we still feel uncomfortable, you can call for help. To call yourself a higher force, or better, in the case of a crowded devale, ask your more experienced companion for help. Don´t get possessed. You can get sick and crazy and end up with a very unpleasant exorcism, after weeks or even months of suffering

It is possible to create and dissolve thought forms by mind power alone, but that again depends how far you are. This here might appear to you to be some kind of general esoteric thought and talk. That will stay so, until one day or one moment you are in trouble, then you need to know all of this, to the material world this is a break down of some kind, and psychology has given it many names.( break down, post stress syndrom, whatever )But we, on the other side know exactly what this is and how this is caused, prevented and how to cure it. And prevention is the best cure .If what I am saying here appears to you unnecessary to read at the moment, if you have no feeling for it being needed, just wait and see. One day, when you need it, you will remember and it will save you. When you are hanging around in the devales, there are three main possibilities. You are totally closed and feel nothing. Then your visit to the devale will probably be short. Or you feel a little bit, but don´t know what. Then you are a little bit in danger. Or you are open and anyone can enter. Then you better learn fast to protect yourself.

If you do not have a protective symbol already, here is how you can get one:

Close your eyes and imagine yourself taking a journey back to the moment of your birth. Re-enter your womb and emerge at the other end at the point of actual conception just prior to entering the embryo that is to become you. Pause for a moment and then start to move forward again in time, passing through the drama of your birth, and as you do so, imagine you are taking hold of a silver chord from your baby form and pulling it along with you as you proceed towards the present.

Pass through the experiences of childhood, pausing here and there to register some particular traumatic or meaningful event, great happiness, pain, or new awareness and each time you pause, make a knot in your silver chord. Everytime you come to such a special event, passing through your later life, you make a knot in your silver chord, and thus you arrive at the present time, having your chord full of knots.

Pull the beginning of the chord and tie it to the end, thus forming a circle. Lay the circle flat and step into it. You will then find yourself sinking through darkness, and eventually you will come to what feels like the bottom. The experience of the bottom will vary with each individual but it will feel like a watery bottom. Then rise, the way you rise will be unique to you, however you will ascend. The first thing that you see when you come out of the passage is your won personal symbol. Having learned your personal symbol keep this in mind with you at all times, and use it always for safety, as it will link you with your group soul.

A genuine psychic attack is usually an instance when the mind of a student that is pursuing the occult, psychic or mystical path, comes into opposition with a force, energy or intelligence either not of his particular wavelenght or actually anti the frequency of his group soul or evolving impulse, and therefore anti him. As the Universe is composed of an infinite number of frequencies in all and every conceivable permutation, chances of this occurring at some time or other are quite high.

I have been often exposed to psychic attack and have learned to be afraid. I always remember Nanette, who took off here is a hurry when Winafred invited Asanka for a seance.

Protection through ritual. There are people that feel much safer if they are protected through a ritual.

The westerner has been schooled to a more active and practical approach to life, and the passivity of eastern people and eastern mystics tend to unbalance him. If he is not careful, added to the pressures of occultism, he can simply go nuts. The Rituals that you use for protection, might be yours, or your teachers. But do not mix systems. There are such things as rays and anti rays. Find a good textbook in the particular system you want, and learn it

Another way that is not really meant for protection, but for guidance, but will show you if there is any danger is the I Ching. Buy yourself a book called: The I CHING or book of changes and learn to use it .It is easy and will guide you through life, and if it is true or not, you will soon find out.

Yin and Yang give birth to countless patterns of existence. Universal designs emerge out of the bewildering profusion of beings and events. The transformations of energies can be systematically charted. There are many uses for the I Ching. One is for clairvoyance, and the question can be asked anytime instead of waiting for the messages to come on their own. I have suffered enough, which would probably be a pre requisite of clairvoyance, but still I am not able to control it fully, receiving information at different times, not necessarily when I want it. Another very important role of the I Ching is to be helpful as the Matrix of things.

The I Ching, is a book. On the surface is just a book. It will show you how to consult it. Deeper, in the mysterious Universe we live in, it is an oracle .It can give you flawless advice at any point.

It seems like another one of those parallels. We have the subconscious mind, that we do not know that much about- our own mind- and have to access through different systems. There might also be a part of our life that we cannot access now, or just barely access. Accept it as it is, if you want to try to control everything, you probably end up as a member of a sect, that will tell you what to think and what to do, and to let go of your own ideas. I know somebody, well even a few people, that have stopped thinking because they say that is their ego. So they rather follow somebody else’s ego, than theirs.

By the way, these psychic attacks are happening all the time, out there is a battlefield where people are trying to be one step ahead of you, rather than loving and giving loving energy. Construct symbolic defences against impinging minds.

The Oracle in Colombo

In Colombo, there is something really weird. The first time I heard of it, I was just sitting with some normal people, I couldn´t even understand what they said. They said there was a place in Colombo, where, if you go, they can tell you your whole future. That it would be written on some ola leaves. Ola leaves are still quite normal, these are the old books that one can see anywhere, but the main problem was, how some leaves, where your future has been written, can be found in Colombo. Are the futures of everyone in the world, like every single person on the earth, or just the people that during their lifetimes will come to Sri lanka? Well, really scary.

Horoscopes of contemporary people have been written on ancient ola leaves and this has been known for decades, in Sri Lanka and in Tamil Nadu. One South Indian reader of these leaves, that had studied this phenomena for over forty years said that they were originally written on old goatskins and later transcribed on copper plaques, and then on ola leaves which claim to be hundred years old. On why they were written it has been said that they were tutorial exercises set by the ancient sages(rishis) to their pupils who were set the task of composing the horoscopes of persons yet to be born in a series of dates and times, or that the sages made these writtings for the guidance of people. There were apparently seven rishis who authored these horoscopes individually or in conference.

I sort of had in my mind at that time a vision of myself entering into the Akasha chronicles , like me entering this huge library where all the things that have ever happened were recorded, only that I entered a small subsidiary where only the people that have and will come to Sri Lanka during their lifetimes can be found.

Later I did find quite a few people that have been there. Sonjya told me she went there, and they asked her to give her thumbprint, that is how they look for it, and later her leaf was read, she was asked are you the Sonjya Kleiner from this town, is this your mother Once they had the wrong person, but then they got her. They told her the past pretty exactly, and the future, part of it she didn´t understand, part she didn´t believe and part of it was o.k. The part she didn´t believe was, like they said that her father will come to Sri Lanka at a later date and that he would change his ways somewhat. She did not believe that, but it did happen later. The problem often when somebody tells us the future is that we are not there yet and cannot understand because we do not know that yet.

The identification goes as follows: Leaves are identified as belonging to a given subject through his or her thumb prints. These serve as indispensable indexes or codes; birth dates and times are insuficient.Four main groups of thumb prints have been identified: It might take a few hours, or a few days to or even a week to locate the respective leaves in bundles. Final identification is made by matching the birth date, the names of the subject, his or her parents, as a prelude to the reading.

On the appointed date, the leaf is read, while a tape recording is made. There are several readers and translators. After each sentence or part of it, the reading is translated into his own language by a translator. The reading covers not only the present life, but also his or her previous birth, and the next birth. The reading will state that the subject will have the reading only at the age- and at the year- at which he seeks the reading. There is no discussion between reader and subject, except initially when the subject is asked to verify that the leaf is indeed his, from his date of birth, the names of the person and of his parents and other key facts of his life,like the number of siblings. The reader will then state all the significant facts from this life, from the time he was born, including where he was born, the date, the day of the week, the natal horoscope, parent´s names. Subjects name, the number of siblings, profession, events in the subject´s life.

It is invariable so that the past, up to the time of the reading, has been entirely accurate, down to details of personal names. What seems wrong in some cases is the future. Sometimes part of the readings of the future seem wrong, or will turn out to be wrong or different. The idea could be that because the events related in the ola leafs are subject to the laws of Karma, that the deeds in the present life have modified the karmic account, to some extent. The concept of compatibilism combining both determinism and free will. So, if you pass Colombo, and you are interested in your future and your past and future lives, an if it is in your life´s plan to stop by, then make it a stop, by all means.

The Yin People:

Are these the Yin people, that wait patiently yielding for their life to change, to receive wealth, to know about the other world not accessible to them which they dream of, living in their Yin houses, manufacturing for the west for cents, like a kind of modern slave, so that wealth in the West can continue. They have small houses, with low ceilings and they are dark inside. They live protected lives and bring up their children protected.

Some very few breaking out of this pattern. To share in the wealth of the west and the wealth of problems that they have with their type of existence, and their emptiness and depressions and their total disassociation with the real Universe. That is they exchange Yin for Yang and the Yin problems for the Yang problems. Or maybe it is not possible to expect this „Revolution“ out of the Yin people, because they are always in a state of meditation, or not either from the Yang people, always immersed in activity, faster and faster. Maybe we need a Yang person, travelling to a Yin country and learning their ways. That would be us, I say (hardly daring to believe it): the occult tourist, the western magician in Sri Lanka.

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