Chapter 1: The Mouse Preface
Chapter 2: The Mouse Magic
Chapter 3: Occult Tourism
Chapter 4: Nature from Another Perspective
Chapter 5: Fetish
Chapter 6: Aryuveda
Chapter7: Astrology

The Mouse Magic 

Magic/ Buddhism/ Cuba and Santeria/ Black Magic/ Demons and devils.

HSUM HAYASIRASE NAMAH (mantra for eloquence). With this I hope to make myself understood. .What I have written here might appear just academic. It will be just that for some of you that have not had contact with magic. It might even be that you have heard this all said before. I have no intention to either repeat something you already know nor give a superficial definition of magic, Buddhism or Hinduism. We westerners have been drilled so much with science, that our mind works like that. When I was finally able to categorise the types of magic, only then I understood what was happening to me. When my hair was stolen, or even cut off from my head probably when I was sleeping I have been attacked with black magic at a time where I had no access to any information, and I hadn’t even met my husband. Later he has been attacked by parts of his family and I could re-live what I had already experienced. .He mumbled chaotic explanations, to my ears ununderstandable all. I sensed apprehension, even fear, and mystery. I have found Ranjith and that what Ranjith said to be of such inscrutability that I was unable to make sense out of it and had to resort to old textbooks that describe the indescribable in a way that we westerners understand. The moment that I was finally able to make some structure from this, I could follow all the different activities of the natives and all the rituals and all the hanky-panky that goes on easily. The lifting of the mystery, the explanation of the system, is the first step to bringing out the occult. These explanations are here to be used- backwards. When something happens to you, then you can read it and try to discern what the natives are up to. That is all what I attempt to do in this chapter.


The people of Sri Lanka believe in magic. This could be expected of people that have inherited a traditional culture dating back to 2500 years. Sinhala Buddhists do not expect from their religion relief in distress and protection from danger. So, what they cannot get from religion, they want from magic. Magic is the art of influencing the course of events by occult control of nature or spirits. Magic can be divided into good magic or white magic and black magic.

There are four types of magic in Sri Lanka:

productive, protective, destructive, and personal.

In the sphere of productive a series of practices have developed, for increasing wealth. This means rites and rituals associated mainly with agricultural pursuits. From the moment of clearing land for cultivation, magical rites are performed at each critical stage. Cattle are also an important asset, and certain rites are performed to obtain more calves. Fishing communities resort to magical rites to increase the catches. Businessmen employ also various means to gain success. In the case of women, special rites are observed, at puberty, marriage, and during pregnancy.

Protective magic .

The wife and females have to be protected. There is danger from evil spirits and enemies. Children and infants have special rites to protect them. The crops can be ruined by rain, drought, pests. The wrath of gods, anger of demons and evil magic, can cause any disaster. Fishing in the high seas is dangerous. A special dance Gara Yaka is staged for protection and success. Before taking residence in a new house, protection from jealous relations

are an unforeseen danger. Magic helps protect from thieves. Some people will even secure protection against adultery. One of the most dreaded dangers, is the ill effect from sorcery.

Sorcery is the most destructive form of magic and a source of great danger. The intention is to harm, destroy or even kill. Even the fear or suspicion of sorcery may reduce a person´s initiative. Destructive magic is generally used by neighbours or relatives or business partners, due to jealousy or hatred. If anyone suspects of sorcery having been used on him, the first people he will suspect are those close to him.

Personal magic is a conscious or unconscious act of commission, due to some inherent evil quality possessed by a person. This is a spiritual force, that can work at a distance but the danger is a lesser one and it will only work for a short time.

Negative magic is an act of abstinence by the magician to purify himself and to obtain more power.

Sometimes the society will require certain tabus to be observed, like not eating flesh, no sexual intercourse, no alcohol. This negative magic is also used to counteract acts of sorcery.

Magic presupposes a rigid relationship between cause and effect. The system by which it works can be put under these headings:




The Law of similarity means that like produces like. Contact results in contagion. The image produces the object itself. Like cures like. A simple object can represent the whole. In sorcery, mentioning the name and thinking of it, is sufficient to bring harm to the person intended.

The Law of contiguity is the identification of the part, with the whole. Saliva, nails, represent the whole person.

Bones or ashes from a dead person contains death. Fruit eaten by a man, the man`s family, bath water, even an imprint on grass.

The Law of opposition involves the principle that opposites dispel opposites. Water is employed in a draught to produce rain. Magic and countermagic, good and bad fortune.

The belief in magic is strong on all levels of society. Where science has influenced the people, where knowledge increases, where certain religions work against these beliefs, magic decreases in popularity. Many educated people are embarrassed and will utterly deny, even while wearing a charmed thread on their wrists, believing; many others will say that they don`t know how it could work, but that they have seen it happen, and then will go on to tell some story about some such experience that happened to them.

The materials used in magic are many:

elephant´s hair, leopard claws, oil of boa constrictor, snake stones will operate and protect from attack from animals. The Sinhalese use oil charmed with mantras or pirits in small containers. Another device is the talisman, which has power, depending on the material, the time it was created, the figure it contains and the inscriptions on it. A fetish is an object, a statue, powdered bone. Precious stones are also having some magical properties. For black magic poisons are used for the preparation of ointments. A portion of the body: hair, nails, blood, spit. Also personal clothing or any instrument of possession. Both foul and sweet smelling substances are used. These ingredients are prepared and made into cakes, drinks, scents and amulets,

For a ritual, the material to be used will not be collected in the normal manner, but in an unusual way. Herbs are collected with the left hand and specific fingers turning in a special direction. For house foundations earth from a special place trampled by elephants should be taken. For sorcery earth or ash from a cemetery, a variety of material considered useless: bones, filth, excrement. The rite itself can be symbolic or suggestive. Sprinkling water, destruction of an image. Rites performed in cemeteries in the night are very complicated secret acts. They are performed in secrecy, fearing destruction of magician, and client.

Verbal rites are known as spells. They resemble mantras like in religious rituals, the words must be carefully pronounced according to the correct intonation. Any mistake can have disastrous consequences. An incantation or mantra, is a formula used in magical ritual for curing illness. Midnight is best suited for magic. The moment of sunrise and sunset are deemed magical. Tuesdays and Fridays are days where the demons are free to roam about. For rites of good omen, the period suitable is the right half of the moon, and for evil omen, the dark half. Magic works well in a milieu peopled by spirits and demons. A spirit is a personality with inherent power of a supernatural kind. When the spirit possesses magical power, he becomes doubly powerful.

There are two categories of spirits: Spirits of dead persons and spirits of those that died violent deaths. Demons can be of all kinds, some are living on earth, others inhabit the atmosphere. The role of the magician is not like that of a Psychic. A magician is a person accepted as having occult powers, mystical qualifications, and special relationships. A magician is created by public opinion.

A magician can be made by consecration, revelation or tradition .In Sri Lanka a person becomes a magician only by tradition or revelation. By traditions, they belong to a family of magicians. Magic is a traditional complex of ideas, beliefs, or rites, which are handed down from one generation to another. Magic demands no special powers, but can be done by anyone who can acquire magical substances or the appropriate spells.

The magician has to teach the secrets of his profession to a trusted person. The people have trust in a magician if he is taught by another magician they also know. Another way to acquire magical potency is through revelation. A dead relative, a close friend, appears in a dream and suggests the sorcery. The person instructed is then believed to be in communication with spirits, not unlike a person possessed, except that in this case the person works together with the spirit only at certain times, under her control, at which times he is a medium.

Buddhism in practice

Of the two types of Buddhism, known as Hinayana and Mahayana, the Sinhalese adhere to Hinayana. The average Sinhalese is less interested in the philosophical aspects and deeper doctrines of Buddhism. The ethical and moral discipline is seldom observed, or so it seems.The path of life in the modern world with all the external trappings is what they follow, with an unquestioning attitude.

The Buddhist has been also attracted by the ceremonial beliefs in the form of magic and ceremonial shows, since this is in closer relation to their existence, now in life, as for later in a future state of being. The ceremonial and ritual Buddhism satisfy their imagination and strengthen their confidence, and that is to be understood when we consider how hard their struggle is for existence.

To an outsider it might seem as is the Buddhist temples are full of Hindu gods and the religions are mixed. It might seem as they are not really acquainted with Buddhist philosophy. This is, however, the real culture, as it is and developed, it is a such alive.

But Buddhism has not degenerated to a mass of diabolical beliefs. Buddhism is still sound, and it has continued to influence millions. The culture has been nurtured 2000 years in unbroken continuity by Buddhist thought. The Buddhist philosophy, does not have access to all the different deities which have access to the aspects of life and can offer help, so Buddhism is mixed up with Hinduism, but it is nested deep in their subconscious. Buddha is treated as a God with superpowers.

Images of Buddha: Seated.

The Samadhi Buddha in the attitude of Meditation Vajrasana- attitude of vajra or diamond throne- with crossed and interlocked legs with both soles of feet upwards and visible. This power is also known as Dhyanasana or attitude of meditation. And Virasana, with the right leg placed upon the left leg, with only the right foot visible.

Standing Buddha

Samapadasthanaka. Symmetrical posture with straight legs Tribhanga position. With the body slightly bent at hip and shoulders.

Reclining Buddha


Mudras are gestures and finger manipulations that give a gesture with a ritual and symbolic meaning

dhyana mudra- gesture of meditation

vitarka mudra- gesture of argumentation

vyakhyana mudra- gesture of explanation, argumentation. Part of the dharmacakra mudra

dharmacakra mudra. Gesture of setting in motion the wheel of law; preaching

ahvana mudra. Gesture of calling for a discourse

abhaya mudra. Gesture of fearlessness, protection

Consecration of images.

This is a nice story for me. I am an artist, and once in a while, I change medium. I had started making sculptures. And, of course, as usual, they were of Buddha. Ranjith is clouded in mystery. He hardly talks and when he talks is mostly incomprehensible. But one thing was obvious, every time that I made a Buddha, he had a fit. The more they became, the louder was the fight. I was not doing it properly and putting my life and the family in danger. I didn´t understand, and I know that Buddhas are just made like other objects, in a factory. What was different with me?

When the image is finished, an astrologer will determine the auspicious day for the consecration. The consecration ceremonies deal with the painting of the eyes, not with the setting of the eyes or the carving of the pupil.

On the evening before the main ceremony, the monks and the villagers assemble at the monastery and hold processions and ceremonies, continuing throughout the day of the consecration until the morning or the day after.

The actual process of applying the paint, is considered a very dangerous action, undertaken strictly according to the required observances. To ward off any possible malicious reaction of the evil, which is manifested by a gaze, the artist uses a mirror to pain the eyes. That means that he paints with his back to the statue, and can only see the statue’s eyes, through the mirror. Afterwards the painter is led away blindfolded from the temple to a secure spot where his own hazardous gaze is neutralised, without harm, to the bystanders.

Next to the omnipotent and omnipresent godhead, follow the Devale deities. These are : Saman, presiding over Sri Pada(Adam`s peak), Kataragama, presides over Uva region, Vishnu presiding along the coastal area from Tissa to Colombo, Pattini is Kurunegala and Natha, who is Maitriya or Padmapani, the future Buddha.

Although the normal Buddhist might be busier with his life than with his hereafter, he does not doubt it. In a culture where this life is only a part of many existences, the attitude to time is different. He also does not fear death, but accepts it, as a natural part of life.

The idea of making offerings to an image does not mean that the images themselves are worshipped. This is a common misunderstanding. The images are there in order to receive the worship, and in the act of offering the person making the offerings is focusing his own self, and through the things offered- flowers, light, incense, food, which are symbols for the senses his focus is himself and his wish for interference on his behalf. But an important point is that people feel that images can gain power and value by being used in worship, either for long periods, or specially by highly developed masters.

Something about The Future Buddhas

I have heard many times stories about future Buddhas and have been therefore curious about what is meant by this. In a Temple, there is a list of the 10 future Buddhas. Hanguraketa Rajamahvihara is popularly known as the Potgulvihara, and it is situated in Udahevahata of the Dumbara Division in the Nuwara Eilya district of the Central Province. The village of Hanguranketta, which consists of a small townlet, is located between the two mountain ranges of Diyatalawa and Dolugala. The city was called Diyatilakanuwara in the past. The site is positioned by the roadside, on an open plain formed at the base of the Diyatala Kanda, at a distance of approximately 28.8 km from Kandy And they have very beautiful paintings.

Hanguranketta is also well known for the two devales, the Vishnu Devale and the Pattini Devale. Both are said to be founded by King Narendrasimha.

Inside the mail shrine is the figure of the god Saman. The ten great beings of Enlightenment:A series of ten great beings who would become Buddhas in the future are recorded. A Pali text dating from the fourteenth century A.D.

Sank haraja Buddha Metteyya

Naradamanava (Vishnu) Buddha Ramaraja

Pasenadikosalaraja Buddha Dhammaraja

Abhibhudevaraja Buddha Dhammassami

Rahu-asurinda Buddha Narada

Cankibrahmana Buddha Ramsimuni

Subhabrahmana Buddha Devadeva

Todeyyabrahmana Buddha Narasiha

Nalagiri Dhanapalaka Buddha Tissa

Parileyya Buddha Sumangala

Also you can see a circular mandala showing a remarkable combination of two sets of divinities, directional and planetary. The attributes of the divinities constitute the complete set of the eight auspicious objects, while the vehicles are a mixture of the vahanas of the directional divinities and those of the planets.

and about Buddhas visit to Sri-Lanka

Great Dagoba- Maha Vihara

The Buddha is said to have visited Sri Lanka 3 times, the first time he arrived at Mahiyangana and subdued the demons. Important relic: .the Buddha is said to have pulled hairs from his head to give to the newly consecrated monks.

Santeria and Cuba

Since I am originally from Cuba, I have had my eye on Santeria for a while. It is the system of magic in Cuba and it was brought by the African slaves to the Caribic.-Once in 1959, after Fidel became our „lider“, he was giving a speech in front of the Presidential palace. His speeches are very long, because they are usually actually lectures in Economics. As everyone knows from statistics, the education in Cuba is way over the third world countries and comparable to the richest industrialised countries. Well, he thought everyone should know what is really going on. I was just a teenager and was actually not this time present, but was watching it on Television. Then a white dove came out, from the sky and settled down on him. He went on with his lecture, delivered in full power with all the gesticulation. This is actually weird, but at the time, nobody thought about this. It seemed perfectly natural that this incredible, beautiful, wonderful man should be an angel, and anything was possible.

Later people said, that are living with this Santeria, that he is the reincarnation of Babalu, the main god and therefore so powerful. Because he is powerful, he survived 40 attempted assassinations by the CIA, who finally gave up trying to kill him and decided it is better to wait until he dies a natural death to take over. He survived 9 American Presidents, his bitter enemies. He survived an invasion by the US Government. This is all common knowledge- Discovery Channel. He survived the collapse of the communism, with all their satellites and annexed states. He might still speak of communism and Marx and whatever, but I would call his brand Fidelism. He is actually not a tyrant, like the media tries to make him compared to the likes of Hussein, but a superman, of superhuman morals, that unfortunately, every man and woman in the world do not seem to possess.

Santeria is a sort of voodo. As Cristobal Colon by his discovery of America had the destiny to land first in Cuba, the Cuban Indians suffered the most .Actually they were all killed and only whites- originally Spanish, and blacks, originally African slaves and their offspring, mixed called mulattos, are the true Cubans. The black that survived such harsh conditions have some amazing anatomies, sometimes mixed with the white race, creating some marvellous looking people, that take your breath away

The official religion is Catholicism But the Revolution had to discourage this religion because actually they came to confront the Revolution and tried to undermine it, supporting the richer classes. I know, because I was in a catholic school and they taught us that Fidel was dangerous. I guess from their point of view he was.

But Santeria is a mixture of the catholic religion with voodo, and the catholic saints are used. One that scared the hell out of us was in October or November, the feast to Santa Barbara where children had to be killed as a sacrifice, and all the schools were in alert and the people all exited taking care of their kids. In the school there were girls that always could prove to you that you were in the most danger from your age, grade, colour of hair, colour of eyes, etc.

Santeria follows pretty much the system of the Sri Lankan black magic, and often it uses figures too, for doing harm. Rum and Habanas(cigars) are also used. .But, like in Sri Lanka, it was discouraged by the bourgeois classes, as something belonging to the low classes, and also it was more common in the countryside than in the cities. Also the Catholics, of course discouraged, and later the Revolution too. The Revolution thought it could solve all problems in Cuba. They could actually, if every Cuban was as pure as Fidel or Che Guevara, the most perfect man in the world(so called by Sartre- and me too)He even went by bus when he was already Minister, he said when everyone has a car already, then he wants one too.

When Fidel was making the Revolution, with his associates, he was in the Sierra Maestra and Pico Turquino, the highest mountain in Cuba, in Oriente, the last province(farthest away from Habana) and in the middle of the Island was Che, in Escambray, and in Habana were the students. The students had a hard time, they were just machine gunned down by the President and tyrant, Batista. Fidel was no terrorist. He never took food from the peasants, but instead taught them to read and write and how to grow food better. They never fought when some civilians could get hurt. No wonder he was so loved, he was practically carried in the arms of people from Oriente to Habana after the tyrant left in the midnight between l958 and 1959, so that the Revolution`s day was the first of January 1959. There they came, looking like 3 gods, Fidel, Camilo and Che wearing rosaries around their necks .Camilo died a short time later, in an aeroplane accident.

Because Nixon didn´t like Fidel and wanted to destroy him (common knowledge- Discovery Channel) it came to the break of relations and today the longest embargo in human history. The long history between Cuba and the US, the mistrust and ownership attitude were also contributing to this problem .At that time, communism was full in fashion and seen as the solution to world poverty.

Many of the issues that Fidel was addressing, like cancelling of the debts of the third world countries, were taboo at the time. Russia was no angel, and the USA prepared an invasion with exiled Cubans. They organised the Operation Peter Pan, propaganda to destabilise the island, and 14 000 children were removed from their homes by fearful bourgeois parents and sent to the US. I was one of them. The Invasion lasted two days. Everyone loved Fidel and trusted him, it was as simple as that. Unfortunately I was not the least interested in politics and had to suffer with the new adjustments, lack of family and teen age culture.

The propaganda was quite simple, but it worked. It explained that in socialist countries the parents are not the owners of the children, but the State, and that they can be turned against them easily. Normally they will be taken out of the homes and brought up as the State sees fit .They said that children would be taken to Russia, that there was a ship on the way- ultimately the US did that same thing- and even that they would be killed and the meat canned. For the rich, the Reforma Agraria, where they lost all the land was already enough trouble. It was scary to see Cuba written Kuba. In the days where Elian Gonzales was kidnapped by the Miami grandfather-uncle in new fashionable tinted hairdo with ring, a book titled Operacion Peter Pan, where I could read pretty much in detail what happened to many of the people I went to school with, and lost sight of. Because of the US laws, anyone arriving in the territory of the US in the form of a small boat or balsa has to be granted residency, and the Cuban-Miami -Mafia has made a business of this, by transporting people and close to the US coast letting them arrive in balsas, where they arrive without sunburn and not dehydrated at all, as was the case with Elian. It cost $8000 a couple of years ago,, which of course they have to pay up slowly once they have a job. Nobody can avoid making this payments or they will get a necklace(testicles hanged around the neck)

Interesting was that Elian`s father was offered U.S. Citizenship and millions of dollars. At the last stage of this drama, when waiting for the last stages of the court decision, living in the Cuban Embassy where some teachers were sent by the Government so that Elian would not miss the school year and could continue to the next grade with his friends, a group of exile Cubans went to see the father, who was supposedly very shy and could be eventually afraid to give a speech, where he could thank or at least acknowledge the offers made to him. They had posters, encouraging him to do so, not to be shy and come out. This shy man gave a moving speech, that I remember well. He came out and gave them all the middle finger, of his right hand Best speech I ever heard.

But Fidel´s speeches last hours, ten hours, twenty hours is even possible. Once I met a Dutch woman, who came here to see me as an artist. She had been working in the Dutch Embassy for 5 years and absolutely loathed the speeches. I explained to her that for us is like Rap, the Radio gets turned on and then it goes. He is our super pop star as well as Prime Politician and Guru. She didn´t get it. She had an operation in Cuba and had been to see a poor oppressed artist before, who gave her a painting, and took her to a voodo person to help and say the outcome of the operation. He did many things, danced and twisted and ultimately blew smoke from a cigar and sprayed her with his spit mixed with Rum. She told me there is no freedom of speech in Cuba. I told her in US you can say what you want, but nobody cares. She said there is no justice. I said in the US there is only justice if you can pay for it.

Í can tell much about the voodo and Santeria, but it is practically same as the Sri Lankan, except that the rituals, and the dances and the gods are different or have different names. Like in Sri Lanka people get addicted to it, for everything they do they want this extra help and they want to know what is going to happen at the end.

I met a Sri Lankan woman here, that had lived in Cuba for a long time and had married a Cuban. She finally left him but her 2 children were in Cuba and she missed them and she went back .She maintained that the marriage existed only because he practised Santeria and she was not able to walk away from him because of that.

When Fidel landed with his troupes in Cuba, to start the Revolution in his boat Granma 1956, Batista, the tyrant, was advised about this danger. He was playing checkers and could not be bothered. „ah, just make them President of the National Lottery“- he said.

....and after so many years of Revolution .. there is still Santeria.

BLACK MAGIC: 3 love potions

write the name of a woman, pluck an unopened bud of a screwpine flower, sharpen a new knife, on the side of the flower write „al kadru Sudra“, on the other side „vaja hatu“, make an image out of the flower, write particulars of the horoscope, write „al rahman sura“ from beginning to end, tie the image in five places, left hand smeared with coir; cut the throat of a blood sucker (lizard), smear this blood

on the image; place it on a loft; dry it for 3 days, then take it an enter the sea.If you go knee deep the woman will send a message. If you go into the waist, she will come.

A more complicated love charm requires a special ointment prepared for use in this charm. The ingredients are pollen of kokum flowers, dried stamens of sandal wood flowers, musk, bile of myna bird, besoar from the stomach of a zebu bull. These are mixed with cow gee. The ointment is placed on a flower and betel tray, and the tray is kept on a chair. A chair specially arranged with flowers and betel leaves and scented is called a „ mal bulat asna“. This is animated. Now the mass is ignited. After the soot is mixed with coconut oil. The charm relating to Vata kumara is repeated 108 times into the oil. The ointment is now ready for use. The individual who wishes to apply it must mix a drop of blood from the little finger of his or her right hand and fling a little bit of the oil unnoticed on the face of the girl or the boy. Before a week passes she will be inflated with love.

Another love charm made with five ingredients:

A red king coconut is plucked without allowing it to fall to the ground. The coconut juice is poured into a fresh pot altogether with the oil extracted from the kernel. This mixture is boiled until all the oil is separated. Then the pot with oil is carried to a grave yard. The umbilical cord of a boy and a girl must be procured. These two are tied together and soaked in the oil. These are burnt and the soot is collected on a plate held over the flame and a mantra is chanted over it one hundred eight times. Thereafter this anduna is placed in a small box or buffalo horn.

The application is made thus. Obtain some ear wax, sweat, faeces, spittle and drop of blood from the big toe of the right foot. These are mixed with a bit of the anduna. The mixture is smeared on a coconut leaf and specially wiped on a girl whose affection is desired. The same can be done to win the love of a boy as well.

Sorcery is the most dangerous form of black magic that is known in Sri Lanka. A sorcerer achieves this evil ends by magic. This is known as huniyam kodivina or vina among the people of Sri Lanka. It is very old although the dates vary as to how old.

Huniyam is used with the intention of causing harm, even death, to the person that it is applied to, and even to his family. Although black magic is secret, it is believed that 240 000 different types of spell are known.

Black magic is primarily intended to inflict an untimely death on the person by means of charms.

The types of magic can be said broadly to belong to two groups.

The evil magic due to curse is of a personal nature. It is believed that certain individuals are born with a magical quality appealing to the huniman deity through God Kataragama, to inflict harm. In such cases this individual recites especially composed verses or prayers, to destroy ones enemy by some means or other through the intervention of the huniman deity.

The maledictory verses or prayers are uttered in the Devale itself, sometimes even getting the Devale priest to mediate between the individual and the god, because this is even more effective. The priest is asked via offerings in the tray with coconut, bananas, flowers and fruit. also some money. The full tray is presented to the deity and afterwards returned to the family, minus the money, which the priest retains. The belief in evil effects of curses has mysterious associations. It means that some human beings have an evil power, and that such an evil power exists.

There are people that do not believe in the existence of evil and there is not much that one can say except to those that have the experience.

The nature of evil is that it destroys and it is selfish.

The evil power can be activated through charms and strike anyone. The harmful effects are brought about by demons under the control of charms. This effect is produced by some telepathic impulse conveyed through the feeling of jealousy or lamentation about another person.

The evil person is usually identified through the experience of many that confirm this existence. Everyone who is suspected of having such an evil in himself is avoided and everyone keeps out of his sight .Another form of magic curse is the recitation of verses of prose, especially composed in accordance with the prescribed exact arrangement of sounds, syllables and letters.

The most dreaded form of black magic, according to the beliefs of the Sinhalese is Huniyam or Kodivina. This consists of a series of magical spells performed in absolute secrecy by a sorcerer on behalf of a client for a special payment. The Huniyam demon is the controlling authority of all black magic or sorcery.

Kodivina is the name usually applied to the Singhalese. Although the sorcerer is well known to anyone, nobody will disclose his name. The kodivina has to be done in secrecy, otherwise the person this is meant for, will perform counter magic. If this were to happen, both the sorcerer and the person would be in great trouble. The best kodivina is the one that once performed, noone can undo, be it god, prayer, medicine. Only if a better sorcerer could be found, is it possible to undo this. In the case, the other cleverer sorcerer would have to perform his elaborate ceremony in secrecy. This is called the „cutting“ of the kodivina.

I have been living in Sri Lanka now for twenty years and have seen myself several such cases. Once it was even done to me and at the time I didn´t even believe in it.

The Sri Lankans do not understand the situation with foreigners and money. They think they are all multimillionaires and they have some sort of a money tree for this. Even the more educated ones, when you explain that people do earn more money, but that they also spend more for the cost of living, they don´t really believe you. So it often appears to them as if the amount of things they can have from you, their opportunity at last has come, is boundless.

In this striving and in their fights with eachother, finally they resorted to magic. Specially one of them, Mahinda, that I was specially kind to. A very small, very dark and tricky man, he wanted to rule everything and in fact he was ruling, while I thought I was.

I think now I understand the relationship of magic and foreigners. There is the story that magic does not work if you don´t believe in it, but I think it is like this:


There are the foreigners that somehow believe in it, although they do not have a clue why it works. These are often people that are doing developing aid things, and therefore have been in other countries, like Africa. Because of their work they have been mixing with the natives and have experience. Normally foreigners do not really mix with the natives, only superficially with a certain class, and they do not realise what really goes on.

There are foreigners that laugh it off as superstitions. Magic is used on them and it works, but since they are members of the chaotic Universe, where anything can happen anytime and it does not have to have any reason for it, they don´t notice it.

Locals that believe in it and they try as much as possible to stay out of it. Locals that believe in it and are so afraid of this, that they actually have just paranoia. If kodivina is to be effective a prescribed ritual and procedure must be followed. In most cases it includes the making of a small image of wax, wood, or foil that represents the actual victim. The figure might also be drawn in a piece of paper. It serves as a mere symbol, based on the principle of similarity. A few threads from a cloth worn by a person, hairs, a finger nail, can be placed on the figure to make the reality of the person through contact.

My hair, had been cut, a small circle on top of my head. Actually I didn´t see it, but one time going with my fingers through my head I felt the shorter spiky hairs, and had no idea why they were gone .I remember reading a book about Picasso, and how he always buried his hair when he cut it, and now I do the same thing.

Once the image is possessed with the qualities of the victim, nails can be driven into the image at vital points: head, heart, shoulder and elbow joints, belly, leg and knee joints. This is called katugeseema

Then the image is secretly buried at the entrance of the garden, fence, or any other spot likely to be trampled or passed over by he victim. Even we are quite busy ourselves, digging out objects someone has buried for us .It can happen that Ranjith goes to some devale, and the priest will give him a description of our house and garden and tell the exact spot where we can find something that must be taken out.

When I was in the University, primitive cultures were part of the curriculum and such things could be studied. Students saw strange things being performed by the American Indians and they were reported. Often reports have been made about primitive cultures were the people were taught better ways and thus their more primitive culture destroyed.

But this is admitted in academic circles and only at a certain distance. As a close-up thing, although the principle of yin and yang is accepted, people are mixed up .A person can be primitive, a person can even be full of superstitions, and still there can be something that he alone knows, perhaps even because of this, that he can teach to others. This is the case with magic. It comes from the poor classes, from the uneducated, from the superstitious. If anyone wants to say, that for that reason it has to be unreal and only bullshit, then that is what is going to happen, that he is going to miss out on this wonderful phenomena.

Because the only people that have this secret knowledge are the uneducated, village, primitive, superstitious people. That´s the people who have kept this tradition alive.

Angam is the most dangerous type of black magic. The effect of this magic is immediate if not seven days at the latest. Prior detection is therefore almost impossible. There will be no signs except that the person will suddenly be throwing up blood through the nose or mouth.

Certain objects are selected. After the initial jeevama(animation) of the angam, the following substances are used to make the angam effective: The objects animated are: flowers, threads, image, stick, handkerchief, finger ring, young coconut leaflet. These can be buried or breath can be made to fall by blowing or touching the person whilst holding the object. It might be thrown into the face of the person, or he might be fanned with it. He can be made to touch it, or to take it, or stretch out his hand towards it.

There are stories about garments being poisoned, and given to someone as a present. Or when tea is offered that the plate or the cup, which will be touched, has this smeared on it.

A pilli spell is the most dangerous form of sorcery. Before the pilli spell is finished the clever sorcerer can redirect it against the person who performed this and the client, who gets killed immediately.

I have seen repeatedly people who have performed black magic get killed themselves. Also this is a belief that people who ask black magic to be performed, will eventually, if the victim survives for some reason, get it back.

When black magic was performed on me I felt it, the feeling was like if something was laying on top of me, I was sad and desperate, but since I was leading a troublesome and pitiful live this could come from it. But it didn´t because I have a tough personality and the main thing I remember, is that it wasn´t me. I had this thought intuitively that magic had been performed on me, and asked some natives for help. They looked at me with a questioning face and said that was possible, but noone helped me. However I survived, and not much later the person who has performed the magic on me. died himself. Only years later I was able to study this.

Again I have seen Asanka,the medium we know, tell about such magic being performed on my husband by his family and she was able to direct us to the object buried. I have seen a before another magician directing the victim(an businessman ) to a place in his garden where an object was buried. In the case of black magic performed to my husband there was a death wish, and he was supposed to die. But as he didn`t, the person who has asked for his death, he died himself later. So, trying to use black magic on others is not without consequences.

Ina charms are intended to win the love of a person. Among the Sinhalese the marriages are arranged by the elders. The subject of marriage and the system of marriage proposals is one that causes great hilarity to foreigners living or passing through Sri Lanka. And it is also greatly misunderstood. In Countries were falling in love is seen as one of the greatest gifts to mankind and free sex and nudity as natural, the idea that the marriage would be planned by the person´s family appears inhuman. With great humour foreigners like to read the marriage proposals in the Sunday papers (like Sunday Observer) and mock the culture. They see different things mentioned: caste(they think they don`t have it), zodiac sign (they don`t believe in astrology), and economic standing( some o them don`t know, or care to remember, lifetimes of poverty)

This is even brought together with the suicide rate, which they say is the highest in the World, how somebody counted the suicide dead in this chaos is beyond my understanding, and somehow this result is suggested.

To understand this strange custom, one must go very deep into the culture. Once, when I first arrived a Sinhalese man said to me „you should see our people, they fall into the river like a stone“ I had no idea what he meant, but later I understood that here, when people drown, often there is no struggle. If they go in the River, that is where they bath, and the river is deeper than usual, it can very well happen that they just go in and don`t come up.

I experienced that even myself when I took the whole company, in a excursion, to Passekudah, a flat beach, where you can walk in very far. When a wave came, some of them went down, and I actually had to pull them up myself. To avoid possible trouble I made then a chain with them, they were all holding hands standing in the water, but still it could happen when a wave came,- the waves were small- that someone went down and stayed down and the girls holding the hands didn´t even notice or pull her up.

I can say that in some ways death struggle doesn`t exist, in fact they don´t struggle about anything at all. Concerning suicides, many of these village suicides are with agricultural poisons. The death is very painful and takes sometimes days, in Hospitals, where they are pretty much ignored by the medical staff. The thing is they really don´t plan it, they don´t think about it much, and if you truly believe that this life is just one of many and death is a passing illusion, well, the thing does take another dimension. It can be compared with the martyrs of Middle East wars, suicide squads, where could you get suicide candidates in Europe?

Even the suicide out of love is very very rare. I never even heard of one. People can always elope and then when they come back it is accepted .Often the family fights and family pressure, because people lived confined, large families in a room, is part of it.

This is another reason why, a marriage candidate should be accepted by the other family members they are going to be living so closely to.

In the west there is also a caste system: there is the caste of the fat, of the ugly, of women, blacks. Some of these situations are from birth too. The inferiority complexes are there too, which makes people joining from different castes so complicated.

Poverty is seen, specially in Sri Lanka which is such a beautiful country and the people are so good looking, generally, so clean and healthy looking and you don´t see poverty so easily like in India, in a romantic light. People are smiling, they always smile when they see a foreigner, they seem happy, everyone says. Later they are disappointed, angry, they got cheated.

The interesting thing is that, actually in Sri Lanka, you don`t get mugged. People will find ways to manipulate you to part with your money with very complicated lies and stories. It is called „taking for a ride“ or sometimes „spinning a thread“. After a while the foreigner realises, he has been lied to, and is furious. The fact is a Restaurant bill is a weeks`wages. A big Hotel`s Restaurant bill´s is a months wages. The difference between the possibilities what a person can do with a little money from the foreigner makes that happen.

Poverty stricken countries are part of the system of Macroeconomics. The slaves manufacture everything for a few dollars so it can be sold cheap in the countries where the people have already too much. This is the system we all live under. Maybe a little lying and cheating could be better tolerated with such aspects in mind. I have learned all this listening to Fidel explain and write and teach the results of the unbalanced wealth, so I have an easy time understanding. He poor mans´ kitchen is where all the family members contribute something to the meal, some are unemployed and others are earning to little to survive on their own. This is a fact that affects the prospects of a

New person coming into the family as a marriage partner. When men that are living abroad want a virgin-cum housekeeper instead of a woman from the country they live in, who they cannot control , their mothers look for a Sri Lankan girl. This is well known machism. As for astrology, people believe in pre set conditions, call it astrology or character, and it is best that the marriage will be a happy one of the characters match. People here do not care how they meet the person they are going to marry, whether by so called chance, or introduced by the family makes no difference. There are two types of Sri Lankans, the tame ones and the wild ones. The wild ones, nobody will touch, it is a waste of time to try to make marriage arrangements for a wild one, and the family knows it.

Considering the fact that they will be working with love potions and all that stuff ,if a person doesn`t comply, then that`s it. If a girl or a boy makes other arrangements the parents suspect that a love potion has been given to them. So sorcery is resorted to break the affair.

Demons and devils.

The most powerful of the demons is Vaisravana or Kuvera. He is adressed as Vesamunidivya Rajaya- Divine Majesty Vesamuni.

The Yakas(devils) are subject to his laws. They are unquestionable. The usual punishment for infrigement is death. Lighter punishments are burning,boiling, roasting,flogging alive,pouring molten metal down the throat,and driging sharp nails into the head. These forms of torture, thirty two alltogether, can be seen portrayed in the walls of Buddhist temples.This is to remind evil doers what awaits them. Vesamuni`s subjects, just tremble, when they hear his name.However they are quite busy themselves attacking men and women and eating them alive. Their favorite drink is human blood. The following list I found in several books. It seems they are well accounted for.

Yakshas 300,000

Gurula 600,000

Brahmana 80,000

Asura 10,000

Vetala 20,000

Yakas 20,000

Rakshakas 400

Demons and devils also associate with eachother closely. Such meetings of devils are called Yakshasamagama.Regularys are Wednesdays and Saturdays .These are the same two days in which the Devale priests conduct the worship of gods to the Devale.

The purpose of these meetings is to give the account of the nefarious activities, at the meetings`conclusion, they revel in a fest of dancing, singing and drums. Also acrobatic shows. The language of yakkhas and rakhasas is said to be andhra.

The Rakshasas are a group of beings, without supernatural powers, showing cannibalistic tendencies. They live on human flesh and blood.

The Rakshasas (demons) and Yakshas(devils) are hardly distinguishable.But theYakshas abstain from killing. But, while the Rakshasas protect the waterways extracting a human sacrifice annualy, the Yakshas expect an offering to prevent illness.

Asuras are enemies of gods and possess magical powers. The nagas re the serpents and they have beautiful human faces and cobra-like bodies. They all live on earth, in the air, or under the earth. Their hunts are graveyards, deserted old buildings, streams, hilltops, lonely roads, lakes, rivers, streams, tanks and watersheds, wells, places where two roads meet, woods ,etc.

Abhimana Yakshaya. He is also called the short devil, because his legs were cut off in battle. He functions under the authority of gods Kataragama and Saman. He appears in the guise of an ascetic, with matted hair, a Jaket on his shoulder,and a club in his hand.He eats hemp,opium,and flesh. He is notorious for stealing the offerings made to Kataragama and Sagan. His mealtime is 6 to 10p.m.only.He is black in colour and rides a cat. He resembles an ascetic carrying a rosary and pretending to be a friend he lurks the people into a deserted place, and beats them to death and drinks their blood.

Aimana Yaka is the chief demon among the Pretas. Pretas are the spirits of the deceased persons living in the world of Pretas. Amusohon Yaka.Terrifying with teeth as tusks, his protruding eyes and his tongue hang out of his mouth.He takes the bowels out of the corpse and eats raw flesh.

Ananga Yaka. He torments the girls by exciting erotic passions in them. Inamadana Yaka.Hunts rocks near ponds and induces carnal desires. Pretas are devils of lesser powers who are spirits of deceased persons. After death human beings are being reborn as ghosts or spirits. They continue to show interest in the living and appear in dreams to advice and influence the thoughts and way of life.

Nata pretayo are kinsmen who have died but cling to worldly possessions. Mala pretayo are dead persons, preferring to stay near cross roads and cementeries Gevala pretayo are dead persons who are unwilling to leave the former homes which they now haunt.

Such a state of existence is due solely to this world and attachment to ones possessions. As long as the attachment remains, their state is pathetic, they await redemption from their state by acts of merit done on their behalf by kinsmen.

Pretas do not have power to harm, they merely look with desire at food causing indigestion. This is the reason for keeping food covered and placing a lime when transporting food from one place to another. The Pretas have always an eye on their relatives, to find out if they are giving offerings for them.

Gevala Yakshayo. One of the most annoying category of Pretas,.who cause fear and illness by upsetting the mental peace with strange disturbances. They are the spirit of persons that died in the house and haunt it out of greed for the wealth and possessions in it. They are like the Poltergeist of the West.

When the spirits of the dead are not appeased with offerings(almsgiving) for three years, they will let their living relatives feel their indignation. That is why in Sri Lanka, if a relative dies, the pattern of almsgiving is strictly observed.

The Yin and the Yang.

If we suppose that materialism could be the ultimate goal, then the direction to work towards, is to obtain enough wealth for everyone. But the western countries, while they live out their extreme materialism have at the same time spiritual goals, the they search for, not always in their own countries, but often in countries like India and Sri Lanka. While Sri Lanka has to emerge from the age old dogmatism, bigotry and superstition, and the upper and middle class are directing their efforts to enjoy the materialism of the west, the western mind is seeking just this knowledge, about mysticism and the occult sciences , to liberate himself from the sadness of a world without meaning.

The occult knowledge, carried mostly by the uneducated and poor of this world and appearing often in their many forms only in this milieu, has to collide with the western culture in order to discern itself from the folklore and superstition, and bring the pure essence of it into the world, to be learned by those who are interested to carry this knowledge for themselves and others.

(Mantra of Hanuman for safety and elimination of evil forces)

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