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Another one of my passions is to breed butterflies.

When I was working with textiles, my raw material was silk. Then, one day the Government of Sri Lanka closed the silk farm. So, I had no raw material and had to make my own silk.

I had some Bombyx Mori eggs. Bombyx Mori eat mulberry leaves and make cocoons in white, pink and yellow. The Caterpillars are very friendly and you can pet them.

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After 20 years of living in Sri Lanka and doing textile art, Nazha decided just to paint. She paints with pigments she collects herself, minerals, acrylic, gels, oils, egg tempera, pastel, water colours and whatever else occurs to her. She makes papers or prepares herself the canvas out of fabric she buys or weaves.She paints landscapes, people, and what she loves most is to paint Bodhisattvas or even the Lord Buddha.

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